Starting My Dog On The RAW FOOD DIET!

right so in this video today it's gonna

be a little bit different but I am

taking the plunge come on so you can

come in transition in my mates over here

to a full raw diet now for years I've

been kind of experimented with raw

supplementing with raw if you've been

following the channel for any amount of

time you'll know I actually have my own

dry food range for people that didn't

have kind of the time or finances to

feed R or even though I've always said

cause the way to feed the more I've

researched it I spoke to my good friend

Jason quarry one of our family a k9

leaders cuz he's like one of the world's

experts on the raw food diet and my

mindset has shifted and grown a little

bit so I actually think it's the only

way to feed Rahl now and when Jason was

kind of helping me through how I should

make that transition we were like well

let's make a course about it because so

many of the people right and myself

included was struggling with all the

misinformation so last week we did

launch our raw food masterclass course

which if you're interested in is in the

link in the description box below

it explains a provin of why you want to

make your dog raw I do some modules on

kind of the behavior impact to feed in a

high-quality raw food diet

Jason discusses kind of the health

impacts why you should do it little tips

and tricks then how to manage the

transition and then how to go from the

transition to a full raw diet so we are

going in to transition phase number one

today the first thing I needed to do and

I've kind of written it down we're going

super ghetto today want a no massive no

fancy additive is to work out how much

food your dog needs to eat sorry we're

in the transition stage so what we did

was we coded calculators on our website

so if you buy the course it kind of

gives you access to the calculator so

you put in your dog's weight or ideal

way or pop your weight depending on what

situation you're in and it spits out

exactly how much food your dog needs to

eat and then it spits out how you need

to break that down so we've done that

with my mates or here and I've prepared

a little bit Ready Steady Cook is what I

prepared earlier

blue Pete dieter

that I've prepared earlier and I've kind

of gotten it written down here so for

the first stage of transition one of the

things that people get so worried about

is that they put the dog on a raw food

diet and they get the squirts it's not

idea where you start banging and full of

liver and really rich organ that they've

never had before which is amazing for


I get the squirts and then people go our

mother in that again and Jason has

developed an amazing transition stage

for you dog to transition them in and

that's what we're doing today so we're

looking at kind of poultry we're looking

at some butternut squash which wouldn't

normally be in the style of raw food

that we promote and I'm gonna explain it

now so I've got nothing so Sully needs

in the transition stage 1.08 pounds of

meat ideally in muscle meat which is

about 500 grams 0.31 pounds of baked

butternut squash because that's gonna be

the replacement for the organ meat right

now but don't worry we're gonna do

weekly episodes of this and you're gonna

watch Sully go through the transition

stage all the way through to eating raw

beef heart and lamb liver and cow brain

all the cool good stuff that comes of

feed in a raw diet that I imagine you're

excited about right yeah cool yeah and

then he means bones cuz we're doing

bones to start as well so you need 0.15

pounds of raw bones about 68 grams so

I've got it all laid out here what I've

done is so we've got about 500 grams of

lean chicken here that's 500 grams and

then there's some here that are very

very lightly grilled so you can see I

won't touch it that it's got a little

bit of grilling but it's definitely

still raw and that's just to help Sully

with the transition kind of make it bit

more flavorful wise usually used to so

that's the lean muscle meat we've also

got 140 grams of baked butternut squash

here for him and then in there we have

got a whole chicken five with the bones

in which gives us the 70 grams of bone

that we need of course you can ask a

question say you know you'd like cooked

a little bit do you have to do that or

have you just raisins because I've

experimented with raw with Sully before

with beef

or no problem and we'll get to that

stage as we move through your transition

with chicken what I've experimented he's

a little bit fussy so I've just done a

little bit just to make it tasty and

then slowly I'll bring it down to raw

that's again it's in the course Jason's

doing an amazing module on fussy eater

tips don't watch like seven times

because it's amazing and because he

can't be a bit fussy can't you saw me

with your hovering rounds I think you're

excited so I suppose there's nothing

really left for it is they so we'll get

