4 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring!

because I look really sophisticated do I

up in the club we just broke up I'm

doing my own little thing because if you

liked it you should have put a ring on

it if you liked it then you should have

put a ring on it don't be mad once you

see that he want it if you liked it then

you should have put a ring on it

all right engagement ring shopping is

here cuz if you like it then you should

put a ring on it right thanks to the

philosopher Beyonce for those words now

if you are a girl watching this and

you're dating you may want to send this

video on until your boyfriend

or if you're a guy watching I applaud

you that you're watching ritual cruise

comm videos that's pretty fun so that

you're possibly buying a ring because

the holidays are coming up and a lot of

people propose because families are

together you know during all this time

of this time of the year so some

suggestions some helpful tips as you're

out buying engagement rings number one

have a budget yes listen when you walk

in you're gonna see all these beautiful

rings you're gonna think of your

beautiful girlfriend's face and you're

like she deserves everything in here

she may but she really doesn't because

you need a budget okay so I say spend no

more than two to three months of your

income no more than two to three months

of your income so figure what that is

and that is your budget now she may have

a family heirloom there may be something

passed down that you can add to that and

that's wonderful but do not spend more

than two to three months of your income

number to pay with cash pay with cash do

not charge this on a credit card or take

out a loan don't do that because you're

me paying for months and months and

months and months and the pretty

sparkling us of your love starts to fade

as you have to pay payments on the ring

so remember no more than two to three

months of your income save that up pay

with cash and you get a better deal and

you flash uncle Benjamin's around in

someone's face they're more likely to

give you a better deal than if you're

just gonna swipe a card so cash cash

cash number three know your stuff guys

as you go and educate yourself I mean

this could be just spending a few

minutes on Google even you know there's

the four C's cut clarity carat color

know what that is educate yourself

because you could go to like Joe Schmo

when you go in and he's like looking and

he's telling you and you have no clue

what you're doing so so read up a little

bit on this you're not gonna be a

gemologist or something by the end

that's right gemologist it's a real

thing google it but at least you know

what you're talking about and so part of

educating yourself too is realizing

where you're gonna get the best deal and

I'm gonna just be blunt and say if you

know the theme song of the drawers store

that you're going to in the mall you're

probably not gonna get the best deal

these like mass-market stores you know

they don't give you great deals because

they're owned by corporate headquarters

in another state go to a local jeweler

you know even a diamond broker someone

that buys diamonds I mean they can

design a ring for you or a local jewelry

store in your town that's where you're

gonna get the best deals and lastly

expectations now some of you are gonna

pop the question she's gonna have no

idea cuz you've been dating for 60 days

and all of a sudden you're engaged and

it's like this crazy will run you know

people have that story but I would say

if you are you know serious and you're

talking about money and you're having

conversations around the idea of

marriage I would be good to kind of talk

through the expectations of the ring and

just to say hey you know this is kind of

what I'm thinking for my budget she may

even want to come along with you to pick

out her ring who knows who knows what

the process is gonna be for you guys but

set some clear expectations with her on

the front end because guys this diamonds

that you're gonna buy may magnify who

she really is so what happens is you

talking to her like you know sweetie

this is what I'm gonna spend on the ring

and if she gets all like crazy on you

and she say I just need a bigger ring

please this is unbelievable

pink girls crazy girls are crazy so she

gets into like this bratty crazy diva

mode flashy lights you know flashing

lights gosh and gosh and caution cuz

this is a good caring indicator for

character of realizing that she values

things like really deeply that don't

matter so have so that may be kind of a

moment of like oh wow

I'm gonna live with this girl for the

rest of my life maybe we have some other

discussions to be had besides an

engagement ring so all of these things

together having your budget no more than

two to three months of your income pay

with cash know your stuff know what

you're getting yourself into and part of

that is knowing where to buy the

diamonds buy the ring and talk about

expectations so you guys are kind of on

the same page when it comes to this but

it's a really exciting time I will never

forget the night whence to proposed it's

a memory that you're going to have for

the rest of your life and it's a beauty

things so if you're doing it around

Christmas and all that really excited

for you guys

lovebirds love is in the air Oh have fun

shopping get a good deal tell them

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