Real Questions - When do I start feeding baby solids?

hi my name is Tracy I'm from Los Angeles

my question is when to stop

breastfeeding and to start solids hi

Tracy well that's a very interesting

question so they actually don't go

hand-in-hand you don't have to stop

breastfeeding just because you're going

to start solid foods we generally

recommend that all infants remain

exclusively breastfed for the first six

months of life but some parents will

start introducing solids around five or

six months and that's perfectly fine and

when you do introduce solids we usually

say start with an iron fortified rice

cereal or oatmeal cereal and after that

you can start introducing all sorts of

fruits vegetables and meats but that

doesn't mean you have to stop

breastfeeding in fact some parents

choose to breastfeed throughout the

first year of life and some parents

choose to breastfeed for even longer

that's a very personal decision and it's

great for your baby to continue to