a suppose there's a butternut squash

we're just gonna bank it all in and

that's what's kind of you get prepared

ahead of time but for these videos I'm

just gonna probably go for it so raw

chicken in baked bread squash in half

turn my timer off because we've got food

cooking for our dinner we'll sort that

afterwards then the rest of the raw

chicken and it's just been lightly fried

just to make extra tasting just to give

us some juices then we've got the whole

thigh with the bones in the skin on all

that good stuff


number one what did you fry it in does

that matter I think ideally you'd want

to fry it in something there's a proper

animal product so thanks fast would be

amazing Jason always recommends in the

module on the course he recommends a bit

coconut oil it could be really good

doctor of that and again ideally you

know why ever want to be cooking it so I

think if you're doing it as part your

transition or just to help with a faucet


don't think it over many matters because

the idea is you get it away from cooking

it entirely so question time the thigh

you're just gonna leave it like that

will he eat all of it including the

bones are you confident in that

hopefully that's the plan that's right

raw through dogs do so you don't need to

strip it off the bone and give him the


that's know so again a lot Jason in the

course explains a certain types of bones

you can give and some that you shouldn't

give and either break that teeth or can

hurt them back bones absolutely fine

again he explains it in the course and

it's helped me out massively with that

again a lot of people panic raw bones

raw chicken bones a lot of the

misinformation out there about the raw

diet and about what dogs could eat

we all remember much of that

domesticated canids they're still cane

is they're still solid eat right now if

we dropped him in the middle of the

forest would either die or eat adapt and

if he adapted that is what it'd be to be

capturing dogs he'd be catching chickens

a lot of people go to the extremes of

you can just put a rabbit in a bowl no

massive and then we've got a whole

chicken and feathers at all or no need

to you can kind of take it as far as you

want we're starting with this then again

if you're really interested the course

is down in the description with the

transition stage would then move to pork

then would move to beef with butternut

squash then we remove the butternut

squash and slowly add in the organ meat

and then we there once you get to that

stage then you feed in a variety of

different raw meats with a variety of

different organ meat and a variety of

different bones and they absolutely a

little bit so as I always suggest this

is my training thing so you can see

we're just so used to it now the part of

my training programs as well as a

bootcamp course with the perfect puppy

course and just how I help people is

that this is the most important tool for

the relationship you have a video

whether that's training troops or

whether it's access to food in general

this food is mine I am the leader in

this scenario I have his constant focus

eye contact and if he wants this over

the one he's being filmed there but if

he wants this he sits and he waits

patiently until I can tell him to have

it so even though he's doing it I'm

gonna ask him to do it so he sit good

sit some stay good stay now again this

is always an excellent opportunity for a

drill close again look at this eye


good stay good stay so when I always

talk about dogs need to look to you for

guidance and direction this is a

beautiful example the possibly the most

tastiest meal he has ever had is writing

there is nose but what he is doing is

making beautiful eye contact with me and

actually I'm distracted but there's it's

natural but you go straight back to me

and he just waited patiently now we

could have this conversation for 20

minutes if we needed to we could I could

make him sit and stay for half an hour

an hour he won't be our EA ke this until

I tell him that he can obviously this is

about raw food it's not about training

but just why are we doing it a good

thing to talk about so now I'm gonna let

him have it and we're just gonna watch

it hopefully fingers crossed

he's gonna do it on the way for my comp

icon tap back good boy break your

fingers crossed I'm gonna try and I'll

come over here with you dear maybe go

back come forward between me and Sully

yeah you can let me fulfill me you can

go back and forward between them now I

want to kind of lower the energies I

want to I want to distract him I wanted

to enjoy his meal so this for me is

fascinating so I'm never giving him a

kind of a four or meal before like say

I've always supplemented if I go to the

butchers and this one off all around

Rachel hates it when I come out what the

butcher's giving me out some kidneys or

a heart or some brain and I would mix

that in with some of his other food I've

