Exercises for an ankle sprain to help you recover quickly

if you've suffered an ankle sprain one

of the most common injuries in all of

sports we want to show you some

exercises to get better hopefully on

your own I'm dr. David Geyer orthopedic

surgeon and sports medicine specialist

here with my friend and physical

therapist Yves eg ankle sprains are the

most common injuries statistically in

sports like football basketball soccer

not to mention all the weekend warriors

all the people who just love to exercise

you're running along step awkwardly

and roll your foot where you land

awkwardly and roll your ankle what can

you do to get over that short of going

into the doctor and getting x-rays and

all that kind of stuff which you might

need but are there some simple things

that you might be able to do first let's

see what Yves has to suggest so you get

that initial ankle sprain right

it's gonna be a little bit swollen it's

gonna be a little bit inflamed so by far

the first thing that we tell people to

do is to get a little bit of compression

a little bit of elevation and be

cautious with the weight-bearing to let

that thank you yeah it makes sense yeah

but as soon as that healing of healing

start to happen and there's not as much

swelling we want to work on getting

range of motion and getting some

movement back ankle as early as possible

to make sure that you're getting back on

the field

okay back to walk in as quickly as

possible so that's a first exercise

we're going to go through all right

first one we're just gonna pretend this

is a chair so we're just gonna ask in

the chair we're gonna cross one leg over

the other okay this is pretty easy for

you to do at home you're gonna grab the

outside of your foot okay and then

you're gonna pull up towards the ceiling

gently and you should feel a stretch

just on the outside of your baby

in that tender sort area you want to be

pretty cautious with this you want to go

slowly and as soon as you start to feel

a little bit of stretching pain

you're gonna stop and you're gonna hold

it there anywhere from thirty Seconds to

him yeah almost all ankle sprains are

gonna be injuries to the ligaments on

the outside of your ankle and so that's

why that makes sense that you would do

exercises to work that side and you can

actually really feel that that's that's

really interesting something you go just

to where you feel tightness but you

don't and slow steady movements okay

that makes it's too far the tendon

itself still needs time to heal right

okay this we got to respect that healing

time but it's a great way to start

getting movement back so the second

thing after we've gotten some movement

back and we know this happens a lot

after swelling after these injuries is

that some of our ballots or if you want

to use a fancy term proprioception is a

little bit hindered it needs to get work

back right so we want to make sure we

start working our balance again so first

we're do super easy exercise we were not

even I tell my patients to do this when

they're brushing their teeth oh right so

the whole time you brush your teeth try

this exercise you can do it more for

today but it's a great time to do it so

you're just gonna stand on one leg

bring the on their leg up doesn't matter

being forward back as long as it's off

of the ground and you're gonna hold that

for as long as you can it's pretty

normal to see the angle shaking left to

right those are called ankle strategies

perfectly normal if it's painful maybe

hold onto something and that makes sense

yeah and then work your way doing that

anywhere from a minute sometimes longer

depends on longevity but holding that

and starting to work those muscles

should be great well and that makes a

lot of sense too because one of the

challenges that that I see is with

athletes trying to get back to sports

you know it's been three weeks you know

to four weeks whatever it's been is that

yeah the ankles got good motion it's got

good strength but they don't feel

confident planning their foot and

changing direction and that's why what

he's talking about with the balance and

proprioception is so important but time

alone is not gonna really do that much

to get it back you actually have to work

to restore that yeah yeah you need to

work that

system.if I'm gonna cut directions

quickly my ankle needs to know what

feels like to be on one leg first before

I do that and sometimes it's a skip a

step but a lot of people skip and if

you're getting better but not getting

over the hump you can you you might

think about working with a physical

therapist like Eve because he can not

only do things like that but then they

can start putting you on sliding boards

and do fancier ways to rebuild that

balance and proprioception that really

can speed up your recovery and return to

sports if you've suffered an ankle

sprain and I know that a lot of you out

there have because it's so common try

these simple exercises out hopefully it

gets you better in a week or two or

three or four weeks if you're not making

much progress see a physical therapist

go see an orthopedic surgeon to make

sure it's not something bad if you want

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