The Best TICK and FLEA Prevention For Dogs!



what's going on everybody welcome back

to the vlog today we are going to show

you guys what kind of tick and flea

prevention we use on our dogs and if you

guys were on the channel you know we got

Daisy our Anatolian Shepherd that stays

out there she's right there by the gate

she stays with our Spanish and Kiko's we

got mojo he stays with the Kiko and

pygmies and then Skeeter our inside dog

we use the same stuff on him but first I

don't know if you guys you can't just

can't see this shirt very well because

I'm wearing under my overalls but Colby

ranch sent us three t-shirts and he also

sent us a couple cards all that Rachel

read it real quick well this was pretty

cool he sent us this yo check us out on

YouTube Colby ranch and he's got his

information on the back which is cool

yep and then read what that card says

hidden hides farm hey guys I promised

you some shirts but since the meetup was

cancelled I thought I'd send them to you

be safe cold beer ranch John thank you

John that's awesome that is funny

because we made a video just just

yesterday evening and I said hey I think

I was wearing Bigfoot farmers Bigfoot

farmers YouTube channel Bigfoot farmer I

was wearing a shirt he sent us and I

said hey guys I was just playing around

but I said guys if you guys want to send

us any of your t-shirts for free

advertisement if you've got a youtube

channel or whatever I will proudly wear

them and I think Rachel would too we

love getting stuff like that so yeah he

sent us three of these two x and XL and

a large so we me and Rachel both have

one that we can wear I don't have to

share one with her now so thank you very

much I accidentally shrink it right

so anyways John thank you very much and

guys do us a favor go over and tell John

at Colbert Ranch hidden Heights farm

sent you and thank you again for sending


shirts yes awesome thing so now let's

get to the point of this video we're

gonna try to keep it short and sweet we

might show you guys a few of the goats

we're going to go ahead and do this tick

prevention before we feed our dogs

we'll start off a Skeeter cuz he's right

over here alright now are you going

where you want to be the first guinea

pig Mirsky mom all right okay so what we

got here we use brevet though these are

just some two pills that you can give

your dogs and they got different weights

on here this one right here will be for

days yes

423 pounds this one's up to 88 pounds

and this one's up to 22 pounds so you

want to be pretty precise on Wayne your

dog and getting the right dosage feels

like what do you got

and the reason we chose to go with this

Verbeck though is it has seemed to work

the best and usually we also use a

ceresco collar I don't have any of them

in right now and the local vet didn't

have any in stock so I'm gonna wait to

get those I can't get it I'll use my

knife he's waiting for he takes it's a

treat so let me get these open all right

so we got it open and we're going to see

if Skeeter will just eat it I got some

cheese and hot dogs as well and we'll

give them a treat sometimes they'll kind

of eat it and then I don't know if it

tastes better well I haven't personally

tried it but sometimes they'll spit it

out I said I think my normal treat but

you want to make sure like see he just

dropped it out of his mouth it's right


not there happenin cheese yes but it's

just a little bitty

you think I don't know about that

I think he'll eat it mmm Skeeter he's

gonna carry it around a minute

yeah maybe we should just put in a

little piece of cheese make sure he gets

it all good you want to be careful if

you're not sure he's eating it No

if you're not sure that they didn't get

the hope hold dose you can't really just

give them another one because you don't

want to overdose him he's thinking about

it you're gonna eat that or not

he said wrap that thing in a piece of

cheese for me all right I'm gonna get it

put okay Rachel's gonna wrap it in a

piece of cheese put it on the concrete

oh he'll just carry it off

watching don't bail out skeeters won't

be you're usually the good one don't be

difficult my hot dog down there

something he don't like it usually they

don't have a problem eating them alright

let's see he knows we want to eat it


I'm fixing to get some peanut butter or

something he feels that hard thing in

there he's not eating it

alright you gotta try something well

alright so I went in the house to get

some peanut butter on a little plastic

spoon here and Rachael kind of broken in

pieces it was just too big for him he

ate it so if you got little dogs you

might break it in half or quarter it or

something and give it to him cuz once

she did that he ate it no problem yeah I

think it was just too big for his mouth

ok so we came and woke up the sleeping

giant you know we're gonna see is you

know kayaks a kayak we come out here in

Kazakh look I make chalk oh that's not

chocolate mud we're in the process of

redoing our front flowerbed it looks

