Top 3 Exercises for Ankle Sprain

top three exercises for ankle sprains

exercise number one just a nice warm-up

just it's the ankle moving the way it's

supposed to and what you can do is this

take your foot and what you're going to

do is move your entire foot in the ABC

so first we'll just do an a great and

then go through the B C and you can go

the whole way through the outfit and

keep going there a twosie great warm-up

exercise encourages range of motion

encourages all the muscles that control

the ankle to fire simple easy to do

three out of every four ankle sprains

reoccur because of a lack of here's the

big fancy term it's called


but proprioception is is knowing where

your body is in space without seeing it

it's one of the first things that goes

with intoxication that's why they use a

field sobriety test where you close your

eyes stand on one foot touch your nose

with your eyes closed

so to retrain that here's what we do the

most basic way to do it is this

you can stand next to a kitchen sink or

stand somewhere that you can grab onto

easily are you going to stand on one

foot pretty simple keep the knees

slightly bent so just keep you ready

slightly bent good and in the clinic we

start with 15 seconds we do it three

times you can do the same thing at home

now a good physical therapist what they

will do is find different ways to make

this more challenging you might stand on

different surfaces or uneven unstable

surfaces you can also do different

things as you're standing on one leg so

might not be just like this but you

might want to advance that up to where

you're moving a ball or throwing against

a bounce back or something along those


fifteen seconds three times single leg

stance exercise number two for top three

ankle sprains

third exercise for top three exercises

for ankle sprains is it's called an

inversion and e-version and what it is

is turning your foot in and turning your

foot out and in the clinic we use light

resistance with the thera-band you can

pick up exercise tubing or exercise band

just about anywhere they sell it online

all the time even some of the local book

stores or sporting goods stores may

carry it as well so the first one wrap

the band around the outside of the foot

grab right here pull it up and then turn

the foot out good in the clinic we do 30

repetitions for one set and what this

does is strengthen the muscles on the

outside of the leg and then to do it the

opposite way what you do is cross your

leg over drop the band around the inside

of the foot

anchor it on the crossed over leg and

then pull the foot in great

same thing here three grab petitions

that's the top three exercises for a