How to transition to a raw diet - raw feeding dogs 101

but I'll cover in this video we're going

to talk about how to transition from

whatever diet you are feeding your dog

to raw diet if and if you need to

actually transition or not and also

we're gonna simplify dog diet and

feeding and today I have with me Scott J

Marshall ii AKA thought that once again

with me and he's going to help us to

understand and go through all these

rough eating 101 concept hello Scott how

are you doing today

I am doing very well how are you Sara

very good I'm very excited about today's

video because we're gonna yes because

we're going to really get into

simplifying raw diet and we're gonna

start first of all mentioning that this

is a video for everybody and if you are

thinking to transition from a whatever

diet that you are feeding your dog to

brother this is the video in part 1 we

talked about why kibble is not a proper

diet for your dog in part two we talked

about why raw diet is a proper diet for

your dog and in this video we're going

to break it down to for everybody to for

anybody who's beginners and you know you

just want to start learning or start

feeding your dog and what I what to do

so Scott my first question is do we need

to transition from whatever diet we are

feeding to adults to rod I yeah there's

a transition um there's so many

different ways of doing it there's so

many different ways that people look at

it and that's why it bothers me a lot

when this is gonna sound kind of

hypocritical because I have a course

that teaches people my way and I say

this is a good way so this is gonna

sound a little hypocritical but there's

more than one way to do it and they work

for different dogs and some of them will

all work or an individual dog

which one that you choose so there are

several different ways that you can

transition but yes there is a transition

just by the very definition of the word

of going from one thing or the other but

in my opinion the best way to switch

regardless of what comes after it is the

cold turkey switch because if your dog

is going to have sensitivities to

transitioning to raw food in my opinion

just in my opinion there is always going

to be exceptions to the rule in my

opinion if your dog has those

sensitivities they're going to have them

whether you do a cold turkey switch or

not so what I recommend is to just get

on with it

and go cold turkey now if you have an

adult dog in my opinion the best thing

to do is feed them their last kibble

meal and then if the adult part is

important if you have an adult dog you

know 12 to 18 months and older then do a

24-hour fast after their last kibble

meal and then immediately just start

them on raw food give the body a time to

get all of the kibble out of their

system basically you know create a I

guess you could call the clean slate run

digestive system and then get started so

whether from that point after your

24-hour fast and then going to food

whether you do that slowly by adding one

thing at a time like I recommend to

people or whether you do everything all

at once you have just as much chance for

one of those things to work for your dog

as the other but before that I recommend

the same thing to everybody if you

especially if you have a dog that is

experiencing problems because of the

kibble if you have a dog that is

experiencing allergies and itching and

scratching and all these things that are

from the kibble or at least you believe

they are from the kibble there's no

reason to keep your dog you know

suffering so to speak just for the sake

of slowly transitioning I know there are

lots people I have a concern about oh oh

I just bought a bag of dog food you know

a bag of kibble a month ago and they're

still half of it left

don't waste it we don't have to you can

give that to a friend that isn't ready

to transition this is devoted to the

building exactly there's plenty of

rescues and animal shelters and all

kinds of places that would be willing to

take on free food and if they won't take

open packages I guarantee you can find

somebody online or a friend have a dog

that will take the free food so don't

let don't let the $10 worth of kibble

that you may be not feeding to your dog

keep you from getting your dog off that

food that is making them suffer and

scratch and itch and all those other

things that come along with exactly a

great point now let's say I'm a I've

been feeding my dog kibble and I really

want to change to raw diet so what do I

do now I know you have a course for it

but let's start with you know educating

dog owners those people who just want to

start feeding their dog raw diet and

I've been feeding my dog kibble I've fed

my dog and I'm waiting 24 hours now what

do I do next so after your 24 hour

period after your tween for our fast and

again this is for adult dogs unless you

have this is a real a sensitive topic or

like controversial topic that fasting

puppies is really controversial because

they should be eating insistently so

that's really controversial and we'll

leave it at that and look into that

