Guide To Feeding Puppies RAW Food

right there is my 13 week old where

innocence bulldog Ogrin right there is

his Romulus go Steve and this is a

mukbang video I hope you enjoy it

I've been asked by several people I've

put up many videos online they show my

dogs eating a single thing but haven't

shown what a full meal looks like for

one of them so I thought I'd film a

couple of videos showing that over and

as I said is the 26 pound 13 week

Renaissance bulldog this is left one of

his two daily meals today looks like in

this meal here today we have a chicken

drumming we've got two chicken feet some

chicken gizzard and that whatta junk

there is some canned spinach and that

oil stuff you see there is a just a

little cod liver oil that I threw in

again this is one of two meals now just

a disclaimer you're going to hear me

repeat a lot of facts in this video that

I say in all my other feeding videos

just to explain I do that because the

vast majority of people who watch these

videos have not seen my other videos I

have a feeding video with over a million

views and several others with over a

hundred thousand I only have eight

thousand subscribers so that means most

of the people I'm getting watching these

haven't haven't heard this stuff so bear

with me if you've heard it before or

just click off the video you've been

warned now don't complain in the

comments now my dogs don't live in the

kennels vulgar and is merely in there so

I could talk while feeding this video I

use the kennel to separate my adult dogs

when they're feeding da cows is required

under state statute three point three

for at 3.40



I feed my dogs was called the barf diet

barf is an acronym for biologically

appropriate raw foods is a diet created

by veterinarian dr. Ian billing us was

created to help address some of the

muscular skeletal issues plaguing modern


yes it's okay for dogs to eat bones it's

just cooked bones you don't ever want

your dogs to eat cooking the bone makes

it undigestible or indigestible and

prone to cause bowel extra obstructions

and fracturing into small pieces which

can cause perforations in the ball

that's not a problem with raw bones

canines are biologically designed to eat

and process raw bones and have been

doing so for millions of years of

evolution you don't have to worry about

bacteria less like Salmonella with ducks

18% of dogs have salmonella is a natural

part of their gut flora in fact a lot of

the kibble dog foods that people feed to

their dogs is contaminated with

salmonella you should always wash your

hands anytime you've handled your dog's

kibble just like you should over on me I

recommend freezing meat for three days

before feeding it when it's a chicken or

steak or beef should I say that killed

any potential parasites in it now you

can see whole grain ate all his food

including the spinach the spinach is a

to act as a fiber and simulates what a

wild keen-eyed would eat when consuming

the intestines the undigested intestinal

matter of its prey well I hope you

enjoyed that

an old grin did that's all folks

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