Top English / Grammar Homeschool Curriculum Picks


hi everyone and welcome back to my

channel this is Erica with confessions

about homeschooler and today I'm going

to be sharing my favorite English

curricula with you so I'm doing a top

picks kind of series going through all

of our subjects with my very favorite

stuff this is think these are all things

that I have definitely used before and I

liked and I just want to kind of help

give you a jumping point if you are

looking for an English curriculum for

your family hopefully what I am telling

you today will at least help you get

started researching on what is gonna

work best for you guys so the first one

I'm going to talk about is a Becca so

when my kids were younger we used a

Becca for quite a few things and I

actually do really like their English

and language curriculum for younger

students I stopped using it around third

grade pretty much for everybody because

we switched to BJ you press and I'll

talk about that as well and then I'll

talk about what we're using today at the

end of this video so a Becca is pretty

straightforward it's quite easy and I

think it's probably one of my favorite

for first and second grades and even

maybe into third

but it's basically they have two

different kind of workbooks that you go

through the first one is called letters

and sounds and then the other one is

called language and so it combines like

letters and sounds are kind of the

phonics side of things for younger kids

learning to read and combine words

together and things like that and then

the language is more the sentence

structure grammar kind of type of thing

and so it's really straightforward very

easy they do have a teacher's manual for

it for the younger grades I honestly

didn't really use the teachers manual a

whole lot the instructions are right on

top of the workbooks and so the

teacher's manuals can be kind of pricey

the only thing I would suggest is maybe

looking online and seeing if you can get

a used one first before you buy new just

make sure that you're getting the

current edition because if you have a

current edition teacher's manual with an

older book workbook or vice versa

they will not match up so just heads up

there same thing with bju I just make

sure you have the same version of

teachers manual

work but but they're really quite easy I

like how Abeka teaches phonics they

definitely go with the blending the

sounds together and things like that

which is kind of how I prefer to do it

and so I definitely like that for

younger kid oh so that is one of my top

picks for younger kids for English

starting around third grade fourth grade

I definitely prefer the BJ you press

English this one is fifth grade here and

one of the things that I really like

about them as opposed to dia Becca the

teachers manual is no Becca are fine

they're just all black and white and

just all text and so it can be kind of

hard to sift through like what you're

supposed to do for the day

or and whatnot and also the answer key

for the student workbooks is a separate

purchase which I'm I don't love that's

that Becca is slightly cheaper than bju

but one of the nice things about bju is

your lesson and everything are right

here the sheets right here are actually

your student worksheets with all of the

answers in them which is really nice and

then down here this whole kind of

section is the lesson and so it makes it

really quite easy to you know go through

the lessons it's really easy to read and

whatnot they both kind of cover the same

topics if I had to pick one BJ you

actually moves a little bit faster than

a Becca so if you have a student who's

struggling a Becca might be better you

know for you for the younger kids if you

have somebody who is bored with Rebecca

then maybe try BJ you press it

definitely moves a little bit faster

both our worksheet oriented kind of

curriculum and yeah

they both come with tests and answers so

here is kind of my BJ you teske and I

just kind of put it in here and then I

just have that and then here's the Ted

the student test and again I just kind

of put it in here and they can go

through those tests if you want to add

in tests um the other thing that is

included in there for both of them is

writing so BJ you does like one week of

kind of you know English type of stuff

and then one week of writing and then

one week of English so they might do

like verbs this week and then do a

writing unit and then

and then a writing unit and so forth

Rebecca kind of intermingles it

throughout the year so you're kind of

getting writing plus you know your your

English kind of all kind of interspersed

together which is great they're both

fine in that manner

Becca definitely is a little bit less

expensive but one thing with a Becca is

that you are having to purchase

everything separately so like where BJ

you press you do have to purchase your

tests and whatnot separately but like I

said the teachers manual has everything

including the answer key in here and

then you just have to purchase your

student work text separately Abeka it's

like you've got you have to purchase the

teachers manual then you have to

purchase the answer key the student

texts the quizzes the quiz answer key

the test you know and so there's quite a

few different little pieces that you

have to purchase when doing that

curriculum and it can be good and bad

good if you don't want to do the quizzes

and test you could save money in that

way but bad and that you have to have

there's like a lot of pieces to it but

