Beekeeping Feeding Bees In The Fall

you take a picture of me when I


everybody David Burns EAS certified

master beekeeper with you again today to

follow up on my last video and you guys

went crazy with interests in my last

video and I really appreciate that and

you had a lot of questions and a lot of

interest that I decided to make this

video to follow up and answer these

questions that you're having about

mixing your feed in order to get your

beats ready for a winter and what to

feed them in the fall and so some of you

are wondering about the powder the amino

B acid you're wondering about the honey

be healthy and vitamins and minerals so

today let's get started and let me help

you simplify the process so when I

started feeding the hive back here that

was in last week's video I gave them a

half gallon and one quart and look at

this so the last video I made was less

than a week ago and I put this much

sugar water with my special mixture on

here and you can see how much they have

eaten and drained out of this colony

this colony has eaten and consumed this

much and they're empty so that tells you

how much bees really need fed in the

fall we're gonna refill these and give

them more within four or five days they

came back to check on him and they had

totally consumed three quarts almost a

whole gallon in just three four five

days amazing the nutritional need that

that colony is wanting and what I'm

excited about is taking a look here in

another few weeks and see if that

resulted in more brood buildup of bees

of winter physiology but so many of you

had questions and you were

asking me in particular when I mentioned

amino B booster you were immediately

saying where do I get it and you know I

want to buy some I need to use this this

is so important along with the honey be

healthy as I mentioned last week now so

many of you were overwhelmed with

wanting to do this that we completely

sold out of everything that we had

available and we're getting restocked

and getting things going but I want to

show you something that I decided to do

for you guys to make this even easier

you know it's hard for you to buy a 30

or $40 40 pound bag of protein powders

and I think this is I'm not sure but

maybe thirty dollars the amino B booster

just for 16 ounces and you only need us

you only need a small amount to feed

bees and this may be a lot more than

you'll ever use as a hobbyist beekeeper

and the thing the same with a 20 jar 8

ounce jar of honey be healthy and so but

time has been you know maybe I don't

know how much the powder is for you guys

but if you buy a big bag it's I think 40

or 50 30 $40 then you got another $30

for up to 60 bucks another $20 you up to

80 bucks place your sugar so I decided

to simplify this these are the

ingredients that we use in our winter be

kinds and that we use when we feed our

bees and so it does have the amino B it

does have the honey be healthy it does

have the protein powder but it also has

vitamins and minerals that have

experimented with and had great success

with so what we've done is we've

actually made these into three vials and

so now you can just purchase this I

think this makes up to five quarts of

sugar water and you can use the same

exact measurements if you're refilling

your your winter be kind boards to feed

them in the winter and I wanted to

simplify this because I know a lot of

you were really overwhelmed with wanting

to give your bees the right kind of

foods and what right kind of nutrition

and so this

is going to be really helpful for you

and that I guess that enough to make

five quarks so what you want to do when

you get these vials is you want to use

one teaspoon of each of the liquid and

then one teaspoon of the powder per

quart and when you refill your winner be

kinds you want to do the same thing

you're going to heat up your you're

gonna add your water as according to our

recipe that you get when you order a

winter be kind winter feeding system for

winter only and when you heat your water

up to around two forty eight to fifty

you're going to turn the heat off and

then you're gonna add 1tsp of your

protein powder one teaspoon of this

liquid one teaspoon of that liquid it

will foam up so give room in your pan

for this mixture to foam up if you too

tight on the top it's gonna boil over so

be very careful it's kind of a science

and how you do this we use a very very

large container to make huge batches and

to allow the foaming up then foams up

two or three times and it can really be

dangerous but anyway so you can use this

on refilling your winter be kinds as

well as giving the same measurement to

each quart of the one to one sugar water

that you're gonna feed your bees this

fall to help raise bees of winter

physiology so many studies have been

done to show the benefits of adding

these minerals and vitamins especially

the vitamin B's to the sugar water it is

phenomenal what happens with bees when

you do that and so I want to ensure you

just reinforce again that this is vital

for you to get your beads through the

winter is raised a huge amount of beads

in the fall which are your beads of

winter physiology and then keep feeding

your bees with the winter be kind all

winter long so that they can have the

food they need to make it through winter

so check this out I'll make a link below

on week and how you can quickly act

access to purchase these vials of the

products that you need and it will make

this much more simple for you

now this mate this may not be for

everyone if you've got a lot of colonies

you may go ahead and want to buy the big

forty pound or fifty pound bag in the

you know sixteen ounces and pay the big

bucks for the big jars but for those of

you that have you know two or three five

colonies and you just want to feed them

maybe let's talk about that I think you

should probably feed your bees as much

as you can afford but if you want to

feed them be a little more conservative

you can always feed them one quart per

week of this mixture you know a table a

teaspoon of each of these and mix it to

one to one sugar water and feed them one

quart of this per week if you're on a

budget and then the other supplement can

be straight sugar water one to one I

prefer if your budget allows is for you

to feed them strictly this mixture as

long as you can until temperatures get

below 50 degrees Fahrenheit but I

understand that sometimes this may be a

little bit more costly than you're

wanting to put into your bees so you can

just give them a quart per week if

you're tight on budget but if you can

give them an unlimited supply of this I

think this is this right here will make

five quarts and so you really only need

you feed your beads probably another

four weeks of liquid depending on where

you live but I would say I'm gonna feed

my colonies here all they can eat I

don't stop I'll feed them everything

they consume without stopping and

they're consuming probably at least a

quart every two days it's what it turns

out to be for me and I keep giving them

that so they can build up brew but this

would be enough for five quarts if you

want to buy several of these bags you

know buy two of these for ten quarts

whatever you want to do but certainly

like I said if you want to go big you

can buy big bags you can pay a hundred

bucks for everything but you might just

want to buy what you need to test it out

see how much they're going to eat

without wasting your money on buying a

whole jar and a whole bag of stuff so

this is just be a better approach to be

a little more economical easier to mix

for you we've taken time my team

taking time to figure out the vials and

the measurements just for you to

simplify it so I hope you do appreciate

it I'm humbled by the response from last

week's video so many of you called our

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again for watching I'll see you next

time so what I want to do for bonus

footage is let's go back into this

little box last week to remember I put a

queen in a push in Queen cage to help

control mites and we'll just drop back

in and check her condition I'm working

without a hive tool a gentleman stopped

by and was fascinated with my youtube

video that he came by and he thought I

was some kind of a YouTube star

so I actually gave me my hive tool so

I'm working without a hive tool today

well there's the green cage as you can


I can get another hive tool and so if we

pull a concealer right there so if we

pull this off let's see if we can get

her walking around again hey where'd she

go there she is right here so we

released her now she's out walking

around and back to work

bonus footage


and pull it bad