really deeply yourself but let's just

focus on adult dogs because that's what

a lot of people are gonna be

transitioning after your 24-hour fast

there's three main ways that you can do

this you can either a go the route that

I recommend to people which is to start

with a single food item at a time

because we're making a drastic change in

this dog diet they maybe they've

received raw treats or something like

that in the past for the most part this

is brand new to them brand new to their

system just like you or I switching from

you know pizza and mountain doing

Doritos to organic chicken and a

high-fiber diet and I always think it's

all at once it's gonna create all kinds

of changes in the body there may be some

gastrointestinal issues maybe you're

gonna spend a lot of time in the

porcelain throne you know that kind of

thing so it's a really big change so I

recommend to pick two people to go

slowly and by doing that I mean add a

single white meat bounine protein like

chicken or turkey or rabbit

now obviously the turkey and the rabbit

are going to be more expensive in almost

all cases unless you happen to raise

your own or have an awesome hookup of

some kind so most people start with

chicken and it's really ideal because

it's a really bland me it doesn't have a

lot of fat and if you can even make it

less fatty if you want to take the skin

off and trim it if you know that you

have a sense of the dog to changes in

their diet right so do we get it from

the store pet store you can get it all

over the place if you want you can just

get it from your simple grocery store

that's how I transitioned was going to

my local grocery store and getting

bone-in chicken breasts with the rib

meat and everything's all still attached

that was the very first raw meal that I

ever fed and that was to my first dog

walking and my second dog chorus um who

this Horace his very first meal was a

chicken wing from the store so you can

go to there and it's completely fine

you'll hear lots of people say oh you

shouldn't feed stuff from the grocery

store because of bacteria and unless you

have a dog that has a massively

compromised immune system feeding them

stuff in the grocery stores many just

fine this is so you can get it from the

store or you can do things like online

ordering there are lots of online raw

food suppliers nowadays I don't know

outside the US very well but here in the

States there's a plethora of options

there's places like Rock feeding

hair today hair as Anna rabbit har-ee

hair today gone tomorrow mom there's

tons of them out there just Google

online raw food supplier over the heads

or for dogs which adds whatever there's

tons of them why are you dropping Miami

because they're amazing they always have

high quality deliver

but it's beside point I I'm not an

affiliate with them I'm not making money

I'm just maybe you can google and find

out raw diet store for dogs nearby and

just go get it there or from the you

know grocery store nearby exactly and it

doesn't have to be any more complicated

than that if you get it from an online

store or if you get it from the grocery

store the process is what's the same yes

so that's option number one is you start

off with your white meat bounine protein

and the bone in in my opinion is

important because it helps firm up the

stool we could go off on all kinds of

tangents but it's important because it

firms up the stool it provides calcium

it provides phosphorus it provides

magnesium it provides all kinds of

important things to the diet that the

diet is not complete without so white

meat bone and protein you wanna stay on

that for about a week or so before you

move on to other things

the second option after your 24-hour

fast would be what they call a balance

from the start approach which is you are

going to add all of the basic things

that are going to be included in the

diet and that would be what a lot of

people call and what I explained to

beginners as 80 10 5 5 what I mean by

that is 80% muscle meat and percent bone

5% liver content and 5 percent non liver

organ and you may hear some people call

it hopeful on online resources and in

this approach that's bounced from a

start approach you're giving all of that

at once you're saying ok here's your

meat source here's your bone source here

is your neck apply on me there's your

movie stars here's your bone source

here's your liver here's your non liver

organ and you're just giving all of it

at once and healthy dogs especially

puppies especially puppies because they

haven't gotten used to and accustomed to

and you know that's been I guess the

best word used to the kibble they're not

so programmed within their bodies and

programa that they should transition

that way really really easy some puppies

don't but that should be really easy

caliber for adult dogs we want someone

have problems with that because it's

just too much at one place that's why I

always recommend the slow transition one

thing at a time to people but don't if

you're really really I just want to do

everything at once then go ahead and

give the track worst-case scenario

