3 Elite Baseball Outfield Drills!

hey guys what's going on coach Justin

here from ultimate baseball training and

in today's video I wanted to share with

you three elite outfield drills to help

you take your game to the next level

unfortunately for outfielders I feel

like a lot of the love is on infielders

right they're the ones getting all the

ground balls in practice and they're

turning double plays all the time

getting tons of reps there's you know

thousands and thousands of infield

drills and sometimes the outfield gets

neglected sometimes coaches just say hey

you know go get some fun go fly balls so

I wanted to bring you outfielders three

drills today that are really going to

help you take your game to the next

level so without further ado let's just

jump right into it

alright guys so the first drill is

called no false steps and a lot of the

times outfielders get in trouble when a

ball is hit over their head and they

have false steps so let's say it's hit

this way if I step forward with my right

foot before taking my drop step that's

wasted time that's wasted energy so what

we really want to do ball stood over my

head this way we just want to pivot turn

our hips and have this drop step without

any false steps so the no false steps

drill you're going to need a baseball

bat ok you're going to put it on the

ground like I have here and you are

going to line up with your toes pretty

much on the baseball bat ok you're gonna

have a coach or somebody point either

over your head this way or over your

head this way that's gonna signal which

way you do your drop step now you know

you're doing this drill right if you're

doing your drop stand you don't make

contact with the bat so you want to do

your drop step boom and then take three

hard steps because that's what we want

to do when a fly ball is actually hit

right you want to dig dig dig dig get

underneath the baseball ok so again you

know you're doing the drill the right

way if the bat doesn't move however

let's say again ball sit over my head

this way

if I move the bat like this meaning I

kick my right foot forward before I go

into my drop step then obviously that's

something we want to eliminate so this

is a fun drill that's gonna help you

with that first step

alright let's build on that drill now

and let's start with the flip your hips

drill a lot of people call this the

Shakira drill because your hips don't


but sometimes again let's say a ball sit

over my head this way I take my job step

sometimes whether it be wind whether it

be I just misread it whatever sometimes

we're gonna have to flip our hips and

turn the other direction

so what we're gonna do is we're gonna

get into our ready position okay pre

pitch have a little bit a bit of

movement getting into a ready position

and you're going to have a coach point

one way over your shoulder or the other

way over your shoulder so again let's

say they point this direction what I'm

gonna do I'm gonna get to my ready

position they point this way and tell me

go I'm an open up drop step without any

fall steps I'm going to take about three

hard steps or until they point the other

direction so let them take about three

steps then when they point the other

direction I'm gonna flip my hips over

and do this then they're gonna point

back the other direction again flip my

hips and do this and then finally they

can actually end by throwing a baseball

so you can settle underneath it make the

play hi guys this last drill is called

the box drill I've set up four cones in

a square and the cones are about five to

seven yards apart so this is actually

kind of like the mini box drill you can

make them wider once you see how this

drill is done but what you're gonna do

is as a player you're gonna start in the

middle of the box and you're gonna have

a coach point to one of the four corners

so let's say he points to the back

corner this way again I'm gonna take my

drop step focusing on not having any

fall steps and I'm gonna sprint back to

that cone now once I get to that cone

I'm gonna reset okay this is not a

conditioning drill I'm gonna reset go

into my pre pitch movement and then he's

going to point a different direction

let's say you pull me straight across so

then I'm not gonna take a false drop

step back like this I'm just gonna boom

instantly go across like this and sprint

so that's why you might want to widen

the cones just a little bit and then

again reset he might point to a cone in

front of me so I got to act like you

know it's a low line drive maybe make a

diving play you can also incorporate

balls into this drill but it's really

just working on not only having your

drop steps you know to the side like

this but also working on them having

having them straight back working on

moving in on the ball working on moving

in a bunch of different directions

because no fly ball is the same and

we're going to be forced to move in

different directions in a real game so

let's practice it

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