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talking about how to win your baby from

night feed and get them sleeping through

the night I have three children as I see

it and I've used different methods with

all of them

variations of methods hybrid methods but

they all have been sleeping through the

night by about three four months of age

with absolutely no night feeds and so

I'm gonna share with you seven different

methods that you can try to get your

baby sleeping through the night not all

of them like they're all quite different

you don't have to use cried out with all

of them it really is up to you and you

could use you know you could do a couple

of them to you know make a hybrid method

for yourself and it's fine if you do not

have any desire to get your baby

sleeping with and I and dropping feet

that's fine that's totally your

prerogative there's nothing wrong with

that but this is for the moments that

are tired and feel as though their

babies are ready to sleep through the

night without having to be fed um and

they're just looking for some solutions

on how to do that so let's get into it

the first thing I'm going to talk about

is when your baby is ready to drop the

night fade and that's actually something

you need to be talking to your

healthcare provider about I'm not going

to give you advice on as to when your

baby is ready obviously they need to be

happy and healthy they need to be

growing well and thriving you don't want

to you know take away feeds if they're

not if they're not growing well so

please talk to your healthcare provider

and also trust your mama

instinct you know you just know if your

baby is doing well or not and whether or

not you should proceed with something


so that's kind of just disclaimer I'm

not here to tell you when they should

drop them this is just a how-to guide

all right before we actually go into

discussing the methods I want to talk

about establishing healthy sleep habits

because that's actually the most

important thing that you need to work on

first if your baby cannot put themselves

to sleep without your help

or the help of a pacifier or some other

kind of sleep prop that needs to be

addressed first it's like a whole

separate issue a lot of people think

that like sleep training and dropping

feeds go hand in hand but they're

actually separate they can go ahead and

you can do it for us at the same time

but they don't have to they're they're

not like entwined they can be done

exclusively so the first thing I would

recommend is making sure that your baby

can go to sleep on their own without

having to be wrought without having to

be fed to sleep and you may find that

they stop waking up at night because a

lot of parents feel as though their

babies are waking up to be fed when in

reality they're waking up and then they

don't know how to put themselves back to

sleep on their own and so they're used

to being fed and then they can go back

to sleep so that's just something to be

aware that your baby may not even wake

up if they know how to put themselves to

sleep on their own they may just stop

waking up entirely and may not need my

keys in this we're talking more about

like older babies like I'm thinking four

months plus but that's something to be

aware of if they do not know how to put

themselves to sleep on their own yet you

need to focus on that first pick them if

they'd go with it my two favorite

methods that I have used with my

children are baby wise and moms on coal

I think both methods are great they work

really really well obviously please use

your intuition as a parent look at your

baby first don't look at a book all that

kind of common-sense logical stuff with

any method it can be abused if you're

not you know using your parental

judgment as well okay let's jump into

the methods number one the first point

is to start with the day if you have not

got a consistent daily routine for your

baby that is the first place you need to

start they it's going to be harder for

them to sleep long stretches at night

if they do not have a consistent routine

during the day the other thing is having

a consistent routine means that you can

make sure that they're getting the right

amount of nutrition throughout the day

so that you were therefore comfortable

weaning them at night if they're not

having enough during the day I don't

know about you but me as a parent I

would not feel comfortable depriving

them of food at nighttime you know like

trying to get rid of feeds so having a

nice routine during the day is essential

in my opinion to helping with night

sleep how would you do that the kind of

routine you choose should be tailored to

your baby you know your baby best you

can definitely look at guides online the

baby weighs mom calm is a great place to

look for wake time ideas because

everybody is different like my children

have all had different wait times at

different ages from each other so you

need to pay attention to your baby when

you're like figuring how long they can

stay up before they need to have a nap

and then also how much sleep they need

during the day that'll also impact their

nighttime sleep with they're overtired

they'll probably weight more frequently

at night and if they're under tired they

may also do the same thing because

obviously they don't need all that night

sleep so just making sure that you've

got a consistent feeding schedule to the

day so they're getting the right amount

of calories that they need and then on

top of that making sure they get the

right sleep that they need for you know

your individual baby try not to compare

too much because children are not robots

you're not all gonna do the same thing

they're all different my kids have been

vastly different from one another as far

as sleep needs go so just bear all that

in mind maybe the number two is to add a

dream feed and I really really like this

for a younger babies or babies where

you're a little concern they're not

having enough during the day because

it's like a nice gentle way of getting

rid of the night time feeds but still

making sure they get enough calories so

I introduced a drink feed with my babies

when they're like quite young like still

in the newborn stage and then they

slowly drop the night time feeds but

they keep that dream feed and if you're

unfamiliar with what a dream feed is

essentially it is a bottle or a nursing

station that you give to your baby right

as you're going to be in so between

10:00 and 11:00 p.m. typically is when a

dream feed is and you do not wake your

baby for the dry

feed you give it to them while they're

like half asleep or fully asleep they

just take the bottle take the breast and

that's a feed for them and then they

tend to do longer stretches method

number three is to use a pacifier and a