either way both of them and I don't have

to be beca with me because we just used

it when they were younger and so I have

long gotten rid of it we don't use it


but they're both very similar very

traditional English curriculum the main

difference that I find and I don't like

bju as much for the like say first and

second grade is that they kind of go

with the word families as they're kind

of theme and Abeka tends to go more with

the blends of you know blending letters

and vowel chunks and consonant chunks

and things like that and that just goes

better with all the other things that

we're using so it definitely goes better

with if you're going to use all about

spelling or you know Institute for

excellence in writing and those kinds of

things and spelling you see they all

kind of more focus on that side and so

Abeka just fits in better with how they

teach phonics and english in my opinion

then the BJ you did but BJ you once you

hit third grade enough they don't have

the phonics stuff in there and so I

actually prefer this curriculum for

their English program and they based it

your students basically will have a

double-sided worksheet each day that

they do so you walk through the lesson

your students do the worksheet you can


and move on to the next thing the next

day Rebecca is more if I recall

correctly it's like one worksheet per

day so it's a little bit less they don't

they're quite as aggressive as far as

their schedule goes and so you know it

just kind of depends on what you're

looking for but both are definitely more

of a traditional curriculum okay the one

that we move into once you know we use

bju for years and I was very happy with

it I love bgu I could not speak more

highly of it I think it's a great

curriculum my kids started kind of get

just getting bored with it and I wanted

to try something new and since we were

doing the iew writing I thought hey

let's try the iew fix it I've heard

really great things about their

curriculum and so we decided to just

make a change mainly just to have a

change partially because my oldest

daughter was again is it seventh grade I


and the bju curriculum has been updated

up to that point and then they didn't

update the seventh grade and the

teachers manual was extremely hard to

read there was not really any lessons in

there whatsoever it was more just like

the answer key with lessons interspersed

and all the lessons were actually in her

textbook and I know they do that on

purpose because she's older so she would

read her own lesson and then do her work

but then when I if she needed help which

she did quite a bit for that grade for

that particular subject it was really

hard for me to help her I had to go back

and read through all their things and

try and figure out why the answer that

was in my answer key was the correct

answer and so I just found it difficult

they didn't they didn't have as much

teacher help in there as I needed for

that and so that's why we kind of looked

for something different and when we did

that we actually switched everybody over

from bju to this one and this one is

called fix-it grammar it's by iew

Institute for excellence in writing and

this is just the first book they have

several levels so I'm just gonna I'm

just showing you this one because my

youngest is on it so here's my teacher's

manual and then here is her workbook and

you can buy them in digital format or in

printed copy and then my teachers manual

we can show you this here my teachers

manual has exactly what is written in

workbook they basically have a little

lesson to go through and this might look

kind of intimidating but we're on week

19 and week 1 I assure you is much

easier and they really ease them into

things and they introduce one concept at

a time and I have a whole review on this

which and the bju actually on which I

will link below if you want to see more

information on it but basically we read

this lesson together and then she this

is my teacher's manual so she has this

one sentence that she has to edit today

here are all the little marks that she

needs to make on it and then here's

notes for me to help her if she's having

questions or problems or whatever this

is what hers looks like so as you can

see it's the same thing she's

highlighted a couple things that are

important she's working on prepositions

this week and then for her here's her

sentence she only does one a day so it's

super easy and she has to mark them all

up and then as you can see this was her

first day on preposition so she missed

some things there um but it's not like

oh here's a here's a sentence do it all

like today it's like here's your first

sentence today we're just gonna find the

nouns and then next week they start

finding you know the nouns plus the

verbs and then the next week they're

doing maybe capital letters and they

just kind of keep building on that so as

the weeks increase your students are

marking more and more things on their

sentence and so when you first start out

it doesn't take hardly any time at all

and you're like wow this was like really

easy like here let's look at week one

day one sentence one as you can see all

she had to mark were the nouns they're

super easy and then she writes it and so

she just has a spare notebook here and

so she rewrites the sentences once we

fix them and if she had you know if we

had to make any corrections to it like

an apostrophe or capitalize or add a

punctuation or whatever she rewrites the

completed version in this little

