Enfagrow®, DHA, and Your Growing Toddler

it's amazing how quickly a toddler

learns and grows in fact 85% of brain

growth happens within the first three



by the time she's a toddler she's

learned to crawl stack blocks even say

what she's thinking but nutrition helps

support this brain growth so it's

important she gets brain nourishing

nutrients such as DHA what is DHA

it's short for docosahexaenoic acid an

important omega-3 fatty acid in a

building block of the brain important

for its healthy structure and function

DHA is found in breast milk and is an

important nutrient and infant formulas

so you've been giving her DHA all along

but because her brain is still rapidly

growing until age three and will never

grow this quickly again it's important

that DHA remain a part of her diet now

that your toddler's outgrown breast milk

and infant formula both of which had DHA

she might not be getting DHA as

regularly in fact on average toddlers

only get about 25% of the DHA many

experts recommend even in a healthy

toddler diet food options at half DHA

are limited because DHA is found in

foods such as fatty fishes which many

toddlers don't eat a milk drink that has

DHA might be something to consider to

help fill this nutritional gap


presenting enfagrow toddler next step

it's a milk drink that has brain

nourishing DHA and is designed to

complement a toddler's regular diet

since few of the foods toddlers enjoy

have DHA enfagrow can help bridge the

gap enfagrow has 22 total nutrients like

calcium vitamin d and iron for healthy

growth and a prebiotics blend designed

to help support digestive health in just

two servings a day try and fit grow

toddler next step today and help make

brain nourishing DHA a part of your

toddler's daily diet