Fall Lawn Care | Aeration, Overseed, Starter Fertilizer, Milorganite FUN!


seeing you guys know about my no work

policy that I don't do anywhere I show

up someone else does the work that's how

we do it that's how I roll


actually let's go right here because

that's the front of the house behind us

okay there we go right all right what's

up y'all I'm Alan Haines the lawn care

nut thanks for coming back for yet

another week and look who I got with me

what's up Jake the lawn kid y'all know

we have been talking about this I mean

we've been primping this out for a

couple weeks now yeah sure this is our

couple months yeah this is our 2018 into


project lon so one thing we are going to

do is we're gonna make sure that we do

traditional mechanical aeration over

seed Milo starter fir and in the

majority of the lawn here this what does

that mosquito yeah

and then in a couple other spots that

Jake's picked out or at least one

special spot we're actually going to use

some next products we're going to do

some next starter for some liquid stuff

over there that's why you just want to

work right yeah so Jake all right so

I'll show you guys a property map and

everything so you can see what we're

doing and what the sizes are but there's

some frequently asked questions I get

right away and the first one always is

this should I mow first and the answer

is yes go ahead and mow ahead of time mo

just one maybe two notches lower than

you normally do the reason I need you to

do that is because you're not really

gonna be able to mow this for a good

solid three weeks after we put the seat

down on a perfect world you wouldn't mow

for like six weeks but you can't do that

you can't let this overgrown with all

the nitrogen we're gonna put on it it's

gonna grow like crazy the other thing is

if we're really really honest right when

I when I worked at TruGreen we did

thousands and thousands and thousands of

over seeds and those over seats got

mowed like normal and they still proof

so I'm talking a lot in case I wasn't

clear there you're gonna mow before this

and you're gonna go ahead and mow one to

two notches lower than normal

mulching is fine and then secondly

you're not gonna moat anything for three

weeks and when you do moe three weeks

later make sure you Jack the tight way

back up to the top and most gingerly

easily get on get on now another thing

people ask is do I need to kill the

weeds first you're gonna see a lot of

foxtail in here things like that and

we're gonna be using some pre-emergence

to stop the foxtail next year so you

know while this is ugly I mean what this

is this this house here was seated you

can see the straw here it's new

construction it was seeded in the spring

you know I mean I think it came in

pretty well in a good majority of the


but this section up here gets the most

sunlight as well and it's just getting

beat in with weeds but are we gonna kill

these first the answer is no we're not

gonna kill these weeds first I don't

need to chemical right now I know in my

book I talk a little bit about spot

spraying and things like that but you

know I just really want to work on the

grass right now that's what I want to

work on I don't need a lot of chemical

here in fact I don't want any chemical

I'm gonna aerate the crap out of it I'm

gonna put down a lot of seed we're gonna

put down a lot of fruit and we're gonna

push this thing and we're gonna push the

turf the turf that's here and the turf

that we're putting into it that so we

pulled it on choke right and then we got

to make sure that the fuel is on and





you're not dropping



okay seriously I'll check out these


this is why we tell you one thing you

should do the night before aerating and

overseeding definitely make sure that

you water because what this is going to

allow is it's going to allow you to pull

a deep core right I want you to think

about it the wetter the ground is is

deeper the core


there we go all right well took me a

couple packs is fighting it up like what

the heck right

all right and it's you I should have

known that but that's okay that's that's

why we are real here so I've used

Claussen's before but the reason that

the drop handle wasn't engaging for me I

had to use my feet weird he said it's

because these retainer rings we're up

there which they should be for transport

so you can roll the handle up right

there's transport mode right so that's

why that's like that well then what that

does is when you go to do the drop

handle it's just there's nothing holding

this fulcrum together is that the right

term so anyway you put that on



see right here yeah I think you missed a

spot me yeah you right down through

there Jake what is this come on man

attention to detail bruh meticulous City


all right so my mantra here is poke

holes poke holes poked holes double

triple quadruple pass if you think

you've done enough passes do another one

so you can see look at all of these

cores in here this is a true double pass

and you can see we poked a lot of holes

friends at Jake hey Jake I interrupt you

what's up I don't think we poked enough

holes so I'm gonna poke a few more in

the front here but you go ahead and do

that well least you're gonna do that

yeah I'm gonna do that yeah see more bro

one over one more time now I feel better

about it now let me show you that's what

you want to see Korres everywhere this

is a beautiful seed bed and that's why I

love mechanical aeration Wow look at

that one but anyway this is uh this is a

really good seed bed and all of this is

gonna kind of melt back in as we as it's

watered and he mows and everything else

so this is definitely ready for some

seed alright Jake how'd you feel about

that aeration is that fun yeah

let's do the seed neck so I know you

were you were doing some calyx let me do

some calculus a seed is cheap throw her

down we have it so far down let's hope

for the best we have the beautiful

Spiker spreader now Jake is gonna give

you guys a full review on this later

again Spiker I called them I said hey we

have this project would you guys send us

a spread or they sent us the pro model

which is awesome I don't even know what

to set it on that's why I'll test it

with the grass seed where it doesn't

matter so much so let's do it

sowing in the seeds of


there we go


here you learn that from Pete yep nice

bro I don't think he uses a corona tree

saw to do it but that's all we got

exactly go big or go home

yeah that's the whole ethos of this

project go big or go home

nice I like your terminology ethos jeez

man you got to keep up those school

grades pretty good huh there's still

more in there don't spill it on the



okay so this area here and the back has

now been aerated and over seated seven

pounds per thousand now the next thing

we're gonna do then is the starter for

we're gonna do the starter 4000 we have

a triple ten so how much are we gonna

get NPK Jake

hungry on three pounds per thousand we

got a ten ten ten so we're gonna get

just about under a half pound

yeah bike a point three yeah because 10%

times three pounds is point three so

it's like a third a third of a pound is

0.33 so that's what we're doing so we're

getting a third in the third P and a

third K from the starter fir and that's

really all you want remember you don't

want to exceed 1.5 pounds of nitrogen

between the two apps between the Milo

and the starter for your gonna do you

don't want to exceed 1.5 pounds of just

the end so if we're doing point three

here I'm gonna do bag right on the pile

which is 15 pounds times six


at point eight plus point 3 is 1 point 1

so we're at 1 point 1 pounds of in

through this application and that's


nice job max