notebook here and then she also has if

you'll notice one of those words is

bolded the one that's kind of

underlining red there at the top and

that was poor and so at the back of here

she has a little tab and these are all

of her vocabulary words so she is in

charge of looking up those words and

then she just writes them all out here

on her workbook and so all she has to do

every day is correct her one sentence


her nouns or whatever the curriculum is

telling her to mark rewrite the sentence

in her book and then look up her

vocabulary words so English only takes

her about maybe 15 or so minutes maybe

20 kinda depends the sentences do get

longer as they get older and you know

like as you can see weeknight teen this

is like a two line sentence and the

words get harder and she's looking at

more things so at the beginning it seems

really fast and easy and then as you

progress it obviously gets a little bit

more challenging and whatnot but by the

time they get through this I feel like

they are actually doing really well

being able to you know like recognize

parts of speech and whatnot and my kids

all did really well on our standardized

testing and that's always kind of my

final like is this working and not that

I would change this curriculum if they

didn't do great on there because I love

it so much and I when I'm talking to

them and they're marking things I know

they know what they're doing

sometimes those standardized tests can

be written in such a way that it can be

really confusing for them and you know

kind just kind of tricky a little bit I

think and when they're marking these

they do really really well so I am quite

confident in this curriculum I love it I

love that it doesn't take very long

they're not doing you know big ol long

boring worksheets it's quite fast and

what they're doing at the same time I

don't think I mentioned this because

I've done a review on this before so I

forgot that they're basically rewriting

a story so this particular one is the

nose tree each level is a different


but they're basically everyday writing a

sentence in a story and so they're by

the time of the end of the week they

pretty much have like you say a

paragraph one for that story and then

next week the story continues in their

writing paragraph two in paragraph three

and so on and so during that whole time

they're learning all of the parts of

speech quotation marks commas you know

possessive nouns recognizing verbs and

adverbs and adjectives and all of that

kind of stuff just slowly start creeping

in through the curriculum as you go and

then by the time they're done they've

essentially just rewritten this entire

story so I like that they're getting a

story background instead of just kind of

random information which I feel like

some of the workbook worksheet kind of

curriculums are like that where you know

they're getting their point across but

they're like here

right this random sentence and pick out

these random things out of it and so I

think the story aspect of the fix-it

grammar makes it a little bit more

interesting to them they've got this

ongoing story that they're reading and

writing and like they kind of want to

know what happens next and some of the

stories are goofy some of them are you

know funny and so I think that just

gives it a little bit more of an

interesting element added to it and like

I said it's not you know so much

worksheet you know they really are kind

of focusing on one sentence a day as you

get into the older that might not seem a

lot like a lot like for her this is the

first level but like my older kids who

are doing it are doing like you know

paragraphs and things like that so they

definitely the workload I think

proportionately increases based on the

grade and so I really like that about it

I like the style and then the last thing

that I really like about it is that it

coordinates really well with the IAW

writing curriculum which I'll talk about

when I get into our writing one video

but I love that curriculum and these two

things just go together like perfectly

you know they're finding kind of the

same things in the same manner as they

are for their writing curriculum and so

I think that just makes it all kind of

mesh together really well and so I

really like it for that reason as well

so we've been using this curriculum for

a few years now and I love it and

barring any you know unforeseen

circumstances I do plan to continue I'm

using the fix-it grammar it's probably

one of my favorite curriculum at this

point so anyways those are my top picks

for English I hope that at least helped

you give you a little bit of information

like I mentioned below I do have put

links below I have specific reviews for

these products I don't think I did one

for Rebecca because we stopped using it

but I do have BJ you and fix-it grammar

reviews videos for you so I'll link

those below and you can go and check

those out in a little bit more detail if

you're interested in one over the other

but anyways those are my top picks for

English curriculum I hope that has

helped give you at least a starting

point in researching for your family if

you have any English curriculum that you

absolutely look

there's a ton more out there these are

just my favorite out of the ones that we

have tried make sure leave a comment

below maybe say why what you love about

it so that other people can learn from

that as well so anyways thank you so

much for watching this video and hanging

out with me today and I will see you

next time