6 Months Baby Food Chart📝 - Quantity? Time?⏳ Recipe List


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in today's video I'm going to share six

months may be food chart I am going to

share ideal guidelines how much quantity

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ado let's dive right into the guidelines

first while you offer baby food you must

know this at first your baby must

complete 6 months to offer solid food

talk to your pediatrician remember that

no salt sugar honey tea lennier for baby

and Dylan here

till first birthday of your baby breast

milk or formula milk remains the main

food solid is only to complement it and

when you offer cow's milk I mean apart

from breast milk and formula you cannot

give Gausman to baby but everybody

questions me when I cook apart using

milk so few spoons of cow's milk can be

used to cook the porridge not glass

together because cow's milk has complex

proteins which may be cannot digest but

along with cereals and pulses when you

cook it it becomes it breaks down and it

becomes easily digestible for the baby

and hence you can give it now

particularly at 6 months quantity and

other things we will talk about the

guidelines here so at first how many

times and when should you ideally

introduce foot to baby so at 6 months

your baby needs only one solid per day

and it can be given in the morning or

during the lunch time anything that

suits you if you have a family which is

hurries in the morning everyone has to

rush here and there and you are with the

baby then maybe you can offer in the

breakfast or in the lunch sorry or if

you go to work anything that suits you

breakfast or lunch

would be ideal to introduce solids the

time and the texture and consistency if

you ask me

texture should be in the puri form

especially all this I will have to

mention that this is for traditional

meaning method only if you are one who's

interested in may be led meaning then

there is a different thing altogether

that is a different concept and

different video I'll have to do which I

will be doing for now traditional method

you will have to Puri the food it needs

to be soft but when I say soft many of

them suggested to be sieved but please

do not do that you are removing all the

fiber from the food which is actually

required maybe the nutrition goes away

along with it so don't do it you can

just Puri and serve thickness see many

of them believe that when you introduce

solid to baby while you baby is on

breast milk it needs to be slowly

thickened so that is wrong the baby's

food must be of a consistency which can

be held on your finger it should be

sitting right here not running so this

needs to be the thickness and you need

to be careful about the hygiene wash

both of your hands and then cook you can

keep the baby food with serving bowel

spoon everything in a separate space so

that it is well maintained sterilizing

can be done in a pan a big vessel you

can just boil a good amount of water dip

all the utensils there for 5 minutes and

then it is well sterilized now we will

talk about how much we can offer the

quantity of food initially you can start

with 1 tablespoon can be lesser or more

here and there and later you can move up

to 3 tablespoon or 1/4 of a cup again no

force feeding or distraction feeding but

just offer it to her let her learn to

eat and if a baby is rejecting some food

today I try to offer it post to 3 days

or another week Ling mat and now we will

talk about leftover theory many moms

question me now

I prepared a porridge it is left out

what do I do can I feed my baby the next

day I would ideally not recommend it to

be fed again within two hours if you can

offer it again when the baby is not

eating at first introduction then maybe

you can offer it within two hours after

preparing the porridge but leftover I

would recommend to it off and again if

you are preparing pure especially

because baby eats only one or two tbsp

if you puree a whole Apple and there is

so much of left out which you don't want

to waste or which you don't want to eat

what you can ideally do is take out two

tablespoon or how much ever you babies

eat the leftover can be poured into the

ice cubes just like this here and freeze

it the next day take it out and put it

into a ziplock cover and restore it

whenever you want to use it you can just

thaw it and use it now how to thaw you

cannot cook the baby food again so take

a bigger sized vessel put hot water into

it and piping hot water and then above

it place another vessel hold it put the

Puri cubes and keep mixing in the bowel

so you are heating it in this heat of

the hot water only you are not recouping

it so this is the best way to thaw baby

food and serve now we will come to the

allergy part we'll have to offer less

energy food at this stage of baby's food

introduction three-day rule used to be

followed earlier like giving the same

food for three days and then checking if

the baby is allergic to it or not it is

ruled out now you don't have to worry

about it until there is a family history

of any food now I have a cousin who is

allergic to sesame seeds so a whenever

where we plan to introduce it to his

baby will have to be careful and we will

have to check it for a few times until I

mean one time is sufficient if you feed

it to the baby once and baby is not a

showing any allergy symptoms then it's

absolutely fine there are very rare

chances of allergy if at all it is there

it is it can be due to family history

and even then if a father has it has to

come to the baby it is not that case

right so be careful of it the symptoms

for allergies can be rashes or vomiting

constipation diarrhea or continuous

crying these are something which will

have to be observing carefully let's

talk about foods which can be introduced

to maybe one by one so in every category

I'll suggest you the ideal fruits which

are less allergic ideal food rather

jealous allergic for a baby so in fruit

category you can start with apple banana

pierre muskmelon the list is here you

can take a screenshot of this towards

the end in vegetables you can give

carrot potato sweet potato pumpkin you

can even give beetroot you can introduce

greens like spinach and dill along with

some other vegetables or grains in

grains and cereals you can start with

rice oats Wragge

rava Saku Makana or fox nuts are also

great to be introduced in lentils you

can give moong dal or masoor dal in

daily products you can give key curd and

butter in moderation in spices because

you cannot add salt and sugar you can

spice up the baby food you can give

cumin powder cinnamon powder can be

added turmeric you can add clove like

while cooking for Puri you can add one

flow to apple and later take it out and

this is added a great flavor you can

even add ginger to spice up the baby

food six-month baby food chart I am

giving you a rough idea if you want a

detailed one by one recipe thing I'll

give the blog link it would look like

this you can go there and check it but

here I am giving

you the rough recommendation and again

as I said three-day rule you don't have

to repeat one single food for three days

and check for allergy what I am I really

doing is to just check how the baby

likes one food you can offer it for two

days and check again if you don't want

to do that you want to introduce

everything one on one you can even do

that just like I have given in my food

chart so at first week week one fruit

purees are ideal like you can start with

the apple puree then banana can be


pure puri two days once you can keep

changing it second you can offer

vegetable purees like cook it and mash

it whatever list of vegetables I have

already mentioned can be used at a third

week you can start with the cereals now

as I said rice is the best thing so rice

and carrot can be cooked along or only

rice cereal can be prepared and cooked

or Wragge like that one on one rice

Wragge you can start in third week and

in fourth week you can add pulses to

cereals like kitchen is the best thing

so a rice moong dal and carrot makes a

great kitchen a again Wragge Apple makes

a great variety so start combination

foods at week four if you still want the

list day wise please move on and check

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