Advanced Nutrients Grand Master Grower - Complete Nutrient Line - Full Detailed Explanation


hello everyone

mpk all the way here there we're going

to talk about advanced nutrients this is

the master growing line I'm going to try

to explain every single bottle that's in

that line I'm also going to try to

explain everything that's in the bottles

so if I have something wrong please bear

with me because there's a lot of

information to to keep in mind here also

if I make any mistakes feel free to come

and make them in the comments so I can

update them in my video first off let me

start with the note that this is not an

advertisement in any way this is not a

sponsored video all the nutrients that

I'm going to show and explain our

products that I bought myself I'm going

to use them in my own seat to harvest

video so sit back and enjoy this video

so let me start with our base nutrients

our basement greens are basically the

sensi cocoa grow and the sensi cocoa

grow Part B so we have a Part A and Part

B we have the same one on this side but

this is these are for the bloom it's

also part a and a Part B these are meant

for cocoa so because I'm growing in

cocoa choir that's why I'm using these

nutrients because there's also a sense e

grow in a sense e bloom without the

cocoa added basically what it does is

the sensi cocoa with cocoa you have the

tendency that cocoa binds itself to

calcium and magnesium this floor

therefore it will steal it from your

from your nutrients this can lead

eventually to calcium and magnesium

deficiencies however with this with this

formula they optimize the levels of

calcium and magnesium so you don't have

to worry about that

so usually you have to add some calmac

extra as you can see here we have two

usually you had two at this sensi calmac

extra to every fee that you did now well

they optimized these bait nutrients

based nutrients it's not needed anymore

however if you feel you can always put a

small dose of this it says 2 milliliters

a liter

but you can always go for 4 small dose

like half a milliliter or a liter so you

always have that cal-mag in there it's

not needed because they claim that it's

in it's in in their nutrients the other

benefit that coco also releases

potassium within there's within the

cocoa itself this will happen over time

as cocoa degrades and therefore

releasing potassium so with the cocoa

grow they they changed the amount of

potassium traces inside of this newt so

you will not have a toxicity of

potassium in your plants with the sensi

grow normal so without the cocoa part

again they will have a higher level of

potassium last but not least they also

added to both of these bottles they

added a wetting agent called wet Betty

you should usually you have to buy them

separately but now they're included in

this in this nutrient line in this base

line basically what wet Betty is it's a

surfer a surfactant that what but what

means is that it reduces the tension for

the water to go into the cocoa and

therefore better penetration penetration

in the cocoa that will result of course

in a better delivery to your plant so

sensical grow a and B and the sensi

cocoa bloom a and B they should be

always administered in an equal amount

so if they say that it's 2 million as a

leader that they mean that it's 2

milliliters of this bottle plus 2

milliliters of that bottle

so always administer them evenly so next

up we're going to our strangers we have

a couple of stringers in this line and

the strengtheners are

Rhino skin they are is the b-52 and it's

the Sens design these three products are

called stringers basically let's start

off with the b-52 so with the b-52 what

you have is in fact a vitamin boost for

your plant it contains a lot of vitamin

B for example it has the b1 b2 b3 b5 and

the b7 vitamin inside the bottle it also

includes some seaweed and some kelp

extract that's will that's like every we

so love with like every vitamin it helps

your plant your plant to like it heals

better or that the overall health of

your plant that's what I'm trying to say

will be better with with these vitamins

and it also increases the floral

production what this means is that if

you add these vitamins into your nud

line you will basically give them a

boost in their metabolism and this will

speed up their metabolism and also will

make them more stress relief what they

also included in this newt is that they

included some ufo-like folic acid and

some units you made sorry for

mispronouncing that this will also

increase your cell production plus they

will increase your metabolism of the

plant all in all so basically what b-52

is it's like a vitamin bomb

for your plants next up we have the

rhino skin rhino skin is in fact our

silica it's our silica base silica is

used to strengthen your plant cells

while your plants cell walls which those

which then increase of course the plants

resistant to fungus and insects so if

you add this to your to your new line

notes this will strengthen your plant

and it will strengthen them against

pests from outside

it also helps to make your stamps like

thick it makes them a lot stronger as

well because of the cell wall

strengthening and it also causes your

plan to uptake more co2 which of course

increases the nutrient absorption what

it also does is it will it will reduce

the water loss through the reliefs so

