Giant Pumpkin Seed Germination


now that the seeds of soaked we're going

to take these seeds over and we do what

is called the paper towel technique the

paper towel is we take a paper towel we

get the paper towel wet then we squeeze

it not as hard as we can get almost all

the water out open that baby up lay that

out and we put our seeds on the paper

towel now some people will take this

paper towel some will put them on a

computer some will put them on a water

heater on top of the water heaters a

good temperature and see what you can

see as we fold this over I put it inside

of a plastic gallon plastic bag and then

what I do is I fold this over I don't

zip it back up so a little bit of

American get in there and I may be

obsessed I'm not a normal person okay I

have a romant

so I have a little probe that I put in

here and it keeps it within one degree

of 86 degrees they have found the

perfect temperature for seats to start

as 86 so I put them inside of a blanket

because I want my babies to be warm and

then I put that on top and then we go

ahead and cover them now an average seed

will start in anywhere for maybe 36 to

48 hours those shells will break open

and a little root will start and what we

want to do is catch that root when it's

maybe out oh maybe a quarter of an inch

and then we're going to plant them in

our pots

now we do something kind of unique we

feel an ice-cream bucket full of

starting mix and we put the lid on and

then what I do is turn it over and I

have a week ago fill these up and put my

crazy and a little bit of sea weed kelp

inside with the soil and so our

mycorrhizae which is an organism that

grows with the pumpkin roots to help us

be a little bit more effective and then

we cut out the top and when we start

these seeds what I'm going to do is now

put these seeds under life that's where

the pumpkin starts right there so we and

then when we go to plant the pumpkin we

can take the bottom off very easily

sediments I pull the top off and we're

not just we're not disrupting the the