Cherry Banana Baby Puffs +6m recipe - Dairy Free and GF

I welcome back to Anna Papa today we're

going to prefer together one of the most

requested and clicked recipes on my blog

baby pops babies they love a pops

it's a lovely snack idea they come in

different tasters and they were tiny so

they are super baby friendly and also

sometimes babies they just love to play

with puffs and sometimes neck with them

so it's a lovely distraction as I call

it for little ones and today we're going

to prepare sherry banana baby puffs

it's a lovely baby summer idea and also

today I'm going to share with you all my

tips in order to make the perfect of

made baby pops but let's start first

thing to do you need to preheat the oven

at 350 for Knight degrees at the same

time I already prepared a baking tray

lined with some parchment paper you can

also use a silicone mat it's totally up

to you I prefer to use this parchment

paper because it's easier to remove the

puffs when baked we're going to place a

1 cup and a half of oats rolled oats in

a blender and we're going to blend for 1

minute in order to attain a flower

consistency then very easily we're going

to add all the other ingredients

starting from one teaspoon of baking

powder 1 cup of pitted cherries more or

less 25 cherries one veenu banana one

large egg 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1/4 cup of milk I use the coconut milk

so that the recipe it's also dairy free

blend everything into a smooth puree you

need to check the consistency the

texture or the final result look at the

images if here mix is the to running you

can always add more oat flour if your

mix is too thick you can always add

stepping more of milk you want more or

less to obtain the consistency the

texture that you see in the images pour

the mix in a plastic bag and cut a tiny

tip from the bottom corner then have fun

piping the mix in small dots small

that's important this should be tiny

tiny on the parchment paper the small

size of the dots is very important

because if you follow my suggested

baking time you will obtain a super dry

and ready baby puffs if you make them

bigger you might need more time

bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes then

lower the temperature to 275 degrees and

bake for additional 15 minutes so 10

minutes 315 minutes at 275 and your baby

fox are ready simply let them cool down

for a few minutes and then you will see

you will simply remove them with your

hands I like to store them on the

counter top in a bowl I don't use an

airtight container because the airtight

container will generate some moist

inside the words you won't super dry

baby puffs that's how they will melt in

your baby's mouth with the quantities

that are suggested you will obtain 3

trays of baby paths a nice amount for

few weeks and don't worry because they

will last 2 or 3 weeks on the countertop

some other tips from experience do not

overfill the plastic bag because it

would be difficult to pipe just fill it

half and then you can fill it again

another suggestion while you're waiting

for the first tray that is in the oven

you can prepare another tray and usually

I place the second tray in the

refrigerator so that the mixes stays

firm and cold while waiting for the oven

to get ready other question can I

substitute cherries with other fruit yes

you can

but you need to substitute with fruit

that has more or less the same amount of

water and the same texture the same pulp

so I would suggest a blackberries

blueberries they're lovely substitution

instead of cherries if you substitute

with peaches they might you might need

less milk chemical species they have

more water than cherries I really really

hope your little ones are going to enjoy

this recipe it's easy it's simple and

it's all made if you're looking for

similar recipes I have a playlist with

homemade baby puffs check them out with

the veggies with fruit or with eggs

without eggs I think you will find a

recipe for you little one if you have

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