21-Day Diastasis Recti Workout Challenge - Post Pregnancy Ab Challenge

what's up guys hey Jer dextran here

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tightened calm and this is going to be

our 21-day diastasis recti workout

challenge I'm excited to share this one

with you guys let's jump into it right



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in advance okay let's get into this so

this 21-day diastasis recti workout

challenge this is something new that

I've created I hope that it helps a lot

of you guys out first of all what you're

going to need is the actual challenge

itself this video is going to be a

demonstration of the exercises that

you're going to find in the challenge

however for the progression including

what workout to do what exercise to do

sets and reps you're going to need a

copy of the challenge what you can do I

left the link in the description down

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21-day diastasis recti workout challenge

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you and then you guys can follow along

with this 21-day diastasis recti workout

challenge alright so let's talk about

diastasis recti for a second let's talk

about why it's an issue why you get it

and then why these exercises are

actually going to help you out and so

you've got a muscle that runs down the

front of

abdomen it's called your rectus

abdominis muscle there's two halves to

it which with pregnancy it kind of gets

stretched out and that connective tissue

that joins those two halves gets

stretched and can even tear now after

the baby's born all of a sudden your

stomach goes back together but because

that connective tissue down the front

was stretched out it doesn't come back

together kind of nice and tight the way

that you wanted to and maybe the way

that it was pre pregnancy and so that

would be the condition again that we

would call diastasis recti now this

happens in two in every three

pregnancies and so I mean that's a huge

percentage sixty-six percent will

actually develop this condition it's

been my experience as a physical

therapist that not a lot of doctors

actually check you for this condition

postpartum meaning there's probably

quite a few of you out there who are

walking around with this condition that

aren't even aware of it now if you need

a quick video I actually shot a video

with my wife demonstrating how to check

for diastasis recti check out the link

down in the description below check out

this link floating around right up here

that will take you over to the video so

you can do that test on yourself to

figure whether or not you have this

condition now why is that an issue I

think the biggest thing there's a

there's an a aesthetic component to it

if you kind of have that mom pooch that

mom belly that mommy tummy hanging out a

lot of times this is the reason why it's

because your core isn't as strong as it

should be it's because you've got that

abdominal separation and no matter how

many sit-ups crunches and planks you're

doing actually those exercises are

making the condition worse we need to

focus on a different muscle in your core

and that's what this whole 21-day

challenge is geared towards we don't

want to activate that muscle that's

that's split and those halves that are

split open we actually want to avoid

working that muscle while engaging what

we'd call your transverse abdominis is

the deepest layer of your abdomen

originates on your lower back wraps

around to the front that's the one that

we need to focus on in order to not only

shrink your stomach but also to bring

those two halves of that rectus

abdominis muscle closer together okay so

that being said let me go grab my wife

and we're gonna run you through the

exercises that you need to know to do

this 21-day diastasis recti workout

challenge let me go get her we'll be

right back alright so here she is head

go grab my wife / lovely assistant and

so Camile we've had four kids she had

diastasis recti with three of them yes

and so she is kind of the professional

at least I like to give the instruction

she's the one who's gonna help you guys

out to show you what these exercises

look like so she's gonna go ahead and

lay down on her stomach and so the for

the 21-day diastasis recti workout

challenge there's four exercises that

we're gonna run you guys through again

check the link in the description to

this video so you can pick up the number

of sets and reps that you need to do on

each of the kind of individual 21 days

but for the intents of this video let's

show you what each of these exercises

look like the first thing that we're

gonna do is the vacuum now this is the

most important this is kind of that that

core that foundation for all the other

diastasis recti exercises that i would

run you through if you were coming to

see me as a patient basically we're

doing this stomach vacuum it's this

transverse abdominis activation now

again I mentioned in the in the

introduction to this video that

transverse abdominis starts on your

lower back and wraps around to your