your dog doesn't react to it very well

you can back off and you can go look

start implementing the slow transition

that I was mentioning in an option one

so that's option judaize I'm giving you

everything if you go and look on you

know go to Instagram and look at

somebody like perfectly awesome and you

see one of their bowls of amazing food

it's got home Roth and meat contents and

own content and all these organs and

stuff where you just feed that

everything may be great so that's option

number two is just feeding all of it at

once you're eighty ten five five the

other option which is what a lot of

people do if they are unsure if they're

you know lacking confidence a little bit

they're like I really wanted to do this

but I'm not confident in my ability to

put together and build this meal these

diets myself is they go with a pre mate

and a pre-made is basically auction to

but it's where everything is in there

but somebody else is doing it for you

pre packaging it and grinding it into a

grind sometimes they come in chubs like

you'll see hamburger in at the store

sometimes they come in patties like

you'll see hamburgers at the store and

sometimes less often but still sometimes

you'll see them come in a little nugget

basically well the most people that I

see use this option again are the ones

that are unconfident about making the

switch and building these diets

themselves but they they're kind of

afraid and they're not really sure that

being Romney isn't going to harm their

dog and so for them what it really is

other than the confidence thing it's a

is my rip dog really going to be okay if

I start feeding them raw meat and so

they give them this pre-made that they

know is balanced already and they don't

have to be themselves and then they see

that their dog is fine and all as well

and most likely they're thriving and

seeing major improvement

then they start going into auction one

and option two and putting these diets

together themself up because auction

three has a very big caveat and that is

it is the most expensive option by far

and I say that slowly and intently

because it is significantly more

expensive so if you are just unsure and

you lacking a little confidence and you

want to see your dog do well on raw

foods and you don't want to have to

worry about if you know am I doing this


then pre-made is a good way to start and

just get your feet wet and make sure and

see that everything is gonna be okay

when your dog eats rocks it but I would

encourage you unless you happen to be a

millionaire or you have a massive hookup

and you get everything for free or you

have a ten pound dog I would encourage

you to get off of the pre-made as

quickly as possible unless you have

massive access to cash because it's X

then this is like expensive I a friend

ran the numbers one time for a popular

and I'm not mention them but for a

popular pre-made what it would cost to

feed her four dogs per month and it was

over if I remember correctly twelve or

fourteen hundred dollars a month to feed

her for dogs pre-made raw versus the few

hundred dollars that it causes her to

feed those poor dogs with the DIY model

that option one an option to lead you to

the person means to consider their cool

now I have two questions so let's say

we're gonna go with option to DIY eighty

ten five five you said yeah so let's say

we go without option where does the meat

source source come so this could come

from all over the place it could come

from just about any type of animal if it

used to fly swim run if it used to do

one of those things you can probably

feed it now I get just like the bone-in

auction the white meat woman source

we're talking about with auction one you

can get it from a plethora of places you

can get it from the grocery store you

can get it from an online supplier you

can get it from local farmers markets

you can get it from local Asian markets

Polynesian markets I mean any ethnic

market you can think of anywhere that

you can buy meat you can you don't use

that mean well there are some arguments

about feeding predators other


because of something called file

magnification which we won't go into

because it's a whole huge topic but look

into that if you want to consider

feeding other meat-eaters other

predators but you can get it all over

the place my friend asked me in a

previous interview she has a YouTube

channel - Kimberly Gautier she asked me

in a but I'm actually I think what a

live stream doesn't matter but she asked

me how many proteins that I feed and

when we say proteins we're talking about

different animal meats or food and she

asked me how many proteins I feed and I

didn't think about this but by the time

we got done with the list

there were 14 different proteins now

that doesn't mean that you need to go

feed 14 different proteins of every meal

it just means if that's part of the

rotation so sometimes I feed a lot of

pork sometimes I feed a lot of turkey

sometimes it's a lot of beef sometimes I

mean there's so many different things

that can be included into the diet and a

