Early Start to Feeding Cattle Hay

hey folks it's drawn out here on the

ranch in Arkansas as conditions get

drier and our forward supplies are

getting shorter and we're having to

start feeding a little bit of hay the

first of August is definitely in early

times we started feeding hey we'd like

to wait until mid late December but we

got to keep our cattle fed this

year's drought hit at the wrong time and

we just really just really able to stop

college just beginning of summer so kind

of running we're running pretty short on

on grasses for cattle eat going to keep

them fed keep them producing milk for

their cabs so we've got a couple

pastures we started feeding hay to and

and there's several different ways to

feed hay but our idea is to minimize our

wastage especially when spas are short

and we want a boat we want to be the

most efficient that we can feed Hank so

I kind of want to show you a little

couple things a couple different ways of

beating hey miss hey Bella right here

was fed on the ground and as you can

tell the cattle trampled it quite a bit

when they were eating it and the center

of the bell is still there and there's

going to be a lot of waste on this

ground and not only is a lot of wasted

hey but we're damaging our forged and in

the pasture that's underneath this power

the cattle will trample it and smother

out some of the grass and so luckily

next year this will be a patch of weeds

and we go in through we could go in here

and burn this hay pile off after the

cattle pick it out and Trump it down and

that will help a little bit of recovery

but there's still be a wasted spot and

I've got a couple spots over here I can

show you when the cattle you know these

were bells the bed last winter even in a

hiring there's still a lot of damage to

our to our forages and everything so one

way to prevent this is rolling out bells

and some producers will will roll out

hey and that spreads your organic matter

out across the pastures help them to

fertilize your pastures and it also

keeps from damaging your forged plus

this is another method feeding hay using

a herring you can use a metal round ring

to go around the hey bill and the cow

stick their heads in and to eat the hay

and that keep

from trampling the hay but it also

leaves a big pile of hay in the middle

of and we can use an upright feeder like

this one this will lift the bell up keep

a couple of feet off the ground the

cattle are able to reach the hay

underneath a little easier and but

there's still some waste with this so

rolling out is probably the best way

around here it takes a little more

labour a little more time when we're

feeding hay but if we don't overfeed the

cattle they should be able to clean up

this Paula hey pretty easy so there's a

lot of different ways to feed hay a lot

of ways to conserve hey and we're trying

to minimize our waist so it's just

whatever fits in your opportunity or

whatever fits in your operation whatever

equipment you may have may make it the

easiest way to feed hay so I know

drought conditions aren't only in

Arkansas a lot of large parts of

Louisiana and Texas and Oklahoma New

Mexico have been affected as well so how

are forged supplies in your area I know

some places are pretty wet or have you

started feeding hay already as we move

into August so let me get some feedback

on this I'd love to hear from different

parts across the country and be sure to

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and we'll talk to you later