hey guys welcome to my channel today I

want to show you what's in my box from

pink store I have ordered things

previously and I want to show you

something new so let's get started just

letting you know this video was not

sponsored now every time I ordered

something from pink stork they always

send a cute little note just sending

their thank-yous for ordering some pink

stork items now this time I ended up

ordering only one item this is the sweet

mint fertility tea so I want to show you

they have updated their packaging in

this package there's 15 sacks just like

they did when they had the camp I'll

show you the can in a few minutes now if

you're looking for a little bit more

information it's listed all on the back

of the package just for some quick

information it's a woman owned company

that's created these pink stork items to

help women with fertility and hormone

balancing now I do want to say I'm not a

professional I'm just using their

products and this is all my own opinions

now before we get into the tea I want to

get back to the box just showing that

each box that I have received is always

a little different with their colourful

handprints and I like their little

stickers they're just sending a little

personal touch

so let's get back to the tea so if

you've never used their product before

I'm just going to read over a little bit

of information on this package so it's

organic tea it's a herb supplement it

supports fertility it's a hundred

percent organic it's non-gmo and it's a

whole leaf tea pink storks headquarters

is in Florida


well let's crack into this thing and get

started select before I said inside

there's 15 sacks but these 15 sacks make

up to 30 cups of tea containing all

organic red raspberry leaf chaste tree

berry stinging nettle lady's mantle

passion flower stevia and peppermint

leaf now when peeling the tag away peel

it away carefully so you don't rip the



so here I'm going to show you how I prep

my tea grab your favorite tea mug cup or

glass I'm gonna be using my cool gear so

you just want to go ahead and throw your

teabag in I'm going to remove this paper

tab so I can just toss it right in ahead

of time I boiled up my water so you fill

your cup with water this cup holds three

cups of water once the cup is full you

want to let it steep for at least five

minutes but I've used this product for

over a year I found what works best for

me is I just leave the teabag in my cup

now they say drink one to three cups per

day morning afternoon or evening but I

like to drink mine in the evening all at

once just before bed now even though the

package does say sweet mint tea I

personally don't find it that sweet so I

add a little honey to my tea

I just don't show it here in the video


so yes just let it steep for at least

five minutes before you start drinking

it and then you're good to go so it's

been five minutes and as you can see the

water has gotten darker I don't drink my

tea very fast so I find leaving the

teabag inside my cup the water inside

gets a lot darker and darker with time I

think you get a better benefit out of

the teabag then just by leaving it in

your water



all right so now that I've showed you

how I make the tea and how I drink the

tea let's review the packages so I

really like the design of this new

package here's the old packaging for the

15 sacks of tea they no longer make this

can so now when you order your fertility

tea it will be coming in one of these

stacks if you want to order a bigger

package they do provide the 45 sack

Packaging with buying the bigger package

you get a better bang for your buck and

it lasts longer than a month so if

you're wondering has this fertility tea

helped me I have struggled with

fertility for quite a few years having

PCOS with irregular period cycles is no

fun now using this product over a year

if your constant drinking it daily using

it over time I have notice that it has

regulated my cycles but with conceiving

I have not had any luck yet now I do

want to say each of us are different so

this product may work different for you

now along with using this tea I also

used their foundation it's a liquid

prenatal vitamin I found that this was

one of my favorite prenatal vitamins

this is great for people that do not

like taking pills some day I wouldn't

mind trying their fertility sweets these

are great for when you're on the go here

are some of the other products that pink

stork provides I would love to char them

some day

pink stork has many other items for you

to try well I hope this information

helped you out a little bit and I wish

you all the best

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