Day after lipo review

good morning so this is just update for

my surgery

i'ma let y'all know now it's painful I

had liposuction on my stomach and I when

I left I was like cool I'm like [ __ ] I

can walk I'm good but then I came home I

went to bed and it was I wake up it was

over I mean I think I stopped all day

yesterday all this morning oh I've been

sleeping all night and I'm sorry if I

didn't message some of y'all back or

even right back or whatever because I

was sleepy

I was tired I don't even know like some

people I was writing back I don't even

know what I was saying like half of my

words weren't making sense like so I'm

sorry I apologize if I didn't get back

to y'all but uhm yes I got the

liposuction from final Bello thought I

was cool yesterday today I woke up last

night I was in pain extreme pain it is

really really painful I don't know why

put myself to that but um yeah I mean

then I got my mama watching me I'm gonna

tell you I know my mama she cannot hear

for crap I'm here like 12 o'clock in the

morning screaming her name I'm screaming

my mama named my son named both of my

kids ain't nobody heard me I call her

mama falling like five times nobody gets

up so it was horrible I like kind of

like pull myself to the other side of

the bed to get to this bottle of water I

had over there so I could take some pain

medicine cuz I was in really really bad

pain even this morning my mama was up

and I'm looking cuz I got a security

system in my house I'm looking at my

camera I see her by the steps and I'm

screaming her name and calling her phone

just you know answer she's the worst

caretake ever but it's better than none

but um so we're gonna look like inside

father the boobies showing if you ain't

if you aint saw none then you should be

on my page but um I got it it is still

like it's bleeding really bad like they

said it was gonna leak a really bad and

the other side it's worse than that but

then they got me on this little thing

I'm gonna keep this little thing going

they said I had to keep this one for 24

hours so as soon as 12 o'clock hit

taking this [ __ ] off and I got a go

shower and then they said to put it

right back going so I'm gonna do that

and my son is coming in here with my

food that's gonna give me a breast of it

I know you cannot catch up to maybe that

80 back get on my room yesterday my

stuff no both the guy did away because I

bought it yesterday

back your liar I have it on my poncho

grab my room once again so get out my

room he knows he go scuba are you making

this video over Neath her because he

shoulda never came in my room but that's

the update on this there's a bunch of

pants in there that's supposed to be

stopping the bleeding so I don't know

how it looks

I'm gonna take another video after I

take all this off they said it's gonna

swell so it's probably swollen so I

don't really know how look if I lost

anything but let me tell you if I didn't

don't look like they took [ __ ] out we

don't have a problem because they

suppose that took one and a half liters

I'll set out so I'll see that's just an

update Turtles