sidenote really quickly one benefit to

ordering things from online like hair

today gone tomorrow

like Rafi is you're gonna get

access to different types of proteins

and meats and organs that you won't find

anywhere else like I can off of Rafi

I can go in order ostrich liver and EMU

liver clip in bison kidney and EMU next

and I mean so many things so you know

you can get it all over the place your

grocery store online for most markets

ethnic markets all over the place well

anything that is a mussel meat when they

say protein or mussel me they're talking

about an actual muscle like you know a

if it was mrs. gruesome but if it was a

human being like a bicep would be a

muscle meat it would be part of that

percent okay alright so and the other

thing is for for example myself I get

meat premade meat just to me from rod

producing company rob me producing

company which is a local one you can

research again you know find out what

the local raw meat producers bulldogs

right and just you know go and get it

from them which that's what I do I go

and get the meat from them which is the

local meat producer for dogs I get it

and they produce also other stuff and I

get it there and I feed that so you

there's an option like that as well so

even if you do your research you'll find

out exactly where to get the meat and

where to source it out and most nowadays

in many location many areas there are

pet stores and I think most of pet

stores nowadays they chatter the raw

diet as well you know they see a market

in it so they do carry it and there are

specialty stores as well be carrying

just a raw diet store for dogs and you

can go and ask them you know I want to

start feeding what do I do

immediately that you want to educate you

as well but you're doing the main

education here anyway so so let's

continue it now I'm starting to feed my

dog meat is it just me I know you just

mentioned it that you know it's good

idea to source it out a variety of

proteins needs now so you we have two

types of meat we have white meat and red

meat so let's first of all do we stick

with bread meat or do we stick with what

we do we stick do we mix them up how

much do we mix them up yes yes now

there's a lot of again there are very

few things and I warn anybody right now

it's gonna go and research trucking

there are very few things that you will

find online through off eating that is a

sure thing that everyone agrees on now

there's also lots of rules that are kind

of they just were set at some point and

then they became you know doctor in law

in facebook groups and everything else

but for them here's what we know for

sure here's what we know for sure that

as far as amino acids and all kinds of

other things red meat is superior in

many ways to white that doesn't mean

that white meat is bad it just means

that red meat contains a lot of

different things and entire levels that

white meat does what a lot of people try

and shoot for which I do three with it's

not a rule but I do happen to agree with

full-floor of delight and being able to

get those additional amounts of amino

acids and vitamins and minerals is to

shoot for something like 50 50 50

percent white meat because it's

economical easier to get your hands on

and it's still a good source of protein

and then 50% red meat because it has

those higher amino acid values iron

minerals and nutrients and so on and the

more red meat that you can feed the

better was Ojai I have a friend that

runs her clear awesome calm and she has

a lot of hookups with local hunters her

family hunts etc so she feeds a very

high red meat diet 70 to 90 percent or

more sometimes of red meat I also know

people that feet less than that so they

feed know 60 to 70 percent white meat

and 30 percent ready so it's not a hard

and fast rule and I don't truly believe

that you're gonna be doing your dog and

you horn or real disservice by not

following this exact fifty eight fifty

or more red meat thing but that is a

good number to shoot for

because you're mixing higher nutrient

content with ease of access and

economical value by going 5050 cool all

right so my next question is do we need

to add veggies if we're adding you know

should we add veggies to our dog's diet

and if yes what should we add so yes

they they can eat vegetables yes now the

amount is hugely up for debate research

that yourself but there's no longer a

debate about whether or not dogs can

digest vegetables and there's certainly

no longer a debate scientifically on

whether or not they are beneficial they

provide a massive amount of support and

we can even call it nourishment to the

dog's gut which we talked about in a

previous video that supports their

immune system and creates a healthier

dog so in my opinion yes dogs on some

level should get some amount of

vegetables in their diet and I get for a

lot of people that's a huge switch I

wasn't this way for close to a decade

but as dog owners we should keep

learning take in the new science and new

information we get and make changes

accordingly instead of just sticking

with our old habits because that's what

