7 Master Grower Tips How To Grow Big Cannabis Buds AND INCREASING YIELDS


you can't handle the truths

let's talk about what the Gardner has to

do to set himself up for big bugs and

big harvests so tip one you need to make

sure your plants stay happy and healthy

to even consider growing stocked healthy

flowers that just keep getting bigger

having a very healthy vegetable ants

performs well during the flowering stage

the more issues you run into the more

times you're going to be setting back

the production of the flowers so some

things to stay on top of during the

flowering stage would be air circulation

healthy and hardy plants really do love

and rely on that fresh air using an

exhaust fan to exchange the air in the

grow and using fans to push and

circulate the air throughout the canopy

as much as possible is really a big

factor in keeping those plants happy

having the proper equipment that allows

the grower to actually gain control over

in the environment is absolutely

imperative and I really encourage

beginner growers to look at buying these

types of equipment before going out and

buying their very first high-end LED

commercial grow light you can do just

fine with beginner lights you don't need

the very best right off the start

especially if you're not sure what

you're doing and you don't even have all

the equipment in place to begin with now

for farmers to grow big flowers they

need to maintain an optimal temperature

which for flowering is in the high

seventies and you also need to avoid

excess humidity because during this

stage pests and disease just thrive off

that type of environment and flower

production just doesn't so when I start

the flowering stage I always like to

have a round of 50% relative humidity in

the flower room and come mid to end

flower I like to have an average of 40%

RH this is why having a dehumidifier or

humidifier along with an AC unit is

important to achieving big flowers so

moving on to tip 2 and that is

maintaining the proper pH levels now the

pH zone controls what nutrients the

plant will uptake and consume and if


using the proper pH levels then your

plant will not be able to absorb the

food and you'll not be maximizing the

plant's potential so make sure you have

the correct pH level for the type of

growing medium and nutrients that you

use and of course understand that

bottled nutrient growers need to use a

different pH as organic grower so make

sure you do your homework I'm using

cocoa with organic dry amendments and my

optimal pH ranges around six point five

to six point eight now this is because

I'm using micro gills in the medium

which is doing all the heavy lifting but

breaking down all the food for the root

intake and of course they really hate a

low pH zone which is a very high acidity

so just make sure you understand the

optimal pH ranges you need to be in for

the growing style that you're using now

moving on to tip 3 is just nutrients

making sure your plan is receiving the

proper amount of food and is not being

left hung out to starve is important in

the continuation of the flower

production you only want your plans to

show hunger at the very end of the

flower stage during the flushing part it

doesn't matter what kind of nutrients or

brand you use just make sure your plan

is fed properly there's many effective

nutrient lines in today's cannabis

growing industry that you can use

now for tip four of course is the light

source but we're not talking brands

making sure you just have effective

lighting for the grow space being use is

important find your favorite grow light

that fits your budget and make sure it's

enough power to effectively cover your

grow area the generic equation for

equipping lights for your grow room is

35 watts to 50 watts per square foot use

now finally once you do become a grow

master I then recommend looking at all

the top-end LEDs because those will

increase your yields come harvest time

but once again only if you know what

you're doing







tip five cover your grow area with bud

sites do training your plans to increase

Cola sites so your grow space is

effectively covered while the wall is

the easiest way to increase your yields

now depending on the style of your grow

you're doing you may want to consider

using topping super cropping and low

stress training techniques to help push

out your plants to fill out the gross

space prior to flipping the flower that

combined with the next tip which is


yes genetics know your genetic strain in

these property notes of those strains

that are prone to growing big and

stacking flowers the fact is some

strains just grow bigger and produce

larger yields than others so you need to

go on the hunt and find your favorite

strain that produces the biggest yield

for yourself this is my granddaddy /

Kofi no I have in this plant is just a

vigorous as they come this Fino of the

granddaddy purple loves to veg into big

plants and during the flowering stage it

develops stat colas instead of golf

sized buds like this chocolate an OG

strain in the 5 by 5 so know your

genetics and understand it just takes

time to find the proper females of a

strain that are the most optimal for

stacking large flowers and getting big


there's nothing about growing cannabis

that is fast and that includes finding

the strange to grow now the very last

and final tip is going to be light


now using the foliation techniques

during early to mid flower greatly

increases the light penetration into the

canopy in this aids into the stacking

production of the budding flowers this

GDP is a great example of a great

genetic while using defoliation to

increase penetration to extend this

color size is important to know how and

when to use defoliation light veg and

early flower is when I like to give the

plans to their first round of turning

and then I wait a few weeks to do it

again no later than week 5 a flower

after that I like to let the plants

focus on fattening up without any random


so I really hope you found these simple

tips to obtaining big flowers useful and

enjoy this video if you did I just

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