get ready with me christmas edition


good morning fancy babies in this get

ready with me I'm gonna be getting ready

for a winter date with Colin but the

first thing I'm gonna do is slide my

pink little pom-pom slippers on and head

right to my bathroom and begin my

skincare routine


I'm obviously gonna use my face brush

that I use in every video I'm gonna get

into my cleanser later but I'm gonna

focus on the face brush it comes with

four heads a body head to cleanser heads

and a pumice and I really enjoy this

face brush you guys know who've been

watching my videos for a long time that

I've been using this for years and I

truly blame this for the reason my skin

cleared up because nothing else worked I

do have a holiday coupon code for you

for 75% off my code is holidays in all

capital letters now the face wash that I

used does go hand in hand with this face

brush I noticed that this is a perfect

combo to clear my skin I use my mix easy

face products such as the cleanser and

the cream and it's really cool it's like

your DIY like lush pretty much you get

to make your own face wash face cream I

think it's a super cute and creative

gift idea to make your own skin care for

a friend or for your mom I also have a

coupon code for this for 20% off and my

coupon code is fancy I really have seen

positive effects on my skin I've noticed

a big difference in my skin I get

compliments all the time

the face cream actually works really

well for combo skin like me the site

caters to all skin types but those you

who struggle with greasy skin like me or

combo skin like this is the site for you

you get to make your own face cream so

that you don't have to run into that

issue where like your skin is oily from

your moisturizer so now we're gonna head

to my vanity and begin our holiday

makeup so I just received like the most

amazing products from Too Faced from

their new Holiday Collection these are

my two favorite palettes Viktor and Rolf

have like this new holiday edition for

their fragrance Flowerbomb called la vie

on rose and as you guys know that's like

my line like that's my line for

everything so I just think it's super

cute it was totally made for me and

smells amazing so now I'm just beginning

my makeup with my Tarte Amazonian clay

foundation this is amazing for my skin

type those you who have combo skin it's

great it doesn't get greasy and it

doesn't get too dry it's just nice and

muddy and it's full coverage so those

you who have cracky skin throughout the

winter it really covers that up and it's


sit over and it's actually really funny

Lily always lays on the bed and watches

mama do her makeup because I feel like

she wishes she could do it to herself

and right now I'm using my Park Avenue

princess contour palette from Tarte and

I'm using that to contour my cheeks and

my nose and I'm using my k'kaw concealer

in the shade medium under my eyes and on

the tip of my nose


now I'm just setting my makeup with my

Sasha banana powder


doing my brows is a project so I just

skipped over that because that would

have taken up the whole video and I'm

just gonna show you guys outlining my

brows i do use anasazi a dip brow here

and there and sometimes i switch to the

pencil so now I'm just setting down the

powder and I'm blending everything out

with a big fluffy brush I like to use a

bigger brush for the transition color

and right now I'm using Santa Baby from

my dream Queen palette and now I'm going

in with the color called

special-delivery into the outer v of my

eyes and kitten karma by Stila is going

on my lids


I always like to randomly line my lips

here and there right now I'm using SPICE

by Mac but I do have my lipliner

tattooed on for those you who are

wondering so right now I'm just using

some concealer to touch up the outer

corners of my eyes to make it like more

sharp and I'm making sure I'm not going

over that powder that I already put on

or else that would get really splotchy

and like rose so now I'm tight lining my

eyes with a very creamy black eye pencil

and then of course I'm finishing off my

liner with a wing and I'm using my tart

tart tea is it tar deist or tart teeth

eyeliner pen I always screw up the name

but yeah that's what I'm doing and of

course I'm gonna touch up my lips yet

again and I'm using dazzle by Kylie

cosmetics and I think it's a liquid

matte and like a really light pink color

and I'm using that as like a highlight

on my lips and now I'm going in with a

darker lip liner pencil onto the outer

corners to kind of contour my lips to

look bigger and I'm just going in and

using the blush and highlight from the

dream Queen palette that I used on my

eyes earlier and yes the highlight is

golden and beautiful and it's so

Christmassy it's like a champagne color


now I'm just using my Mac setting powder

just to set everything in and kind of

touch up my t-zone since I do a combo

skin like it's very easy for me to shine

in that area so I'm just matting that

down with this powder and then I'm

finishing off my makeup with my hangover

spray by Too Faced and now I'm spraying

myself with la vie on rose because I

just got to smell really good you know

for a date and I forgot to do my mascara

so I'm just touching up my lash

extensions with a little bit of mascara

I know that's a no-no with lash

extensions but if you clean them

properly like I honestly haven't seen a



so now I'm using my Duvall impulse

far-infrared hair straightener because I

really want my hair down and obviously

when your hair is like up and a half

ponytail or in a ponytail it gets all

kinky and weird and I need to straighten

that out and flatten it out and have it

flow with the rest of my hair extensions

so I'm just going over my hair I love

this hair straightener so much it's my

everyday go-to straightener you guys

know who watched my blogs I've been

using this for some time now I also have

a coupon code for you guys for this hair

straightener with the same coupon code

that you'd be using for the face brush

holidays and all capital letters you can

get this hair straightener for only

fifty five dollars and fifty cents which

is like an awesome deal so Happy

Holidays and everything's gonna be

linked down below in the description box

I just wanted to throw this in there in

case you guys were wondering why my hair

is so shiny I make my own shampoo and

conditioner on the mix easy website the

same site where I make my face wash and

face cream so now I'm just picking up my

Chloe bag and my uggs and I'm putting my

outfit together for this date it's not a

complete outfit for winter without my

pink jugs but this is the dress and

outfit I decided to go with for my

winter date with Colin it's really


I feel like pastels are so me for winter

like all throughout the year I'm a

pastel girl but especially when it comes

to winter time for some reason I'm not

the typical like green and red girl I'm

like very pastel shabby-chic christmas

girl so yeah I love the ruffles the silk

it's long it's flowy and warm so yeah

alright guys that was my holiday get

ready with me let me know in the

comments down below if you guys like

these kind of videos I love get ready

with me videos but especially for gab

miss you guys know I go hard during the

holidays it's my favorite time of year

yeah that's pretty much it and I'll see

you guys in my next Cadmus video bye