STOP Feeding RAW Food To Your Pet!!

all right everybody welcome back to my

Cooking Channel movie go over the best

recipes for your puppy and Kitty and

today we'll be going over a delicious

recipe for raw food so to start off we

will be taking hand full size bites of

this delicious raw food making sure I

mash it up into an even meatball we will

be seasoning with the selection of

spices that will tickle your Kitty's

tummy and you will just mix that all in

together until finally we have a

delicious nutritious snack for your pets

no cooking required no heat required

fresh to serve straight from the fridge

and now the only thing left to do is

throw it in the trash if you have to

excuse me for a moment so I've noticed

that there's been an increasing trend

and the amount of raw food that has been

fed to pets become quite popular amongst

many people gonna be very popular so uh

let's take a look about what all these


let's take a look about what these

people are saying hot puppies man put

them on a raw diet I am going to start

my raw journey with you guys how I

prepare raw food feed my dogs what's

called a barf diet biologically

appropriate raw foods you can feed it

raw we're gonna talk about raw eating

for dogs

we're going to discuss some of the myths

and truths surrounding raw food diets so

why feed Rome it's a great giant canines

are made to digest raw bones and dogs

evolved from

and have a digestive tract that is need

for breaking down raw meat and I swear

that the baths raw food diet completely

cured her of her ailments dogs and cats

did not evolve to consume sterile food

dogs cats they're made to gobble up


give your dog raw chicken don't listen

to the vet rah rah rah rah rah rah rah

rah food lots of people are feeding it

lots of people are advocating for it so

why should you guys listen to me

on that student who doesn't even have

years and years and years of pet

nutrition experience well contrary to

what you might believe most

veterinarians most vet students actually

do get proper training on pet nutrition

from a board certified nutritionist

personally me coming from the University

of Georgia we are trained by a board

certified veterinary nutritionist and

have many classes about pet nutrition so

I actually do have a good bit of

experience so I think when it comes to

advice on pet nutrition the best source

is from your veterinarian from someone

who has taken courses in veterinary

nutritional training so that said I'd

like to show you in the bed strip

Millenial like me is good at Google

search scholar if we do a little search

here on raw food diets so we'll do a

little search on raw food and I'd like

to direct you to an article titled

current knowledge about risks and

benefits of raw meat based diets for

dogs and cats now this was published in

JAMA aka the Journal of American

Veterinary Medical Association so it's

pretty much the most legit journal of

veterinary medicine that there is and

I'd written by four board certified

veterinary nutritionists so these are

people that have spent years and years

researching pet nutrition and learning

about pet nutrition and what's best to

feed your pets so I think they have a

little bit of credibility now that

doesn't scream quality science to you

guys it's also peer review which means

multiple people have viewed it and

corroborated it to make sure that all

the facts and figures are legit so I've

come up with a little PowerPoint going

over the the key events in the article

the main points per se and that they

will be taking a deep dive into uh into

raw food is it good or is it bad

let's find out so so one of the main

points I would like to talk about is a

lot of people who feed raw diets think

their pet is like a wolf they think that

their dog is similar to a wolf in that

you know wolves eat raw diets so their

petra - to be the healthiest and

unfortunately when we look behind the

actual science of it and we look at the

genome of the wolf versus the dog we can

see that there are 30 key differences

between the genome of a wolf and a dog a

DNA strand like me is a blueprint for

building a living thing 30 and 10 of

those genes are actually involved in

carbohydrate digestion and fat

metabolism so unfortunately you're uh

you're very much shih tzu is just not

making the cut there and as you can see

dogs and wolves require different things

nutritionally they require different

nutrients if you will now a lot of

incidental claims that people are making

is that raw food will give your dog

better breath will make their little

poopies smell a little better and

overall will make their dog healthier

now the key thing to point out is that

these are just ants little reports so

when looking at it is there any evidence

anything any proof that this is true any

sort of scientific studies that have

been conducted well unfortunately there

haven't been so there's been no no

studies that show that raw food diets

are you know healthier for your pet and

commercially cooked diets are and

there's no real studies to show that

feeding your dog a raw food diet is

gonna make their breath or poop smell

better than a regular diet would now if

we just keep digging a little bit deeper

into you know Studies on raw food diets

there are actually studies that show

that when some our diets have been

tested there have been shown them in

imbalances and the vitamins A D and E

which you know are crucial for pets

development and health so I don't know

about you but I probably get the O UT

out of there when it comes to raw food

diets just based on that alone but you

know if we just keep just keep digging

just a little bit deeper we actually

start to see that out there been tons

and tons of studies that looked at raw

food diets so if we just keep digging a

little bit further we can see that

there's actually lots and lots of

bacteria bacteria guys I'm talking ecoli

Salmonella Clostridium oh my gosh

so there's been lots of reports of raw

food diets having bad bacteria which are

making animals sick no uh I know what's

something you might be thinking

earlier last year the FDA put out a

claim that they sort enforced a new rule

we're all commercially shipped raw food

diets had to be free of any pathogens so

no contamination from Salmonella or

anything but you know well a great rule

that this was to you know try to prevent

infection in pets from these diseases

and bacteria if we just if we just keep

digging just a little bit deeper you

know just really get our shovel and get

in there we actually started to see it

if we look at the FDA recall list we can

see lots and lots of recalls from these

raw food diets dissect the FDA claims

has no pathogens in it we can actually

see that there have been plenty of

plenty recalls on multiple raw food

products over the year that have been


despite the rule so unfortunately you

might be thinking that feeding your dog

a commercial raw food diet is perfectly

safe when in fact nothing could be

further from the truth

if you don't heat up the meat there's

always gonna be a risk of infection a

risk of contamination from these bad

bacteria which are making pet sick and

there's even bit of studies that's shown

that if you feed a cat one cat one

source of contaminated meat with


so say was to feed a little Ashley here

a piece of raw meat that have been

contaminated with salmonella if that was

the case studies have shown that little

a she would continue to shed salmonella

in his feces for up to two weeks that

means every time he takes a little

doodoo that could show up in his feces

for two the next two weeks even if it's

just one piece of raw food contaminated

I could get you or your pet sick and

people aren't most affected by this are

people who are younger people who are

older and people who are sick so raw

food is just not the best thing to feed

your pet there have been multiple

sources of containment

I can attest to this when I was on my

internal medicine rotation at UGA the

first day I got there there was two dogs

sick with diarrhea and when we tested

their feces for pathogens both of them

came back as having salmonella infection

and the kicker is both of them were

being fed a raw food diet

so despite with the FDA exclaims despite

what people may say any right meat you

feed your cat where the commercial or

human grain can potentially be infected

with salmonella with e.coli with all

these pathogens which can get your pet

sick and not only gonna get your pet

sick I can get you sick and that's the

main thing we want to think about when

choosing to feed a raw meat based diet I

know it's easy to get caught up in the

fast caught up in the trends that people

are saying but at the end of the day

don't just want what's best for your pet

because your pet matters and so do you

so stay away from raw stay away from

those commercial raw food diets at the

stores at the pet stores and if you

insist on feeding your pet a home-cooked

diet just heat up the meat guys just

heat up



yo me ku ku ku ku ku o me

never forget animals need nutrients not

ingredients this has been my TED talk

have a good day