Should You Take Hormones for Menopause - Pros and Cons of Hormone Replacement Therapy

you know menopause can be miserable

almost on a daily basis I encounter

women experiencing weight gain mood

changes difficulty sleeping and vaginal

dryness during this time period but

those who suffer the most tend to be the

ones with the severe hot flashes hands

down it can really interfere with the

quality of life and makes it difficult

to even function in some patients now

although there are other treatment

options besides hormone replacement

therapy or HRT truthfully nothing is

quite as effective as HRT but is it safe

I'll review the pros and cons in today's

video so that you can make an informed

decision when you discuss it with your

doctor well what's up healthy people I'm

doctor Madge the practicing

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common medical conditions for you and

your family now what you need to know is

that the practice guidelines for doctors

primarily stem from a large

groundbreaking study called the Women's

Health Initiative or whi in the 1990s

that really changed the way that the

medical community viewed HRT

understanding the findings of this study

is vital to your decision-making briefly

it included over 27,000 women with an

average age of 63 who were either placed

on HRT or a placebo for an average

duration of 3 years then the rates of

various medical conditions were compared

between the two groups so here's a quick

summary of these findings for women that

still had their uterus and replaced on

estrogen progesterone HRT combo which

reflects the majority of women that are

seeking HRT okay so let's talk about the

cons first which is what everyone really

is concerned about first of all there's

an increased risk of heart disease and

for every 10,000 women taking HRT over a

one-year period only five extra heart

disease diagnoses were made and

so only five out of ten thousand but

nineteen extra cases among women in

their 70s so there's a huge distinction

depending on the age group as you can

see the second risk was breast cancer

now in comparison to heart disease for

every 10,000 women on HRT for one year

there were nine extra breast cancer

cases total now HRT increased the risk

progressively to about twenty four

percent overall even after stopping HRT

for some reason if you opt for HRT make

sure that you remain up-to-date on your

breast cancer screenings there is also

an increased risk of stroke and for

every ten pay women on HRT there are

nine extra cases blood clots and the

lungs there were three extra cases found

and there was increased risk of gall

bladder disease and urinary incontinence

by about fifty to sixty percent for both

alright so now let's talk about the pros

first of all besides the benefits of HRT

the study has found keep in mind that

one of the greatest pros of HRT is that

it's hands-down the most effective

treatment for hot flashes although not

the only option certainly also it

decreases the risk of hip fractures and

six fewer cases for every 10,000 women

that were treated for one year there was

decreased risk of colon cancer there was

only about 0.5 fewer cases but those who

did develop colon cancer it was

discovered at a more advanced stage in

the study and lastly it decreases the

risk of diabetes interestingly there are

sixteen to twenty one fewer cases per

10,000 women alright so here's the

bottom line

HRT is not recommended as a treatment of

menopausal symptoms for women aged 60 or


however most women who seek HRT are

typically in their late 40s to early 50s

anyways so for younger women in their

50s or for those less than 10 years

past menopause without risk factors who

have a uterus short-term use of

treatment no more than five years poses

little risk based on these numbers as

you can see now are you considering HRT

or are you already taking HRT share your

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hot flash free and I'll catch you next