Teaching a 4 week to 5 week old kitten to eat solid food - found a kitten - stabilizing them

to do with little about four week old

kittens so this kittens has teeth but

they're just eighty bitty and part way

through so I'd say he's just almost four

weeks old he's very like he can move

around really fast but he was found by

someone and he didn't hiss and run away

you know he's young enough to still be

scooped up so I'd say he's probably

about four weeks maybe almost four weeks

so I'm going to show how to what I call

hand feed but basically it's for those

four to five week old

they have never eaten canned food just

mama's milk so what I do with them when

I get any little kitten like this they

may not know how to drink from a bowl so

I like to give them this a little bit of

water too to make sure that they have

some hydration oh yes he's very ready to

eat and then out I'll either take a

little chunk of a canned food and hold

it up and look at him go he's already

starting to eat it so a lot of times

with these kittens especially with

little feral ones that are scared that

are maybe a little bit older they won't

just go after it at first some in the

litter will some won't so I take like a

little kind of maybe about this size

about pea-sized amount and just kind of

open there he doesn't need any help they

just open their little mouths and put a

little bit in and then I hold up chunks

and then I get them to kind of get used

to it and if they won't because some

won't then you just syringe in some


sometimes when people get little four to

five achill kittens they want to get a

bottle and start bottle feeding but if

they have teeth they're gonna bite down

on the bottle probably so if they need

that extra formula for that in between

before they understand how to eat solid

food then I'll get a syringe and I'll

syringe in the formula because we do

want to make sure they're eating if

they're not getting the hair

of Candida we want to make sure that

they have the formula and we want to

make sure they still have enough water

to because they really are probably not

going to know how to drink and he like

he got some in but he didn't get a whole

lot so this would be a good age to feed

a little bit of formula a little bit of

this you could try mixing some of this

with formula every kitten is gonna be

different every litter they're all going

to be just a kind of a couple days apart

in development so you'll just kind of

have to go at their pace I'm gonna give

him a little bit of dewormer so I'm

gonna squirt that in and then I like to

give some water after so he doesn't just

have sticky dewormer mouth make sure you

have enough water yeah and he's very

excited to eat so that's great but I

think he's gonna be at the age since

he's not maybe quite four weeks maybe

he's liked it two or three days off of

four weeks he's probably gonna need a

little bit of formula in there too and

just to kind of have to have food

offered often so I like to leave the dry

kibble out for them to kind of learn at

their own pace to have it if they want

it and then just offer the other stuff

really often and you can leave some of

us with them too and see if they'll eat

it when you're not here

really great leader and really often how

like every couple hours or I'd see every

four hours but during the night I would

just leave the wet food with them and

then go longer

I still probably at this age maybe

letting go six hours or seven at night

unless you can tell they're reading on

their own with what they have in the

cage so if they're closer to five weeks

they're totally fine overnight because

you can just leave stuff in with them

unless you get the hang of it in a day

or two he's just a little bit younger

than that so and he is a boy he's got a

little boy stuff down there he's so