let's talk baby food transitions so

there are so many different opinions out

there about when to start feeding your

baby foods how you feel good what foods

to feed them all that jazz so I've taken

a lot of different opinions into

consideration I'm so breastfeeding for

it he will be six months actually he's

six months this week so um we have just

now started introducing real foods for

it a lot of people were like just go to

a grocery store and get you know baby

food it's all fine they have clean stuff

now and I was like me I'm gonna look

into making it myself then I'm gonna

look into like if they're actually are

clean good versions of baby food because

Lord I'll put anything in my own body

been not my hopes so I did some research

and I got this machine this beaba this

little French baby food making machine

so I'm about to make some sweet potatoes

cuz hashtag I got time for that

and um I like research making your own

baby food and then I research like when

you're on the go obviously my own bring

this machine everywhere is there a clean

one so I literally perused all of the


I looked at like the ingredients of all

of the different ones and I found this

one that looked exactly like what I put

in my baby food that I'm making myself

so this one says it has a half a sweet

potato and three and a half teaspoons of

water that's it Alex and ingredients

says organic sweet potato puree and

water that to me looks like exactly what

oh and the brand is plum organics and

it's I guess it's they have numbers on

them it says like number one is for

months and up so even though I'll wait

until six almost six months to start

feeding food it looks like that's when

you start with so when I make the

homemade sweet potato ah just chopped up

a sweet potato and use water so it looks

like it's the same thing the very first

week a lot of people said to just feed

them avocados they said

a lot of people said they it's a healthy

fat it's easy on their stomach and he

liked the avocado but whenever I fed him

a little sweet potato it was like he was

a he loved it which a lot of people say

like don't feed anything sweet in the

beginning cuz then they're just gonna

want sugar and I'm interested to know so

comment below like your opinions on that

like so far those are the only two

things that I have started with so I'm

cooking hello fresh because I don't want

to think about what I'm cooking so I'll

show you what I'm cooking as I'm cooking

for Ford they say that like rooted

vegetables like you can do far sniffs

you can do carrots you can do a bunch of

different things I'm gonna start like

experimenting with some little recipes

of different things also but I also like

this machine that I've got because it

seemed like it was the easiest one I'm

gonna show you like these are the only

steps that I'm taking you can get these

machines at williams-sonoma see mom a

bunch of different places I'm just gonna

give it a rough chop you then put the

vegetables whatever you're doing into

the steam basket and then go puree it

this is like a water reservoir so

depending on whatever a vegetable or

fruit you're doing or recipe because

like I said eventually you're gonna put

multiple ones in you'll fill it to

either line one two or three so with

sweet potatoes and root of vegetables

you fill it to three so I'm literally

gonna put water in this reservoir put

this back on

push this steam button right here and

then it's just gonna steam it steam here

we go I can literally step away and work

on dinner that I'm making for myself and

making the hella fresh meal the Korean

beef I don't know how to pronounce this

word did baby bop bip bibimbap one

reason that I like doing these

hellofresh meals and that we're always

showing these hello fresh meals is

because I spend less time at the grocery

store less time meal planning and all

this stuff you can actually get back to

doing things that I like to do like

making forts baby food I mean you only

have so much time in the day when you

are mother and you are running your own


so I feel like it really helps me with

my routine so I'm now gonna chop up

these vegetables I love it everything's

just already here already pre-measured

so you can literally whip up dinner in

like 30 minutes so it's super convenient

sorry someone just woke up say tell them

you were quiet a little bit and to it's

also very simple because all the

ingredients are all pre measured out I

hate it when you go to the store and you

have to get some ingredient that you're

never going to use again or I hate

wasting ingredients so that's another

reason that I really like this so my

parents came to watch Ford last week and

wave on nibla they got you a highchair

from Target I have brought some water to

a bowl over here I'm pouring in this

jasmine rice because you're supposed to

pour it in stir it and let it simmer

don't worry this this is the story all

