How Soon Can Women Fast After Menses? | Mohammad AlNaqwi


bismillah alhamdulillah in the name of

Allah and all praise is due to Allah how


a woman can fast after her masters we

have to understand here something very

important some women they delay their

fast because they think they are still

you know in their period even though

they are done with it

so how you can calculate and how you

will measure that okay now this is the

time that I can fast it's very simple if

you are done with your menses before a

Donnell Federer

let's say advantage Federer it's at

certain time and just before that time

five minutes or even one minute before

and then you are done you're completely

done so you can have the intention that

okay I'm fasting even though you will

take who soon you will take the back

after a done maybe after I've done five

minutes after than ten minutes after I

than one hour it doesn't matter but

because you are done with your menses

just before Federer so you can fast same

thing if you know you are done with your

menses for a sister at over time or at a

third time or at any time during the day

so she will take a bath and she is now

alhamdulillah cleaning but she will fast

the next day because of course you

cannot fast in the middle of the day she

is done completely at war at a third but

after taking hustle she is now prepared

from the next day she will start fasting

from the time of Federer of course and

what she missed she will catch up later

on after Ramadan that days that she

missed so there is insha'Allah Allah nor

any problem with fasting even if you

want to fast

just before advantage or a minute or two

if you are done you can fast and this is

based on hadith of Prophet Mohammad

Suleman the ulama major and they

calculate the hadith on the incident of

janaba he was in a state of janaba

before Federer and he was done after

fajar he took the hustle and then he

continued fasting so the ulama

said same thing same issue of

the woman who is you know just finished

from her menses

even after fajar she before failure she

is done but she will take Russell after

failure there was no any problem in

share allahu taala

so i ask allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala to

bless us and ask allah subhanahu

wa'ta'ala to accept our ramadan garuda

wanna and al hamdu lillahi rabbil