Fall Lawn Care Renovation Tips - A Step by Step Plan to Improve Your Lawn

summers flying by and before you know it

fall will be here cool season grasses

love both spring and fall however fall

is the greatest time for renovation so

you might think it's a little bit too

early to start thinking about that but

really it's not today I'm going to be

talking about my plan for the fall and

what I'm going to be doing in my yard

and also give you an update on what's

been happening last couple weeks here in

central Iowa


first things first let's talk about

what's going on currently we have a mild

drought going on right now here in

central Iowa where I am located we had

about a week or so of a hundred degree

temperatures and we haven't had rain of

any significance for quite a while now

so this is very very difficult for cool

season grass to withstand I have my

backyard holding on just barely right

now as far as green and but the front

yard and the side yard I decided to

pretty much just give up on right now

and let them go dormant the reason for

this is if you remember from a few

videos back we had a hailstorm at our

house and we have to get our roof

replaced we have to get siding replaced

on our house and because of that I know

that construction crews are going to be

here at some point trampling on the yard

I was thinking about fully renovating my

side yard this year however when that

hailstorm happened and I knew that we're

going to have a lot of work going on I

just don't think it's possible this year

so what I'm going to do this year is

hopefully do a similar program to what I

did last year and I'm going to do a

video step by step of every single thing

that I'm going to do to renovate my lawn

for the fall season some way for those

construction crews to get done and

hopefully that's going to be a no timely

fashion before we get too far into the

fall season I'm hoping it would be right

around September first or a little bit

after when I can start not going to kind

of determine what grass I'm going to be

over seeding with just because of time

frame I would like to put down some more

Kentucky bluegrass however if we get too

far into the fall I know that that's

going to take a while to germinate and

it might not be the best option at that

time I have some perennial ryegrass

that's left from last season that I use

that I'm going to be using this season

as well in some fashion because I need

to use it before it gets old so in some

way I'm going to be renovating the front

and side yard with some new seed I just

don't know exactly what I'm going to be

doing with that yet


so let's go over a brief overview of

what I'm going to be doing this fall and

again I mentioned I'm going to be making

a video piece by piece on what I'm going

to be doing but this will give you an

idea if you're trying to get some

planning started here on your own yard

of what I have in mind for mind first

thing I'm going to do is begin to mow a

little bit shorter gradually over time

now if you've been mowing at all for the

season you don't want to just cut this

down quickly but over time I want to go

a little bit lower and a little bit

lower so that when we're ready to

renovate and aerate and do all those

things then the grass won't be too tall

and we'll be ready to prepare it for the

seeding next thing that's likely for the

renovation is going to be detaching last

year I just raked up my areas and I'd

really didn't go through and remove all

of the dead stuff I really had fine

results with doing that but this year I

might go one extra step and I might

consider just getting something powered

to go ahead and go through these areas

tear out all the dead stuff that's

happened this summer and that way we'll

have a good seed bed to start with the

next thing you want to do which is

actually one of the most important

things to do is prepare some sprinklers

if you're going to do all the seeding

and prep work and then you don't have

proper irrigation on it then there's

really no point in doing it to begin


last year I made a video on an

above-ground system that I've been using

in my yard and I use it last year for

seeding but this year I've also been

using it in my backyard when I've been

watering notice a big difference in my

backyard this year compared to using an

impact sprinkler that I used to use so

I'll make another video about this

sprinkler system when we get to that

part of the seating make sure you have

something they can cover your area so

that you can water it multiple times as

a very lightly make sure things don't

dry out speaking of water when we near

the time when we're going to be ready to

do some aerating we're going to have to

start watering this ground ahead of time

so that it's soft enough that we can

pull some cores out of there right now

with my yard being the way it is it's

super dry and the ground is pretty tough

right now so I'm gonna have to start

watering that closer to the time that I

want to do that aeration otherwise the

aeration is really not going to work as

well as it should so make sure your

water things to soften it up right

before you do your aeration next step

right before that aeration as well is to

mow off the grass as short as you feel

comfortable last year I went down to

about 2.25 inches on my yard which

really isn't that short when you think

about it this year I might try to go a

little bit farther with that I'm not

sure some people suggest to scalp the

grass down really really short

never done that really to the point of

complete scalping so we'll see what I

decide when I get close to that part but

keep in mind you will want to mow as low

as you possibly can before you do the

aeration and the seeding then it is time

for the actual aeration itself this part

you can probably have higher done if you

are not feeling up to it this I like to

try to do myself just so I know exactly

how many passes I've made and I try to

get into some of the areas that maybe if

you had it hired out they're just going

to kind of do a general aeration on your

yard this stuff has worked very well for

me in creating those holes and pulling

the cores out and it just creates a good

seedbed down there to get some new grass

feet in from there we actually put the

seed down then if you have any really

bare areas that don't have any cover on

them I like to put a little bit of peat

moss on top of that just to make sure

that it holds in some moisture and birds

don't eat all the seed after this we're

going to want to put some starter

fertilizer on last year I actually

didn't do it at the exact time of

seeding I waited a few days and that

worked okay but this year I'm probably

going to attempt to get it all done at

the same time so that when I begin

watering and when the seed begins to

grow its going to be using that starter

fertilizer at that time then after that

is probably again what I mentioned the

most important part which is watering

watering watering again you're going to

have to be prepared for this watering

because this is the most important step

to make sure that the seed grows a lot

of people put down seed and they just

forget to water it or they get lazy or

whatever happens and then they don't

have the results that they expected you

definitely cannot let this seed dry out

so water it multiple times a day look at

your weather see how warm it is

hopefully you get some rain during this

time to help you out a little bit with

that but if you don't you need to keep

up with this every single day until

you're able to mow a few times and then

you can kind of taper your watering down

just a little bit at that point again

watering is super important one thing to

keep in mind is a lot of step is to make

sure that you have a sharp mower blade

ready as well you want to make sure that

if possible you can use a light mower to

walk on this grass while it's still in

kind of a very delicate stage so if at

all possible make sure you have a sharp

mower blade and see if you can maybe use

a small push mower for the first couple

times that you mow those are the steps

that are going to be taking from my

small lawn renovation as I mentioned

it's only really a few weeks away now so

it's a good time to start doing your

planning if you have any questions

please let me know in the comments below

thank you very much for watching this

video and we'll see you next time