pacifier is technically a sleep prop

however I do think they can have their

place and you don't have to have it with

your baby fully relies on it to full

site using a pacifier is really helpful

for those little babies when you're

teaching them to make rubber stretches

at night and yes they can be told so

what I have done and what you would do

with this method is when your baby wakes

up at night crying do not go in and feed

them straight away go in and give them

the pacifier and see if that suit suits

them wait five minutes if they're still

crying give them the pacifier again and

after that give them the pacifier one

more time if they still will not sleep

then go ahead and feed them but I'll

bring them to the pass see in my

experience my baby would take the pass

eat and continue sleeping for an hour or

two before she needed the next feed and

so gradually over time it expanded into

longer and longer intervals and

eventually she just didn't need wait for

feeds at night at all so that's a nice

gentle way of doing it as to offer them

the Pasi it doesn't necessarily have to

involve any sort of crying or anything

like that and it's really easy just to

get out and pop the pecci in their mouth

so if you're ready takes a pacifier then

that's a great method to try and use

number four is soothing rounds and this

is a method that you'll find in the mums

on coal but so basically what they will

teach you to do is put your baby wake up

a night wait five minutes before you go

in they may fuss for that five minutes

go in comfort them however you wish

don't pick them up but give them their

Pasi or rub their belly something like

that go out wait another five minutes go

in comfort Pasi rub their belly

whatever wait five more minutes go in

comfort Pasi and if they're just not

sitting then you feed them so it's

similar to the pacifier method but this

makes it can involve crying so if you're

comfortable with letting your baby fast

for five minutes at a time and this is a

method that you can use I know not

everybody's going to come up with

that's fine but for those of you who are

this method is very effective and I see

everybody gets older you can link them

the amount of time for each interval so

you can move up to eight minutes and ten

minutes um but I as I found and I know

other members have found that they

haven't needed to do that because just

by doing this from fairly early on they

just learn to sleep leader and don't

need those feats number five is to

reduce the amount that you're feeding

them at night so this is something that

I've used to get rid of the dream feed

with my babies but it's also something

you can use for middle of the night

feeds and basically if you were giving

them a bottle you would sort of reduce

the amount that you're giving them so

you could do half an ounce every couple

nights you could reduce it by until

you've only got like one or two ounces

left and that's basically not needed in

which case you would just drop the

bottle altogether if you're nursing I

would do it by the amount of time that

you feed your babies if they usually

feed for 15-20 minutes you know cut it

down by a couple minutes every couple

nights until it's barely anything and

that's also gonna be a really nice

gentle way of weaning it doesn't

necessarily have to involve crying

sometimes you might find it does at the

end but if you've already established

healthy sleep habits and you just

gradually I would like think that most

babies would be able to just drop it

without too much of a fuss okay method

number six is to bite and I mean this in

two ways number one is if your babies

under the age of three months sometimes

you just need to wait do you know what

three months old is really really young

and your baby may just need that might

feed or a couple month feeds for a

little bit longer and that's fine you

just need to be patient and wait it out

as if you're working on healthy sleep

habits and they're going to eventually

grow out of needing to be fit at night

the other part of this is to wait at

night to pause and to step back and wait

five minutes because a lot of the time

babies wake up and they make noises at

night but it doesn't necessarily mean

that they're awake sometimes they'll

even cry out but they're actually not

awake it's just a sleep transition or

something to that effect and the

is particularly true for my children

around the 5 a.m. our I'll hear them

stir or make a noise and if I went in

there and FID them that would be them up

for the day but if I wait 5 minutes they

go back to sleep I didn't only wake up

at 7 o'clock in the morning so just

don't jump up straight away wait and if

you need to look at the clock because I

know that at nighttime one can see me be

longer than it actually is but just just

wait and see how well your baby does

they may surprise you and just go right

back to sleep and then method number

seven is extinction or just dropping the

food cold turkey this is probably my

least favorite method but it is one

worth mentioning I don't have anything

against it I don't think the method is

wrong but it's just not something that I

personally like doing using the

extinction cry out method is a very very

controversial topic you will get parents

for adamantly against it and think you

are abusive and awful if you do it and

you'll get parents on the other side who

are totally fine with it in my opinion

there is there is no research to

actually show that it causes any

long-term harm I do think that you 100%

need to make sure that your baby is old

enough for it is developmentally ready

for it that they will their needs are

met Exeter Exeter ah I think just use

your parental judgment and your mama

instinct and of course consult with your

health care provider with all of those

things checked off sometimes babies just

need to learn to go to sleep and they

need to learn to drop their feet and so

using cried out and dropping those feets

cold turkey is not fun but this is an

effective method if you do it quickly

alright those are all the methods that

we're going to discuss today but I just

wanted to say in summary that whichever

method you choose make sure that you

give it a good full week before you

decide whether or not it's working

Lauren wasn't built in the day this kind

of stuff doesn't just happen overnight

for most babies it takes at least 3 to 5

nights to establish this so I would

recommend that you give it a full week

before you decide to you know try

something else or give it up altogether

so I hope that you found this helpful

give me some feedback did you have you

used any kinds of sleep training any of

these methods when did your babies drop

their night feeds I would be very

curious to know so leave some comments

for me down below and I will see you

next time bye