This is What Happens When You Feed RAW Food to Dogs!!!

right there is my excited blue Bay

Shepard Kurgan right there is a turkey

neck and back this is a mukbang video

down if you're wondering why my dogs are

out here in the rain eating we just got

back from a about an hour and a half

hike through the Mississippi River

Valley and a rainstorm we just got home

and I still have to wash them with the

hose because they rolled in a dead fish

and thought I might as well just feed

them before I do all that Kurgan is a 14

month old blue bay Shepherd the

background there you'll see my German

Shepherd Lobo don't feel sorry for him I

just fed him a turkey neck and back and

film that in a prior video


feed my dogs what's called a barf diet

barf is an acronym that stands for

biologically appropriate raw foods it

was created by a doctor Ian billing

hearse he wrote a couple good books on

the topic give your dog a bone and grow

your pops with bones I'll put links to

those in the video description I'll also

provide a link to an online resource if

you want to start feeding your dog's raw

alice' mecha mend you do your research

I'm just some guy on YouTube don't take

my word for it

now my kennels are just there to

separate my dogs when I'm feeding them

they don't live out in the kennel they

live in the house state statute three

four three point four zero requires you

keep the dog out from the yard even if

they don't live in it

being a ride I can protect your dogs

from things like below - also known as

gastric torsion which Shepherds tend to

be prone to one of the things that

contributes to that is a modern

commercial kibble diet it doesn't take

much muscular strength in the G track to

move that digested kibble through and as

a result those muscles in there get

laxed and prone to twisting feeding Rob

meaty bones will help prevent that as

they take a lot more effort for the dog

to digest and move through the system

kind of like exercising your bowels

now I always get questions from people

saying hey I thought dogs weren't

supposed to eat bones that's true when

you're talking about cook bones even

though it's a smoked bones that they

sell at pet stores are extremely bad for

your dog I wouldn't give them to them

cooking the bone changes the consistency

of the bone and makes it indigestible

also prone to causing bowel obstructions

in a perforated bowel because cooked

bone fractures into sharp pieces canines

are made to digest and process raw bones

they've been doing it for millions of




so you can see made pretty quick work of

that big turkey back and next that's the

end of my rainy mukbang video now time

to give these guys a bath it's all folks

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