Liposuction Healing & Recovery Tips | How to REDUCE Lipo Swelling | Post Liposuction Care Guide

are you curious about how long it will

take to heal from liposuction surgery or

any type of plastic surgery today I'm

going to answer that specific question

and offer you three tips to help heal

you faster and reduce the swelling that

you're dealing with stay tuned for this

informative healing video I'm going to

bet that your plastic surgeon didn't

really detail info hole both the

expected recovery time and specific ways

to heal faster from liposuction surgery

in fact most of the cases that I work

with many individuals are not told that

healing from liposuction surgery takes

at minimum of ten months that's a really

long time welcome I'm dr. Melissa

Gallagher I'm a naturopathic physician

and I specialize in helping individuals

heal post-operative post surgically and

one of the main segments of my practice

is working with individuals like

yourself who might have had liposuction

surgery or any assortment of plastic

surgery treatments or procedures I want

to specifically answer how long it's

going to take for you to heal because

that's one of the things that I think

we're not told in the clinic setting

before you go in for your surgery that

you might actually swell a whole lot

more after the surgery your body and

limb size might actually increase and

that you are not going to instantly get

the magical results that you're hoping

to achieve by having your surgery that's

something that is I think really

important for you to know as we go

through this healing process this is a

multi-layered staged process that you

have to wear the compression garments

that are recommended you have to lay low

and relaxed for the beginning phase of

your post surgical healing and there are

some things that you need to do to help

minimize fluid retention and buildup of

fluid pockets in areas around the

abdomen the side the flank the legs


in outer thigh and really that's what I

wanted to do today is to help you heal


I've written a guide it's a pre and post

surgical guide it's 18 weeks long that

really sets up all my patients and

healing optimally I'll link to that

guide right here so you can check that

out more importantly in this video I

want to give you immediate impactful

items I can get you on your way to

swelling reduction and healing so that

you can feel back to your normal self so

there's a sort of topical care that's

going to be important so phase one is

topical care I love to recommend a

homeopathic t relief gel T relief gel is

a topical gel it's an assortment of

homeopathic swelling reducers and

healing enhancing nutrients and medicine

that will help you get rid of bruising

swelling and pain I love this topically

because it works so well with my

surgical cases the other thing that you

want to do is you want to implement dry

skin brushing check out this free guide

here where you can get information on

how to do dry skin brushing you'll want

to grab a natural bristle brush like

this to impart the second phase of our

skin care routine that will help reduce

swelling and it's going to be

implementing lymphatic drainage via dry

skin brushing I have a wonderful guide

right here that you can download totally

free that walks you through the steps of

how to dry skin brush your body for a

lot of my post liposuction cases you

want to wait at least a week before you

start dressing and brushing but this

will greatly help minimize that

itchiness that's that healing phase that

the skin underneath the skin is itching

as you dry skin brush this will

alleviate that and you're simply just

gently putting the brush on your skin

moving it in a circular pattern no sort

of exfoliating process nothing rough but

hugely beneficial so then I'm gonna

recommend product link to this and some

of the other items down below the next

and honestly I think the most crucial

and most impactful item that you want on

your post surgical healing list is lymph

stem I love this stuff post surgically

for any swelling reducing any type of

just fluid motivation

this live sim will help you get rid of

the swollen pockets the fluid that's

retaining it'll help you drain better

it'll help you recover especially lipo

when they've got some fluid that's being

injected in the body liposuction is very

destructive to the superficial lymph

it's basically the lymph is like a

spider webbing and it it is on the

superficial layer of our body all over

and when we're light going with the

suction the lymphatics gets involved

this helps the lymphatics heal faster so

they can reduce swelling faster and that

will get you faster on your way to

healing so that stuff is wonderful my

post surgical cases i actually recommend

six times a day 40 drops and then

usually a month or two out you you

downgrade it to 40 drops four times a

day this stuff will get things moving

and if you haven't done any type of

lymphatic work or detoxing do be aware

your urine might have an odor a

discoloration that's all that is thetic

all the junk that's gonna leave leave

and exit your body which is gonna help

you heal faster then my third and final

thing let's talk about pain pain is

really really intense for all of my life

Oh suction cases and often you get

medication but it's very short-lived and

it's often narcotic or II had two very

very strong strong medications but you

end up having to go back to working your

regular life and the way to minimize the

pain I actually love to use CBD so I'm

gonna recommend CBD usage for the post

surgical pain and then dosing down in

the milligrams to more maintenance as

you're healing healing is something

that's very unique and is specialized

and individualized for each person

some people heal better and faster

there's a bruise for a period of weeks

and then they start that healing phase

of swelling reduction any way that you

can reduce your fluid levels by

enhancing your lymphatics is going to

help you heal better and similarly if

you minimize the pain response and block

it by adding CBD into the mix that will

help your body minimize the stress is

experiencing and help lower the


of yourselves so you can heal better I

hope this was helpful I hope you'll

consider checking out my post surgical

healing guide down below and I am

grateful for your time if you are new to

our channel I hope you'll subscribe have

a great day