8 Things to Do First in Red Dead Redemption 2

the opening hours of Red Dead to do a

pretty good job explaining the basics of

what you need to know to survive in the

Old West but things can get a little

overwhelming once the full world opens

up to help you get started on the right

track here are eight things you should

do first in Red Dead Redemption - well

the first few hours are more about

introducing you to the characters and

mechanics of the game there are a few

things you should know before taking

control of old Arthur first don't try to

leave your first camp the weather

outside your shelter and Coulter is way

too harsh to survive it money is a

resource that you'll desperately need

early on and the best way to get it is

to loot every single enemy you run into

during these opening missions your

horizons will broaden considerably once

you reach the full open world but for

now this is your best option once you

start chapter two you're free to go

almost anywhere in the open world your

adventures may take you back up into the

mountains so you'll want to make sure

that you have some warm weather gear

with you you can throw a spare set of

clothes or two or three into your

saddlebag by going to your camp and

interacting with the foot logger in your

tent pick out an outfit or clothes that

will keep you warm and select store

outfit on horse when you're out in the

world you can change your clothes from

the horsemen

once you've bonded a bit with your horse

consider leaving it in a stable and

purchasing or acquiring another faithful

steed it's helpful to have at least two

on hand so you won't have to start a

brand new bond in the event of an


once you explore around Valentine a bit

you'll want to start adding gear to your

arsenal you'll notice that most weapons

are locked off from purchasing in the

gunsmiths catalog that's because you've

got to find these weapons out in the

world before you can purchase them the

best way to get some powerful new

hardware early on is by robbing

homesteads or backroom businesses run by

other gangs you can find these

businesses by exploring town and keeping

an eye out for any strange goings-on the

first one you'll find is at the doctor's

office in Valentine here through the

back window or eavesdrop on the back

door to unlock the activity and grab the

Schofield revolver off the table before

the law shows up to ruin your good time

homesteads are similar activities you

can get tipped off to or find on your

own for a local gang or group of crazies

have holed up in a house you can find

one across the river to the north of

Valentine to unlock the pump-action

shotgun if you're up for a bit of a ride

after unlocking the fence with hosea

head north west from the valentine area

to the town of strawberry at the western

foot of mount shan you'll find the

territory of a legendary buck hunt it

down and bring its antler back to the

fence and you can craft the buck antler

trinket this will improve the quality of

all the pelts that you skinned while

you're hunting making it way easier to

craft upgrades and new items speaking of

our off-the-books merchants pal when you

first get to explore the open world be

sure to take a ride to the burned-out

village of limpin e just to the south

east of Horseshoe overlook head into the

ruined sheriff's office then pull the

lockbox out from under the desk to find

a gold bar worth $500 you won't be able

to sell it until you unlock the fence

but a free money you're gonna need it to

plus another 50 or so to purchase two

important upgrades for your camp first

dutchess tent which might not seem like

a big deal but getting that lets you

upgrade Arthur's tent which unlocks fast

travel from your base camp to any town

you've already visited

if fast travel isn't really your speed

and you'd rather explore the world for

yourself keep an eye out for other less

fortunate travelers along the way many

like this poor sap who got himself bit

by a snake might be so grateful for your

help that they'll tell you the location

of one of those homesteads are back

rooms from earlier or even treat you to

an item of your choice from a local shop

the next time they see you in town you

ain't been through in a while hopefully

taking care of those things will help

you on your adventure through Red Dead

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