How To Start Solids For Your 4 Month Old Baby - By Dr. Tahir

hi you guys this is dr. Tahir from

family pediatrics and thank you so much

for joining us today today we have

Andrea here today with the cute little

baby Aubree here today Aubree is 4 month

old and one of the cutest little babies

we have here today now we are going to

talk about feeding for her because at 4

months of age kids are usually ok to

start eating some solids and the way we

tell if she's ready is if she's holding

her head up fairly well so when you look

at our brie sitting eating she's sitting

with her head nice and straight holding

her head up and when she lays down on

her back and you pick her up from her

arms she keeps her head up it doesn't

fall back so if a baby's if a baby is

not strong enough yet to keep their head

up strong then they're not ready to eat

solids yet okay because that's it

becomes a choking hazard

so typically at 4 months of age babies

will do that some babies take a little

longer her case she's super strong

already at 4 months of age and she's

looking good now the first thing I want

you to do when you start solids is to

get some rice cereal just from the baby

food aisle okay you can get organic rice

cereal too if you want that's available

from the local Woodman here if you want

to get get it from there or just any

rice cereal is fine and then you want to

mix it with water or breast milk or

formula so it's not too thick and not

too runny just like how we would eat

oatmeal for example okay and you'd use a

couple teaspoons of that and mix it up

and then use a little baby spoon and

feed her three times a day morning lunch

and dinner time alright when you feed

her you want to have her sitting up or

inclined a little bit car seat works

fine and also a bouncy chair works fine

for that so she'll be inclined up a

little bit use a spoon and feed her with

a baby spoon when you first feed us you

want to know what to do with it she'll

spit it out with a tongue it'll look

like she doesn't like it but it's only

that she doesn't know how to eat it

okay you'll have to keep up with that

for at least a few days

even a week and you'll know eventually

that she's starting to eat well because

more of the cereal goes in then she

spits out okay so you'll know she is

starting to eat well after she starts

eating well with the rice cereal then

you can have lots of fun giving her

stage one baby foods okay

Stage one foods are basically fruits or

vegetables a single fruit or vegetable

which is put in a blender and bit into a

paste so you can buy the stage one food

so you could make your own if you want

the main trick is going to be to use

only one food at a time for a few days

to make sure that Audrey doesn't have

any reaction she's not having any

problems and if she likes it or not and

after that then you give her another

food and you can try all sorts of

different things and have lots of fun

and see what she likes and what she

doesn't like now if you find a food that

she doesn't like just don't use it for

like a week or so she'll have forgotten

completely about it okay and then try it

again it'll be a brand new food for buy

that ok so you can keep trying that some

babies like certain foods and some

babies just hate certain foods okay

sounds good

yeah that's great we're gonna keep her

on the stage one type foods the paste

you like foods for until about six

months of age okay and that that was it

when I see you then we'll increase her

foods and give her more texture at that

time okay great

sounds good yeah one question so we

would do the breakfast lunch and dinner

would i breastfeed her first and then

okay yeah go ahead and do the good and

breastfeed her first and then give us

some salads the either breast milk if

you're breastfeeding or formula is still

going to be a primary nutrition and the

solids are going to just start adding a

little variety okay and also when you

start feeding her solids it'll change

your schedule quite a bit for

breastfeeding and also for her pooping

schedule okay it's impossible to predict

you have to play by ear a little bit but

you may notice some changes with their

stool patterns and also with how often

she wants to breastfeed or how much she

wants to breastfeed

okay sounds good excellent also another

side note is that breastfeeding just by

itself is also perfectly fine too

kids don't have to start eating solids

if they're here if the drinking breast

milk okay so some parents do elect not

to start solids that most do most still

start some solids at this time it's okay

okay all right well thank you so much

for being a cute little model she did a

fabulous job and thank you so much for

coming in to I am helping us with this