How to get in shape by summer!

alright guys I am filming this video 105

days before the beginning of summer 2020

in the northern hemisphere are you ready

are you ready to walk around in a

t-shirt and a pair of shorts to feel

good about yourself are you ready to

walk around in a tank top and a pair of

shorts and feel good about yourself are

you ready to walk around with no shirt

on and a pair of shorts and be proud of

what you've created out of your body

most people right now the answer is no

so that question is is four months

enough time to get yourself ready for

summer and the answer is if you know

what you're doing and you actually do it

yes four months is one hell of a lot of

time so let's talk about this how do you

get yourself in shape for summer in four

months now first of all like with

anything you need to find out what your

biggest weakness is and how much of that

biggest weakness you can take care of

okay for instance what's the most

important change you can make right now

let's say you're overweight building

muscle under a huge amount of fat will

not make you look better with your

clothes off it's simply will not because

you cannot see the muscle at all so if

you are overweight the best thing you

can do is get really really lean lose as

much fat as possible okay because the

fact of the matter is you know somebody

who's skinny but he shows you a lot of

definition shows the muscle that he does

have he's got abs will look good even if

he's not the biggest guy in the beach

but the biggest guy in the beach if he's

built like a heavyweight power lifter a

heavyweight strongman competitor you

know just hairy and pale and out of

shape and floppy he is not going to look

good I don't care how muscular he is

underneath the fat if you cannot see the

muscle he is not going to look

aesthetically pleasing no matter how

strong or no matter how good of a

competitor he is he will not look good

so the thing is if you are overweight

you want to lose as much fat as possible

can you

do that yes let's say you lose quote

just okay two pounds a week and we're

talking about 1516 weeks so that's about

30 pounds of fat that you could lose

with a proper diet with proper hearings

and with a proper workout program now

how much would you lose if you lost 30

pounds well for me with my frame five

eight 200 pounds most of the people that

I train that are around my height okay

if I lose five pounds of fat

I'll lose an inch around my waist so 30

pounds okay fifteen sixteen weeks

average of two pounds a week that would

basically mean that you would lose six

inches around your waist okay take the

pants you're wearing right now go to the

store look at a pair of pants that have

a six inch smaller waistband than you're

wearing right now and that is how big

your waist would be if you started right

now exercising eating right and you

consistently did that for the next four

months that's how good you would look at

the beginning of summer we're not even

talking about through the end of summer

okay we're talking about right now what

you can do before the very first day of

summer begins a 6-inch drop or under

waist is a massive okay and the fact is

the worst shape you're in right now the

faster you will proceed the faster

you'll make progress the faster you'll

see progress okay so if you're

overweight the most important thing you

do is you lose fat yes doing muscular

exercises is good but you're gonna do

this mostly through diet okay the only

reason you're gonna be doing any

muscular exercises is so that when you

shed the fat you'll have more toned or

more bigger harder muscles to show off

but the important thing is is the diet

to cut the fat to show the muscles you

have already and maybe build a little

bit in between okay now let's say you

are skinny like you look ill you look

like you have a muscle wasting disease

like cancer or AIDS your face is drawn

in you have like negative 0% body fat


a 300-pound bodybuilder on all kinds of

drugs and diuretics and instead it means

you have a drunk water in three days you

haven't eaten in a week we're talking

about somebody who is the quote 90-pound

weakling from the old atlas cartoons

okay you can also create a huge

transformation in four months and I'm

going to tell you why okay if you are

skinny scrawny a stick figure you are

not eating properly you are not eating

the proper macronutrients okay the

proper types of food you are not eating

a sufficient quantity of food and you

are probably eating too much of the

wrong kinds of food so that means you

are not feeding your muscles you are not

feeding your hormones you are not

feeding your bodily systems properly

that's why you are not building muscle

and strength you are also either not

exercising whatsoever or you are doing

something completely wrong little hint

doing concentration curls for two sets

of the nautilus machine for 30 reps and

then playing tennis or you know running

on the treadmill or walking on the

treadmill are not going to build muscle

okay you need basic compound heavy

exercises as a matter of fact I would

start you off with bodyweight exercises

compound bodyweight exercises just the

other day I got email from a guy he

wanted me to train him okay and what'd

he send me he sent me a picture of me

that he found on my Instagram from a

while ago what was I doing back then it

was years ago bodyweight exercises

bodyweight chin-ups and pullets

bodyweight ring dips bodyweight push-ups

bodyweight roads bodyweight squats and

bodyweight leg raises I was doing

burpees for cardio jump rope sometimes

for cardio and I was doing a combination

of a low-carb maintenance diet and the

pure protein diet which is a cunning

diet okay

so the bottom line is I wasn't even

lifting weights no weighted squats no

deadlifts no weighted dips no weighted

pull-ups no weighted rows or no weighted

push-ups nothing it was just bodyweight

exercises and proper nutrition the right

things the right amounts and I had less

muscle than I do now

but it was really visible it was really

ripped and that was the body that this

guy wanted of all the pictures I had in

Instagram that was the one that he chose

you can make a huge difference in a

short amount of time by just doing

bodyweight exercises and by eating

properly just got to know how okay and

the fact is because you are so strong

you have such a low body fat right now

every muscle fiber you have of the you

know hundred pounds of muscle you have

every fiber is visible so that means if

you do not get fat when you're bulking

up in four months you can look really

good then like Ninja Assassin look the

Bruce Lee look Bruce Lee weighed 135

pounds you probably weigh more than him

but he is a fitness icon okay so you can

make a massive change as well what about

the guys there in the middle you're in

pretty good shape but you don't have abs

exactly okay let's say you're in pretty

good shape but you could you know harden

up some of your muscles get a little bit

bigger in certain places tone up a

little bit and that's exactly what you

should do if you're in the middle you're

not skinny and you're not fat but you're

you know a little bit soft then you

should do what I am doing right now you

should do a body recomposition diet that

basically means you'll be eating at

maintenance calories on certain days

when you're doing a hard workout and you

should be working up hard okay if you're

in this middle group that's neither

skiing or fat and you should also on

your rest days or on the days where you

have a less taxing workout be in a

deficit so basically what this means is

you're going to be in a deficit you're

gonna have more energy on the days that

you're working out hard because you'll

be eating more of those days around

maintenance and a cut okay less than

maintenance on the days you're not

working out hard so you will be able to

continue getting stronger continue

building muscle but you'll be getting

leaner at the same time you're not going

to go and add a million pounds to your

benchpress overnight you're not going to

go and drop a hundred pounds of body fat

overnight but what you will do is we

have four months you will over the four

months lose maybe a pound or two a week

okay a body fat let's say you lose

instead of thirty pounds let's say you

lose 15 pounds okay a pound a week 15


of body fat that would be three inches

around my waist okay if I were to lose

three inches around my waist right now I

would have less than a 32 inch waist

that is pretty lean okay

plus you will be if anything building

muscle and building strength you will

not be losing any muscle in the process

you will not be starving yourself you'll

be feeling better about yourself because

when you go to the gym you'll have

higher calories

like I said maintenance okay so you

actually have the satisfaction of

getting stronger in the gym of improving

in the gym muscles popping out where

they were kind of flabby before but

you'll also be getting leaner at the

same time thrown at an save whatever

body here you got find clothes that fit

you and you will look awesome in four

months now if you guys want me to do

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