How to exercise when you have a cold or virus | Exercise and Asthma advice

if you've got a cold or a flu or any

illness symptoms when you're exercising

as a general rule if it's neck and above

you're okay to exercise but probably

reduce your levels so it's a stuffy nose

or a bit of a cough then you can carry

on but is particularly if you if you

have asthma

then just bear in mind that that stuffy

nose and the cough may affect your

breathing as well so it's not just in

the effects of the coughing the cold if

it's anything sort of below the neck so

if it's a chesty cough if your muscles

are a key if you've if you're finding

breathing difficult then that's a sign

that really you should be resting fully

and not exercising at that time and then

when you come back to exercising

following an illness bear in mind that

during that recovery period you might

find breathing a little bit harder and

you should exercise it sort of 50 to 75

percent if you feel a bit down after

that after exercising then just reduce

it slightly and again it's just really

building up slowly and seeing how you

react to it