Baby Feeding Tips (Part 1): Weaning Your Baby

winning can be a very exciting time for

parents and babies alike through this

video we hope to share with you how to

introduce solid food to your baby we

will also be sharing review advice on

when what and how to fit your little one

during this weaning process for newborns

breast milk is the ideal form of

nutrition in fact the World Health

Organization recommends that mothers

exclusively breastfeed their babies for

the first six months as a babies

nutritional requirements continue to

grow complementary foods should be

introduced do take note that weaning

before four months of age is not

recommended as a baby's digestive tract

and immune system have not fully matured

delaying weaning to beyond six months is

also not recommended as it may increase

risk of nutritional deficiencies and

feeding problems

signs to educate your baby may be ready

for meeting include adequate head and

neck control ability to sit well when to

posit disappearance of the tongue thrust

extrusion reflex increase drooling and

putting things into mouth interest in

food and often for instance before

starting weaning is important to make

sure your child is seated upright use a

feeding chair with adequate head and

body support you may also use rolled-up

towels or pillows to better support your


starting your baby on I am 45 milk free

single grain cereals is preferred and

the first food by adding your baby's

usual milk the taste will still be

familiar to your baby

next enough milk to ensure that the

consistency is thin but still slightly

thicker then lock the mix should also

still be able to flow from the spoon

apart from cereals purity needs are also

excellent source of iron for your baby

to Puri foods first boil the piece of

meat and add enough water or milk to

blend to a Puri consistency

you may also use a sieve after blending

to see through lumps to obtain a smooth

Puri if required only introduce one new

food at a time and monitor for signs of

food allergy for over three to four days

before introducing another new food

picking the right leaning spoon for your

baby and using it properly are also

important for weaning for babies who

have just started leaning we usually

recommend soft and shallow lean spoons

to use a weeding spoon properly prevent

the spoon straight when putting it in

and when taking the spoon out from your

baby's mouth wait for your baby to close

his or her lid over the spoon to remove

the food do not scrape the spoon against

the teeth or lips as it does not teach

your baby the right spoon feeding

technique if during weaning your baby

show signs of wanting more food you may

increase the quantity of each meal

however avoid was feeding once your baby

is able to take about 3 tablespoon of

solid food is it sufficient to replace a

milk feed you may also increase the

frequency of spoon feeding to two to

three times daily to help establish

mealtimes that are similar to your

family's meal pattern we hope this video

can help you better understand how to

introduce weaning to your baby

remember avoid false feeding and be

patient with your baby when introducing

new foods watch our next video in which

we will share with you how to teach your

baby to chew self eat and drink from a

cup and straw thank you for watching