Tomato plants .. when to start feeding

okay welcome to another greenhouse

update it's been a few weeks I think now

since I did last updates probably when I

planted that Tom's you can see how they

do we know what's up lower that one take

it off the bench because he was touching

the glass these are this one's very

bushy which is something Tom red cherry


this one sambar f1 cherry and this one

is sweet parrot 'if i remember rightly

yes sweetie um nothing what people are

not sure when exactly start feeding

tomatoes basic rule of thumb is when you

first see the tomatoes appear actually

see them there when you see that little

tongues Spencer farm that's when you

stand up feeding doesn't matter what

variety of tomato that you grow in

that's the basic rule of thumb so you

just not see the little Tom's form in so

when you start feeding just get

bog-standard well actually this one is

it's not bog-standard this is good stuff

it's got the magnesium and nitrogen and

everything in that one doesn't have the

magnesium or Denis Volkov which

sometimes Tom's can get a magnesium

deficiency and the leaves call the

yellow in my view so what I do is just

one week I feed them every week seven to

ten days something like a every seven to

ten days I just generally feed them

every week given bog-standard

one week and then the next week give

them some decent stuff with them like

knees even like jouging everything so

yeah that's it just a quick look take

the tiny bus keys I put too much so yeah

that's when you start feeding Tomatoes

so we actually see the tomatoes for me

so that's it another greener subject