about how a mom can cook for her family

and her child and feed her child and her

family he need he's so excited about a

sweet potatoes he's like slapping his

little tray my favorite oh the sweet

potatoes are still steaming so this is a

perfect example of why it's nice to have

this type of stuff on hand okay you

ready for you tired


yeah oh that's pretty yummy yummy yummy


yummy yummy such good titers oh yeah


yummy a little timer went off on the

beyond you've got your steamed

vegetables pour this in I'm curious

a little baby

okay so now I'm gonna scoop out the

sweet potato puree that I made I'm gonna

take a little bit of breast milk from

the fridge that's cold and add it in


one bite that's cool you're saying so


yeah both options right yeah mm-hmm

I just want to show you all that okay so

I had to pause for a moment to put my

child in bed hashtag the life of a

mother so I'm gonna cut these zucchini

lengthwise and then into these little

half moons and my eyes are watering from

chopping up a shallot so now I'm gonna

cut these carrots into ribbons we are

actually going out of town to Michigan

to see how some I thought mmm

next week so what's great about this is

we can pause our subscription anytime we

go out of town go on vacation anything

like that because you don't want to

waste off all this food so it's really

great that it's customizable it's not

like one of those subscriptions ways you

have to get it it's like exactly on

these days and all that stuff so I

really like that aspect about it because

we're always doing different things and

this weekend we're actually going home

to Kentucky so it's just you know it's

really great because we can customize

the subscription excited because this

recipe is using ginger which is

something that I don't use a lot in the

kitchen and I love it because I get

ideas from these types of recipes so I

love learning a way to incorporate

ginger I've ribbond all the carrots and

QALYs back you're making the sauce okay


I'm making the sauce the best part I

can't get the cameras there the best

part of any meal is the sauce whether

you're making hellofresh whether you're

down at the local chick-fil-a dippin

nuggets and buffalo sauce and ranch the

sauce is a must so I'm whipping up I've

got my sesame oil gonna put some sugar

in here little sriracha sriracha enough

for Spanish dishes sriracha was Mexican

they say it was Asian Mexican Asian it

don't matter

yeah it's all good does anyone else eat

cookies when they're cooking dinner at

him you're my ulti shallots soaked in

there that's kind of gross supposed to

good pickled chalets as he would say now

I'm putting these ribbon carrots in here

I like it too because these are really

simple instructions so in our let's

think about it even though I don't

really think about cooking whenever I

cook my own food here because it just

comes natural okay so I'm gonna cook

these for three or four minutes toss

them around in the hole and put a little

bit of salt and pepper I always like to

cook it with Himalayan sea salt

show me get lost in the sauce mmm smells

good too much sauce a lot of cells

tonight a lot of times people especially

people with families they're trying to

find like affordable options and I feel

like I waste so much whenever I go to

the grocery store so this is another way

I feel like to save money broken down it

adds up to like $6.99 per serving

which is a really good price so if

get the most milk wicked moolah I like

it too because it's easy cleanup did you

just go that's the same pan over and

over they probably could've used bigger


but I'm started kind of putting it

together here we don't have the meat in

there yet or the sauce that's gonna go

last so I have a great deal for you you

can get started with six meals for free

so that's two free meals in each of your

first three boxes which is insane and an

awesome deal so all you have to do is go

to hellofresh comm you enter in the code

Mallory urban sixty and you can get

sixty dollars up right off the bat so

you guys should try this if you are busy

and have nights like we've had tonight

where you have a million different

things going on the last thing you want

to worry about is trying to cook dinner

like from scratch out of thin air this

just makes life a lot easier so thank

you so much - hello fresh for sponsoring

and collaborating with us on this blog

we love working with them because this

is something we actually really love and


I'm gonna link this um machine that I

use I'm get ready to wash it look that's

the only thing that I have to wash it's

so easy only stuff felt like making your

own baby food would be really intense

and like only a mom that didn't have

anything else going on but worrying

about our baby it was the only mom that

could do this but here I am a working

mother that just made it super super

easy I'll put it on just recall oh let

me see that that's a literal serving

bowl piece