we've always done so yes I think dogs

should have some level of vegetables in

their diet and which vegetables research

this but the bottom line is low glycemic

vegetables which basically means

vegetables that have low amounts of

starch and that are not going to cause

your dog's blood sugar to spike every

time that they take them which is what

the whole low glycemic things about so

that's things like kale the other leafy

greens look into it both we're off low

voice emic veggies cool

so basically leafy green vegetables and

my take is that it helps with digestion

in general when you add vegetables in

the diet let's go to next one should be

addressed yeah add fiber and

yes let's go to next one which is should

we add supplement and if yes what are

the basic supplements that we should add

there are some supplements that I think

everybody should look into which would

be coconut oil which is a huge one and

there's one thing that is an absolute

must in my opinion and you could hear it

is omega-3 supplements like fish oil

grill oil cod liver oil the reason is

your dog has to have omega-3s in their

diet now you can you can feed whole fish

to do this laughs it's a little bit

different it's easy if your dog will eat

fish but a lot of dogs like my dog

wolken will not eat fish so I have to

supplement well so the only thing that

I'll say about having to feed a

supplement is some kind of omega-3

supplement if you cannot get your dog to

eat whole oily fish then you have to

provide an omega-3 supplement of some

kind it's essential to your dog's diet

they cannot manufacture it in their body

on their own so you have to get it into

their diet beyond that I recommend

looking into things like coconut oil

kefir digestive enzymes probiotics

prebiotics look into all these different

things on their own but the one thing

that I would tell everybody to do other

than the Omega freeze when you're

considering a supplement is to ask

yourself two questions if you can't say

yes to one of these two questions you

probably don't need to feed that

supplement and one is am I trying to

fill a hole in the diet not a good

example of this would be the omega-3

supplement like fish oil that's filling

a hole in the diet because your dog

won't eat fish for some reason or two

are you trying to alleviate a problem of

some kind for example my dog wolven is

getting into his older years he was

neutered very young and he's having

joint problems because of it so we are

supplementary turmeric paste to help

with inflammation and help him you know

with ease of movement in that joint

painting so are you trying to fill a

hole in the diet or are you trying to

alleviate a problem of some kind if you

can't say yes to one of those two

questions then you should really

consider whether or not you should spend

the time and money on that supplement

very good points that those are very

important to remember and also put a

focus on and one more thing that I was

going to add there I would suggest maybe

ginger as well it's a good free cheap

form of supplement which has tons of

benefit my last question is how much do

we feed our dog

total variable question huge big X this

depends on not just things that are easy

to identify that we can actually look at

like your dog's

activity levels but it also takes into

account individual dogs and it's a very

quick example my two dogs open and

porous are the same breed they have the

same parents they're only separated by

one letter they were reared by their

breeder in the exact same way they are

raised in the exact same home here have

almost identical diets and one the

larger one I have to feed a smaller

percentage than the smaller dog who

needs a higher percentage to maintain

late so this is a huge variable what I

recommend people do is start somewhere

between 2 and 3% if they're an adult 2

to 3% of the dog's body weight and then

gauge and look at that very closely and

see what happens with the dog if they

start to lose weight then increase that

by half percentage increments so go from

2 9 % 3 - 3 % if your dog starts you

know getting a little chubby then do it

the exact opposite way go from that 3%

to two and a half percent for two and a

half percent to two percent so you have

to start somewhere which is where the

whole two to three percent thing comes

from but then you as the dog learner

have to do your part

and gauge your dog's response and adjust


there is no perfect formula or question

answered calculator it's all up to your

dog their activity levels and how they

metabolize food look know exactly what a

very good point thank you very much this

was just filled this video it's filled

with information which will be trapped

in which is very useful and great to

have you here and you're learning a lot

and thank you very much for being here

and next time I want to be gonna talk

about one more topic that it's very

important to talk about if there is an

increase in feeding raw diet we'll find

out next we'll find out next time and

thank you for being here to Scott and

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