New Dog Law: Twice Daily Walks or Serious Fines

there's a new law being introduced

saying you must walk your dogs

twice a day what a law

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soon german dog owners will be

ordered by law to walk their dogs twice

a day

no this is really happening julia


germany's agriculture minister is quoted

as saying the nation's

10 million dogs are not getting adequate


or stimulate that they need under the

new regulations

in the hyundan ver ordinance or dog

act german citizens who are dog owners

are required to take their dogs not just

for a short little you know run around

the block twice a day

for a minimum of one hour twice a day

holy cow glockner has said that the

rules are based on new scientific


that which shows that dogs need adequate

amounts of exercise

external environmental stimuli to be


she's quoted as saying that the

tethering of dogs on a chain or a lead

for long periods of time

will be completely banned she said that

dogs are no longer allowed to be left

alone at home all day and if you are a


parent you'll be expected to be checking

in on your dog

several times a day she says dogs

they're not cuddly toys they have their

own special needs

which need to be taken into account are

there millions of dogs that don't have

adequate exercise they don't have

adequate stimulation yeah there are

do i think it'd be so much healthier for

those dogs

if they could be exercised more you bet

i do it if they just could have more

interaction more

people more other dogs like to have much


normal of a dog life more a sense of


you bet i feel that's more important and

when you look at the long-term health of

your dogs

if you can give them a good two hours a

day of exercise can go a really a long

way in terms of preventing and even

treating some of these diseases

but it's not the government's position

to go in and regulate that like really


that's that's what we're worried about

now in my mind

there are some other things the

government should be focusing on now

even if you want to look at it in

relation to dogs in terms of banning

puppy mills

you know banning unnecessary surgeries

you know such as tail docking ear


real fines and enforcement for people

that abuse animals

like focus on those things first really

you're gonna start you know

criminalizing finding

people that don't walk their dogs twice

a day

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