front when you contract that muscle

that's the muscle that we use to

actually squeeze our belly button in and

kind of suck everything in nice and

tight so that's where I want to start so

stomach vacuums with Camile let's set

her spine up in the right position first

and so what we're gonna do is actually

rock her hips backwards

I tell people your first step is to

flatten your back down into the table I

can put my hand under here right now

she's gonna rock her hips backwards all

of a sudden now I can't get my hand

underneath there it's your first step we

call that a posterior pelvic tilt she's

now gonna hold her back flat to the

table while she sucks her stomach she's

trying to suck her bellybutton into her

spine she's gonna hold that for about a

three-second count and then relax

everything just like that so again

flatten your back suck in your stomach

hold 2 3 and then relax now the big

thing that I see people do with this is

when I tell them to suck their

bellybutton into their spine they take a

deep breath in and so when you take that

breath in yeah your stomach sucks in but

it's not the right contraction that

would be kind of a passive abdominal

hollowing we want it to be active we

that transverse abdominus muscle to do

the work flatten your back tighten your

tummy good and you should be able to

breathe through that

so that's exercise number one exercise

number two well exercise two three and


we're gonna build on this on this

stomach vacuum so now what we're gonna

do is add a march to it so the first set

up is still the same she's gonna flatten

her back she's gonna tighten her tummy

draw that belly button in towards her

spine she's gonna hold that position and

the way we make it harder is now with

her left knee she's gonna March up to my

hand and back down right knee up to my

hand and back down and then she's gonna

relax and so again so you're gonna

flatten your back you're gonna tighten

your tummy you're gonna hold this that's

the most important part of this exercise

I want you to keep that nice and tight

that that stomach nice and sucked in

March left down March right down and

then relax everything now if that's too

easy if you feel like you can hold it

for a longer contraction what we're

gonna do now is a couple marches flat

back tight tummy she's nice and sucked

in March left and down right and down

left and down right and down just like

that and so that's what you're your

vacuum with the March looks like next

we're gonna do a vacuum with a bridge

and so we can't forget about the

posterior chain meaning we're gonna work

glutes and lower back in addition to

that that diastasis recti area those

muscles in the front of your abs so to

do that set up is still the same this

time though we're not gonna necessarily

rock backwards we don't have to flatten

but what she's gonna do is suck in her

stomach she's gonna hold that

contraction while she squeezes her

glutes and lifts her hips up towards the

ceiling one two three and then come

right back down you'll notice that the

whole time go ahead and so she says she

sucked in here should we come and you'll

notice that she doesn't ever lose that

contraction and then back down just like

that and so again your emphasis is

keeping that ta active keeping that

transverse abdominus your bellybutton

sucked in while you're activating the

hips while you're activating the lower

back muscles with this exercise so

that's what your vacuum with a bridge

looks like last thing we're gonna do is

gonna be some side planks and so she's

gonna roll over onto her left side and

so for the purposes again of this 21-day

challenge we're gonna do a modified side

plank and so right now she's on her left

elbow her left elbow is directly under

her left shoulder she

on the outside of her left knee her

right legs out straight then what she's

going to do is engage those muscles on

the left side of her core and in her

left hip to raise her hips up off of the

table just like this now side planks are

a pretty good exercise but again we want

to kick on that transverse abdominus

that's the biggest bang for your buck

and so now when she's up in this

position she's still gonna try to

activate that muscle that that belly

button again sucks straight into your

spine don't do it by taking a deep

breath in breathe your air out and then

suck your stomach in towards your spine

while you're up in that side plank nice

job babe

and so again sets and reps are gonna be

indicated on that piece of paper that I

will send you again what you're gonna do

is look in the description to this video

down below you'll see the link down

there and that will take you to another

page all you need to do is put in your

name put in your email address and I

will send you our 21-day diastasis recti

workout challenge and so thank you so

much for joining me and if you guys have

any questions or comments or if you try

this workout out let me know about it

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in our 21 days I ask this this recti

workout challenge thanks for joining me

we'll see you next time