Diastasis Recti Exercises

hi y'all my name is Raquel Maccabee for

those of you who don't know me I'm a

certified personal trainer a certified

fitness instructor and I had my master's

degree in exercise sports science but

more importantly I am a mom of three and

I myself suffered diastasis recti and

both of my pregnancies so I had a single

pregnancy with my daughter and then two

and a half years later I had twins and

as you can imagine re Tabak on my

abdominal muscles so what I want to

share with you today is what exercises I

did and did not do to help get my abs

back in in shape I just want to

encourage you that yes you can heal your

abs yes it takes time but with proper

education and nutrition you can get back

to where you want to be so first things

first I want to show with you how to

test to see if you have separation of

the abdominal muscles because first you

need to know what kind of issues were

working with and how severe your problem

is so what you're going to want to do is

go ahead and lay down on the ground like

in a crunch position if knees bent hands

behind your head I'm gonna walk you

through it

so in this crunch position again your

hands are gonna be behind your head at

least one hand I want you to put your

fingers at about right at your belly

button or a little bit underneath you

are going to go ahead and lift the

shoulder blades up off the floor and

crunch up if you have AB separation what

you're going to notice is one of two

things one you're going to feel an

actual hole in your where your

bellybutton is it can be two fingers

deep it can be three depending on the

severity that is one option the other

option that could happen and I had it

different in both pregnancies is that

you'll get a little teepee it's like

this little the cutest little teepee

that you never wanted on your abs it

will puff up as you crunch and that is

also an indication that you are

struggling with AB separation so

hopefully doing that test gave you an

indication of whether or not you have to

ask this is recti I will also tell you

one of the telltale signs is you still

look about for me I look like I was four

months pregnant way after giving birth

I have lower back pain

a lot of times it can cause hernias but

so you just want to make sure that you

test for it to see where you are and you

can know how to improve it next thing I

want to talk to you about is exercises

to avoid now again I've said you're

gonna seem like you're four months

pregnant still even after giving birth

and time has passed and a lot of women

think okay I'm just gonna crunch my way

to better abs and actually that's one of

the worst exercises you can do when

trying to heal your ab muscles so one

exercise to avoid any regular like

crunches or situps

just don't do them another thing to

avoid is planks so when you're in that

plank position that causes a lot of

inter of dominant pressure you're gonna

want to invoice as well any sort of

torso rotation and twisting again

causing that extra pressure that's gonna

actually cause more damage as well so

those are three exercises that you

absolutely want to avoid now a question

I get a lot is how do I feel about those

belly bands those corsets those wraps

that you see women wearing now you're

gonna get mixed reviews and opinions but

I'm gonna share what worked for me and

in my experience so immediately after

giving birth I did wear what was called

a belly bandit and I wore 24/7 for the

first six weeks after giving birth then

once I started easing my way back into

exercise I wore it when I was going to

work out because my abs were so weak I

didn't have a lot of lower back strength

I couldn't do other lifts so I wore it

as I ease myself back into fitness again

the one I used is called the belly

bandit you can get it off Amazon but you

can decide for yourself whether or not

that's gonna work for you for my

experience it was great and I absolutely

needed it so now I want to give you some

of my favorite exercises that I did in

place of those crunches and setups and

those abnormal core exercises that you

see that helps me really pull my ass

back in and heal so the first thing

first is I would stand or kneel it

didn't really matter but I would make

like a little triangle shape with my

hands and place it over my belly button

and from here I would think about

pulling in my belly button in towards my

spine kind of like if you've ever put

your jeans in the dryer and they've kind

of shrunk

lay on the bed and you kind of have to

like squeeze dip it in them that's what

I want you to think about so I would do

this and I would pull in and breathe out

pull in okay so I would do that sets of

ten and I would do them throughout the

day I will tell you it is a deceptively

challenging exercise it looks very easy

but when you're struggling to get your

abs in sets of 10 were tough for me so

like I said I would just sprinkle them

in throughout the day so again that was

slow and controlled pulling that

bellybutton in towards your spine and

releasing you can stand you can kneel or

you can even lay on the floor I'll show

you that in a second so those were slow

and controlled I would also do the same

exercise and I would try to kind of

pulse the same thing pulling that belly

button to the spine and I would just try

to pulse as much as I can these are

great exercises even now that are really

gonna work the deep abdullah transverse

abdominis that's gonna really help to

strengthen and pull them back together

so the next exercise require that you

lay down on the floor so same thing in

that normal bit knee position you want

to again think about pulling in that

belly button towards your spine so

really think about pulling it down into

the ground okay deep breath in and what

I would do is I would do heel slides so

one leg at a time pulling that belly

button in I would slowly slide my heel

out and back in if you have gliding

discs or paper plates even this is a

great exercise to put a paper plate at

the bottom of your heel I would extend

only until I felt like my abs couldn't

be pulled in if I felt like I was kind

of slouching I would bring it back in

because you don't want to extend too far

and then you lose that contraction in

your abdominal muscles the next exercise

I did is also in this laying down

position and I would call them heel drop

so again pulling that belly button in

towards your spine and from here I would

just gently drop one heel again keeping

that contraction and lifting up slow and

controlled as the name of the game now

in the beginning I could truly only go

here before I felt like my abs were just

not being able to hold that contraction

and that's okay go to that point and

lift up

I think I forgot to mention in the last

video but really sets of 10 is the name

of the game if you can work your way up

to three sets of ten great but again

take it slow it takes time to heal so

give your tummy and your abs some grace

so then it sort the top three exercises

I did every single day to help bring my

ABS back together I'll tell you a lot of

times I did them all laying in bed right

upon waking before I got out of bed or

right before I went to sleep at night so

just know those are some great times to

do it and if you stay consistent and

continue to work them over time I know

you can get to where you want to be one

other thing that I must mention is that

nutrition is key as well you can be

healing your abs and getting them toned

and lean and where you want to be but if

you have a layer of fat over them as

women that's where we tend to carry our

weight you won't be able to see your

abdominals so nutrition is so key if you

are somebody who needs extra help in

your fitness or your nutrition that is

my area of expertise and I would be

honored to help you

working with mamas is my passion I feel

like this is what God has put me on this

earth to do so if that is you please

don't hesitate to reach out I would love

to help you get set up with a program

that's realistic for your busy lifestyle

as a mom so that you can start looking

and feeling your best again thank you so

much for watching and please let me know

if you have any questions