never done it before

so he's definitely going for the cook

stuff first it was seen and I'm

interested to see what point he tackles

the thigh with the bones in a wagon or

just one vomit and devour it or whether

it or maybe take it outside spending it

more so that's a really good raw piece

and you just need an axe what I'm

actually really happy with that suppose

what we should have done so no one

stalkers dear boy take the patch off

soon as I see our dress pack you look

the face well that's so far looking and

very good

he's gonna leave that bit too much

though he's going for it so this is what

I'm mostly interested in gonna leave

that's okay

come back to me attack so it's important

as well in the transition stage Sully's

been faceted for 24 hours now I'm a big

believer in faster than your dogs

he's fasted 24 hours every day I only

feed him once obviously always has

plenty of access to fresh clean water

but fasted him for 24 hours and we've

done a lot of exercise today I wanted to

do a bit of his apple pie

so he's one bond all of the raw chicken

all of the chicken has been cooked all

of the bottom of squash and now he's

just moving on to the fire with the bone

in now this is what he's been fussy with

before when I've experimented with this

it wouldn't surprise me if he leaves it

we're gonna keep chatting over terraces

and losers aren't to be a superfluity

edited video one take I want to kind of

bring you along with the journey for me

to transition into sunny so why will

kind of leave him to hopefully finish

that what these videos we're going to do

one of these videos every Sunday night

I'm gonna probably do it for maybe six

eight weeks

go back for me yes I'm gonna go kind of

probably for a couple of months I want

to go through the transition stage show

you me putting Sully through the

transition then get him to where he is

fully transitioned to a raw diet and

then talk about the health behavior

trained in energy mood differences that

notice were so Lisa now already adds

were always learning the fire was the

boat in was struggling with so obviously

the course gives us lots of options we

could mince that could get a butcher to

mince or make sure that we're getting

the bone in the boat is important I'm

hoping like I say that it will work it

out and it'll by taking a bit of time

you might take it outside you might lie

down on the grass and have a little bit

of a work needs to lie down with it yeah

but that can really challenge it at the

axe with mental stimulation for him and

it will just take time

like I say dogs have never done it

before so he's got a little bit of a

step of the game because I've

supplemented with it but dogs have never

done it before this might be a little

bit more difficult so you have to kind

of practice and work out your dogs and

that's why we designed the course

because this is the best way to feed

your dog but it's also a difficult way

into imagine you'd be intimidated to

start doing this if you weren't with me

it's easy to feed your dog not this I

understand and I'm not militant I do

think that if you get a high quality

brain free dry food it's okay but if you

are wanting to go to be like the best

possible for your dogs then raw is the

way to go what I'm going to do is I'm

going to cook this video here in a

minute out sign off and what I'll do it

I might leave a little note just a

library at this or not then if he

doesn't obviously we're gonna keep

practicing over the coming days we'll

keep filming and you'll see next one

they will give you an update where we're

at with him and hopefully we'll get

through the chicken transition stage

again in the course it breaks down when

you move on to what next stage so we'll

hopefully move through to the pork stage

is going at it again and give it another

go but we'll see we'll see what happens

and I'll keep you updated

bring you along for the ride no just be

kind of ad hoc videos like this I hope

will be interesting and informational

for you but if it's something you

consider in doing yourself

linked in the description for our or

food masterclass

I'm so happy to a partnered with Jason

on that like to say I think he's one of

the experts oh I appreciate it I hope

this was interested make sure you do

Rachel can you hear that Jason she's

whispering and telling me to tell people

to her father yeah yeah Jason is one of

our family came our leaders a very good

friend of mine has the most beautiful

dog in the world Bruce Wayne I'm sorry

sorry Bruce Wayne's about looking dog

the new I'm sorry yes he is isn't he

yeah he honest with this sometimes

you've got three kids he's a most

beautiful Labrador in the world but the

most beautiful Connie Corso is a better

look involved in the most beautiful

Labrador I'll debate that of anyone so

go follow Jason because I'm often it I'm

gonna go out my dear how about dinner

I'll see you on the next episode of The

Faerie canine show