Puppy's First Grooming Tips


hey guys it's Rudy from grooming by Rudy

thanks again for tuning in guys we've

gotten a lot of requests for how to

introduce a puppy to a dog grooming so

we figured we would take a shot on Oreo

here he's a little Kapoor he's adorable

he's a customer of mine who actually

just got a new puppy and this is him

very very sweet a lot of times with

puppies they do not accept the grooming

it's very tedious it's it's difficult to

introduce them to it they're all

different some take to it very well

others don't and require a lot more time

so we really don't know with Oreo just


but right off the bat we're gonna be

talking about safety so we're gonna put

Oreo on our grooming table just going to

put them on and just let him get his his

whereabouts and let him sniff around

again sometimes with puppies we have to

approach it very very slowly depending

on the individual dog we want safety to

be the the priority here so what we're

going to do is we're going to just make

sure that we're holding him or we have

the noose on him but to be honest with

you I don't want to introduce the noose

too quickly one thing we don't want is

him falling off the table or jumping off

the table which puppies tend to do for

the moment I'm leaving his collar on

just so that I can have a little bit

more control over him but we're going to

start to brush him out with our slicker

brush and see how he takes to that and

again guys they they tend to not like

this we have to keep in mind that just

maybe a month ago Oreo was with his

siblings he was with you know his mother

and all of a sudden he's just in this

totally different environment where he's

being handled and being brushed and you

could see just not crazy about the bra

but we're gonna keep this first grooming

to a minimum we don't want to do too

much so any anybody out there that's

kind of expecting a dog groomer to

achieve a lot on the first grooming it's

it's very rare that that happens guys

like for example if you're the customer

with a new puppy don't walk into a

grooming shop and say oh I want this

done and I want that done because as you

can see you could barely get anything

done so you have people coming in saying

oh I want the bangs cut and I want the

ears trimmed and meanwhile this this is

usually the reaction you get from a

first-time grooming so it's important to

keep the first grooming to a minimum you

know I'm you know I'm kind of letting

him have his way I don't want I don't

want to you know I don't want to force

them into anything so it's kind of like

jump around a little bit

it's okay Bobo come here come over here

come here

I'm holding him I'm not choking him in

any way I'm live see my pinky under here

you can see that I'm just kind of

supporting his his legs and I'm not

holding him by his neck they don't like

their rear being done too much and then

if they have any knots it's okay Bobo

it's okay it's okay

and if they get too excited you know you

kind of want to stop and restart you

know you might get a lot of yelping as

you just heard him okay good boy good

boy see and now we're really reinforcing

the the positiveness and with just

telling him how good he is to be honest

he's in really good shape and he doesn't

require a whole lot of brushing the

other thing we're going to introduce

because eventually Oriole here is going

to require a haircut because he's a

calves apa' so he's got that poodle coat

coming in so I'm actually going to turn

my Clippers on I don't have him loose if

you notice I'm holding him calm

stiffly I don't really want to put a

noose on them because I poppies have

very fragile necks you don't want him

pulling or jumping or god forbid he

jumps off the table you you could snap

this little puppy's neck and I would we

don't want that to happen that's the

last thing we want right or real right

Bubba good boy okay so this what I'm

gonna do next guys I'm gonna turn the

Clipper on I'm not going to give him a

haircut I'm just going to kind of do

this and pet him if you notice what I'm

doing here I'm holding him by his collar

just getting him used to the sound on

petting him and running the Clippers at

the same time hopefully associating the

Clipper sound to a good feeling this is

this is what we're doing this is all

we're doing is getting him used to the

vibration and to be honest with you he's

actually taking it really really well

I've seen dogs not do too well with this

but see what I'm doing I just have the

Clippers going so and I'm and I'm

scratching him all around his face this

way he'll associate that sound with

something that's not hurting him and

he's doing really really well with it

I'm even gonna hold off on clipping his

nails today again less is always more

when you're introducing a puppy to

grooming and now we're just gonna turn

it off and again good boy Oreo what a

quick boy what a good boy you are you

see how good you're doing you're doing

so good better go boy introducing a

puppy to grooming is a training process

you have to train them to get groom

there's no magical answer again if you

if you're expecting your groomer to do

this amazing haircut right off the bat

you're kidding yourself because the dog

is just not going to stay still enough

for that basically we're just

introducing him to his new environment

as far as grooming the new sights the

new sounds and the

the key here is that in we're gonna have

this customer come back in about two

three weeks and that way will will will

will do more then and it's a trust issue

guys we have to gain Oreos trust he's a

baby and this is his first class and to

be honest with you he's doing amazing

he's really doing good despite how jumpy

he is you know he's he's doing ok ok oh

good boy what a good boy are we oh what

a good boy Bob up here look into the

camera so everybody sees how cute you


hi what a good boy you're such a good

boy where we go look remember the brush

yeah oh good boy Oreo good boy look at


look at that oh I took those boy you are

you cook boy and you want to kind of

avoid them biting the brush too because

you know that with the with the teeth on

the brush they can easily you know

puncture their lip or their mouth or

their tongue so you know and you don't

want to make it too much plate time

either you kind of want to you know tell

them good and and and then continue it's

okay stay Bubba stay good boy okay oh

what a good boy what a good boy okay

guys so two little simple tricks right

there introducing a puppy to grooming

just kind of do a little bit of brushing

and you know run the Clippers and you

saw what I did so any groomers out there

you might already know that that might

be your method it's one of the methods

we use but again less is more in the

beginning we want to just keep the first

grooming to a minimal we're gonna put

order in the bath right now and you know

we're going to introduce them to the

blow-dryer - we'll see how he does with

that we don't have enough time to do

that in this video but we're gonna show

you more videos and and we're gonna

hopefully show you how Oreo progresses

in the grooming but he's a very sweet

dog he's just he's a puppy guys and

that's that's what this is about and

he's very sweet puppy so I don't want to

scare him out of the groom

in any way so he lessons more guys and

give it up for Oreo thank you once again

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just give it up for oreo guys's first

time what a sweet little puppy he is