pitiful right pay no attention to that

we're gonna get rid of all these

creeping clocks and trying to relocate

home and then we're gonna I'm gonna put

it in some cheese just did you even chew

it alright so what I'm thinking about it

rachel is wearing a new shirt that she

bought from our family homestead

girlfriend Daniel made that shirt I

think it was his wife's idea well yeah

it could have been guys if you don't

know Daniel Ornt family homestead so uh

he put a GoPro he had a brand new GoPro

I think he put it on a goat with this

like a dog strap or a dog mount strap on

a goat and he was gonna let it run

around for the day and then check it

while the goat actually ended up losing

the GoPro but he came up with this shirt

GoPro and has the GoPro logo underneath

is pretty cool so and we are a goat farm

yep so I just thought it was really cool

alright I guess it's Daisy's turn now

alright alright says go through waiting

for us to feed on and Daisy's right

there so what we're gonna do is we're

gonna walk over here in this pasture

because Daisy uses that gate right there

she can get in and out of it and the big

goats can't but the little goat to do

they like



all right here in this made in the USA

this is the most-loving yeah you're


maybe it's the cheese like all right all

the dogs got their tick and sleep

prevention and we'll talk about that

here in just a second thank you baby all

right so while they're doing now I'll

talk about this perfecto so this is like

the third or fourth year we've been

doing these four vecto two pills and you

can see with the exception of Skeeter

it's pretty easy to give them mojo and

Daisy took theirs okay and once we broke

skeeters up in little pieces he took his

okay too

so uh yeah so the way this perfecto

works is it's got the chemical in it and

it stays in their bloodstream for up to

12 weeks is what the manufacturer says

and I think it actually works a little

bit longer and like I said in the last

video we live here in the woods in the

foothills of the Ozark Mountains so we

got a lot of ticks we don't really have

a problem with fleas but we do get a lot

of ticks and because we got a lot of

deer squirrels and rabbits and all that

that bring the ticks in and drop them

and then they just get on our dogs they

get on our goats everything else luckily

we got the chickens at free-range

everywhere and they help kind of keep

the ticks at bay but the way that's

perfecto works it stays in their blood

system for up to 12 weeks according to

the manufacturer and any time a tick

bites a dog they pretty much just fall

right off it kills them pretty much

instantly with our experience anyways

now with that being said the bra vector

pills do not keep the ticks off of them

so you might come out here and there

might be it doesn't ticks crawling

around on them but once they latch on

and bite them then you pretty much died

pretty quick so that's the way that

works and here is a sure estou collar

that Daisy has this one has pretty much

served its life it's probably used up

the chemicals and it's probably not good

anymore but that's what it looks like

and the combination of to work really

well I need to get some of those ordered

and if you guys are interested on the

perfecto pills I don't have a link or

anything for it hit up your local vet

make sure you know your dog's weight and

I think here

at our local veterinarian where we get

them I think they're about 58 dollars

and that's any size so they got you know

all the way to the dogs at our scooter

size all the way up to mojo size and

even bigger I think so if you guys have

problem with ticks it's just a good

prevention if you guys have been

following this since last year when we

had our last Great Pyrenees the

livestock Guardian dog bear he actually

got bit by a tick and got the Rocky

Mountain spotted fever and he was sick

for a while we had to kind of recover

him from that so it's not something you

want to play around with so I encourage

to do it if you can afford it I know not

everyone can afford fifty eight dollars

for a little pill that you give a dog

for a tick prevention but if you can

it's well worth it especially when you

got working dogs like Miss Daisy here so

anyways guys we're gonna get to doing

the tours

you got anything to say before we log

off this video nope all right John with

the Colbert ranch thank you again very

much for sending us the shirts we

appreciate it

and if anyone else wants us in the

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one's even black and I'm out here

wearing it we have a record setting a

high temperature today I think it's like

90 degrees which is unheard of for this

time in March that it is what it is

we'll take it the grass is green enough

the goats are going to be ready to get

over here I need to plant something like

winter wheat or something to get a

little more green they got tons of

clovers you can see there's tons of wild

flowers the bees are really loving it so

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