What Feeding Raw Breakfast Every Morning Looks Like With My Husky!



I get so excited when the bus goes this

way dry still frozen

wait we got you beef ribs


show buddy

it's time to eat food it's breakfast

time so this is going on every single

morning I don't to show you guys how

hype Gohan gets to eat his breakfast

every morning check this out food huh

now your food right here what's that

today we have some lamb patty stop me

from them today what'd you say

so I give Gohan two meals a day so every

packet I get I just split it into two so

so right here I have some lamb patty god

loves this but I do like to add some

food for Gohan because number one he

spoiled and number two you just the best

dog ever right so so sometimes I like to

add a few foods definitely don't need to

add food because everything he needs is

here so for those of you guys who know

when you feed raw food it's 80 percent

meat 10 percent bone and 10 percent

organ or liver patty right here it's all

blended inside so Gohan doesn't need

anything added to his food but like I

said he spoiled so I like to add a few

things so here we got a fish oil pill

he loves this I always add this every

day to his food and we got some chicken


Gohan loves these so what I like to do

is add three of them and I give these to

go on like once or twice a week one or

two blueberries to go hannes breakfast

every day all right so this is his

breakfast right here look at this you

ready to eat I jump stuff sit sit you

know boy stare at the stay stay

you ready yeah go here to go

let's see what he goes for first the

chicken feet of course he loves those


clean boy mushy clean that good mix the

floor like always

and yes I clean the floor after every

meal with a disinfecting white so but

that's Monday right there guys is that



I'm a buddy let's make some food for


breakfast we see some food breakfast

time buddy alright so here we have day 2

today we have some Buffalo but I set you


oil pill ready today also I got going on

some fish lick lick

half frozen patty going on look you want

some fish yeah I know you smelled that

already yes I like to give Gohan two of

these for today we have two blueberries

some fish and Gohan some Buffalo patty

with everything in it ready to go by the

way I gave go on fish like once or twice

a week you ready to eat I sit I had a

boy we're very thankful for a food right

go boy yeah eat up



gone staring up that fish

- I hope he'll look at that clean forget

this time for some food buddy it's

breakfast time it's breakfast time

you good it's breakfast time

so today we have beef guys from we feed

raw of course and gohan over here loves

beef beef rib this is for later though

this is also from we feed raw some beef

today buddy

fish oil as always half got some beef

right here so first I'm gonna give him

this and then I'll give him this sit

good boy all right

beef today with beef ribs stay stay

so this is go Hans rib this is just a

treat he likes to chew on these and he

takes a very long time eating these so

I'm just gonna fast-forward some of it

and just show you guys how it eats it


comes already in the kitchen some

chicken we're gonna see some chicken

all right buddy I need some chicken

today you already know the drill huh

there we have some chicken and I'm also

gonna get going on an egg today I could

go on these about once a week

of course it's fish oil pill and we also

have some carrots like right now yummy


you ready y'all need some food maybe

this happy boy all right sir convoy

stay ready go

that good buddy I'm like always go on

leaves his bowl completely clean it's

not good looking for someone

it's breakfast time I think it's

breakfast time

it's only easy Tommy

yes it is buddy let's go so today we

have some whale training some quad today

yeah well

all right let's do it buddy some quail

look all right go on fish oil pill me


you know your food buddy there's no more

that face alright so that is my dog

eating his breakfast every day and what

it looks like so I hope you guys enjoyed

that video make sure you guys check out

we feed raw if you're interested in

feeding raw food to your dogs I'll link

them down below if you have any

questions make sure you guys email them

they have a contact page and it's the

most delicious food ever right buddy

look at that lip that's that's flavor

saver for later right make sure to leave

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go on over here loves you