First month with palatal expander

so after getting more extenders and

today I decided I'm going to look of the

video I document everything

um I'm 22 6 I'm sorry on Thursday I have

two giant temples I don't know why she's

red yeah got them in this morning at

like 10 o'clock and this suck I couldn't

talk I have to work tomorrow I watched a

bunch of videos on how much you suck and

how it messes up your tongue I got was


are you here because I have to wear

headgear at nighttime so yeah so far the

stuff I've been practicing talking by

sitting and reading out loud

obviously it's not working that well I

can't see my phone number to people

because I can't see the number 3 it's

really hard I don't know how I'm going

to period short order talk in general at

work doesn't go buy some wax today just

lay down here

Wow says it hurts and it's ripping my

mouth I barely drink water because I

really have a problem with my tongue was

following anyways so this is making it

really hard so it looks like lose my


ok the bottom one comes out hina doesn't

make talking energy there but it does

help when I happy it just boosts awenda

till after my birthday to do it but I'll

keep you updated well myself like that

until then

okay so first night with my expander

Vince don't have to wear the face mask

but so far my tongue is all scratched up

I first day working with my expander so

we'll see how it goes with brushing the

pink and cream and it was the first day

wearing loose it was horrible

all for full day I guess because

yesterday was the first day but a lot of

people they finally returned with a fine

I'm drooling a lot because I just brush

my teeth so demented but yeah so tonight

is my first night where's mine it's mask

so we'll see how this goes basically all

right like this I'm put rubber bands

from here to the hooks so um this shall

be interesting I don't think I'll do a

loop so I took some trees well so I can

access all of it put a lot of wax in it

a giant cake or force and their food I'm

gonna hurt really bad but bad better

felow is here to talk or like I guess

I'm not as squirted about it but kind of

hurts here and here so it'll X is my new

best friend is now day number four this

is the expander fan a little bit just

going to talk I don't think I found much

different but it's a lot easier to do

and then my s is this good at is our

hard time to regret doing this by the

same time I wanted to do it for a long

time so I'm like hey look at all this

picture I'm not gonna [ __ ] smile now

I'm gonna fit my bite it's okay if I can

bite down on spoon and help my wrists

boom um anyway so sort of smell [ __ ] I

use a lot of wax the main thing that

sucks is cutting my tongue I'm the death

trap on the roof of my mouth like I said

a lot of wax on the 5 and the hooks so

that's not that it's the top just

showing my tongue as I have red marks

there in there um it sucks especially

because today is my birthday and I don't

want to do anything cause it can't talk

to anyone so whatever okay I am turning

23 yeah oh I look like a salt so

Scrambler update data member 6 still not

any better I still talk like I'm stupid

um but it's not cutting my tongue up

this much anymore which is good I have a

good print ok our nice little do it

shape or something like that I expanded

it today this morning so it's a little

sore like in my nose after that and

and when I was doing reader it was a

little short but I reckon that is like

okay the bottom is a little touch to put

in since that one's removable still hate

it makes me cry every day acid most fish

is getting water slides out because I

have a gross I just have to do that all

the time

it sound a little muffled better than

that I'm gonna have to say that but it

is what it is so now decide will be

better I'm Elise but my doctor assigned

yeah sound like this for pretty much

four months it was I'm all right here I

don't know I just got to embrace it work

the list work it work it

oh yeah no I hate it

okay we'll see if I'm better we're like

Wednesday or something probably not

bye bye down boy I have this giant hole

right here and even though I still have

like a metal preventing me from closing

all the way it still looks about the


but I don't have the appliances so it's

really what I'm trying to fix it's

helping me a lot with we're learning how

to swallow correctly I have to put my

tongue kinda a little bit behind the

expander which is generally burger

people's tongues would be when I swallow

like a regular person I push the comes

back my tooth just leather kind of come

out just kind of show you like this and

so I'm trying to fix if I bite so say I

buy the sandwich I can buy it down and

pull out in our middle section will

probably still be there they were still

some ham left in there so I got you

spaghetti why I bite the noodles I use

my tell me to cut them off so I like lay

down and push up my tongue too I say

don't deny I can't bite a lot of my

friends think it's like a conversation

starter my god so cute scooping

a great opportunity to fix it and I

think now that I'm getting more

accustomed to the expander I don't hate

my doctor as much I never really hit her

in the first place so it's kind of a lot

better tomorrow officially marks one

month I've been having my lovely

beautiful expander in I found a lot

better a lot of my doctor saying I found

a lot that is and I did befool my friend

to everybody notices anymore only with

some work so always will have some

slight list for the next two months I

just kind of told it with my case by the

way I have a list don't judge me

wherfore gonna make by the way made me

feel something good cuz I'm really good

laughs and that I can talk a lot more

normally and I'm going to reflect a

little on a past month so first week was

horrible couldn't swallow couldn't be

anything except some liquids and a lot

of saliva and it hurt and it cut up my

whole mouth big to a little bit better

it's hard to get used to all disorder so

in my mouth but it kind of get over at

night you know week three I could eat a

lot more solid foods which was great but

the only thing that sure to hurt more

was the bottom one because I have that

extra bone on the bottom where the

expander presses against so stop giants

or a fair amount to so I feel picking it

out to eat because I don't want to put

it back and cause it harder like that so

I like a topical gel down there to numb

it and then I shove it back in because

and that hurts for like at least three

minutes so it's probably the worst part

but you get over it when it's in it's

fine and well I'd say after yeah so we

three we are celebrating clans calm down

like a lot sir I'm not constantly

swallowing all the time today always

live out of there

so yeah I'd say all in all to thought a

month today just do and it just sound a

lot okay don't really notice the top

anymore until I eat my tongues kind of

just used to being where I can actually

swallow now and it is okay three months

I guess doesn't say one benefit out of

all of this and not being able to eat is

that I lost eight pounds in one month

it's okay I lost a lot of muscle weight

because it kind of workout all I had was

protein shakes smoothies and like soup

for three weeks

I finally had chick-fil-a for the first

time in like a month I can use it to

pull away and kava and I can't wait

absolutely wonderful yeah so ultimate

diet device is a real thing we lose

weight quickly get an expander that's

great really great great way to lose

weight fast mix I desire to Cookie

Monster from Sesame Street I desire the

Cookie Monster from Sesame Street be

like an after announcer oh yeah and I

haven't so much give me another one

okay I desire to live in San Francisco

my desire to live in San Francisco ah

you got it

and great I don't fancy adolescent of

that Seattle there was another one Salt

Lake City's all excited I'm saying you


what else is hard in your computer stars

are born candy bear so does Danny bear

so candid air fare for pharma okay okay

fries fries Oh sausage Oh

what about parents I'm going to a

sausage fest in Barcelona and Harris

Sasha Sasha Sasha Joe but a fisherman

sushi yeah please don't let it be

shelled by the seashore

please shells by the seashore with Susan

Madison and nothing super effective