every product plant releases water

through the Leafs but this will reduce

it with that being said it will help

against or it will guard against

whittling but with a lot of wilting

sorry what wilting means is that a

process where the water evaporates from

the from the leaf and the plant will

have a tendency to curl upwards and

therefore making its its its area a

surface area smaller so it needs less

water to put in that in that leaf this

will help you from well leaving that

leaf intact and leaving the water inside

the leaf so basically if you use dryness

skin you will get a stronger so you will

get stronger cell walls you will get

thicker stems and you will get a high a

higher co2 uptake and that's why this

product is here to help last of the

strength nurse is the senses I'm sensing

I'm is basically your enzymes these are

protein proteins sorry that boosts the

breakdown of organic matter into into

another form like newts that what that

basically means is that it cleans up the

roots it cleans them up it's getting rid

of all the dead material inside your

cocoa in your medium so all the dead

roots that are inside your your medium

it won't get rid of that and it will

convert them actually to nutrients so

this will save you in the end because it

makes nutrients for free for stuff like

it's not for free of course but it's it

makes your zone near the root zone a lot

healthier in the process of doing that

as I said it also makes these nutrients

available again to the new

so if you don't want that roots taking

up your medium you will need Scentsy

senses I'm to help you out to get rid of

that basically all these three products

are meant to make your plant a lot

stronger make them more resistant to

fungus and insects plus they will get

you get rid of red dead roots in your

medium last but not least this entire

thing will give you a lot more vitamins

and therefore also making your plant a

lot healthier next up we have see we

have our roots mass expanders these are

the voodoo juice

piranha and we have our tarantula so

basically what these do these will make

sure that your root mass will expand

let's first talk about the Voodoo juice

the Buddha juice basically is a powerful

but very concentrated blend of

beneficial microbes they inserted like I

don't know like 12 super strains inside

this bottle of microbes with that will

help your plant against root of disease

it will break down your nutrients a lot

better so your so your roots are a lot

more capable to uptake those nutrients

and it stimulates root branching for

bigger root mass the Voodoo juice are

actually bacteria that the Coco is

missing by itself because if you grow in

soil there are there are I said that

there are beneficial bacteria already

present in the in the soil we cook what

we don't have that so we'll have to add

them if you add this so you will your

root will expand it will help your

bacteria to colonize a lot better

breaking down those notes for your plant

and as you know bigger roots create

bigger plants create bigger yields next

up we have our

tarantula trench sorry

tarantula Purana I'm sorry the next up

we have our brown piranha piranha is a

blend of like beneficial fungus fungi

they have the same purpose basically as

the microbes that are found in voda

juice footage ooze and tarantula the

fungi breaks down again breaks down the

nutrients for a better uptake by the

plant it also protects it against

disease same as this product does so

they basically work together to make an

ideal situation for the bacteria and the

fungi in your root zone so these two

together are perfectly fine to combine

where did you wear this voodoo juice for

example delivers your microbes piranha

delivers the fungi to work alongside and

work together again increasing your end

result last but not least we have the

tarantula with the tarantula

we have also a mix of beneficial

microbes in fact in this bottle there is

another 11 super strains some are

similar to the voodoo juice but some are

not so with this being said they combine

they will make a very healthy root zone

with a lot of bacteria and there the

microbes in this bottle will also

colonize around the roots protecting

them protecting them from diseases and

feeding them a lot of oxygen and also

breaking up the the newts that you give

them for better uptake for the roots

tourette tarantula is another actually

good way of adding beneficial microbes

just like the voodoo juice to your

medium basically all these three

combined are microbes are fungi that are

usually found in soil they are not

present in cocoa and therefore we have

to add them to our cocoa to get the same

pros as a soil medium dusts without

having the problem of over watering it

and without having

a problem to have no oxygen in it so if

you combine these straight together you

will have the biggest you have the world

biggest potential to have a very very

expanded root zone and therefore giving

your plant the best way of taking up the

nutrients and protecting it against

diseases next up in our list will have

the but potency enhancers what these

actually are are the let me see are the

Nirvana and otherwise it's the butt

factor X so what these do is for let's

start with Nirvana nirvana is a whole

range of like natural food it contains

for example alfalfa meal

it contains earthworm castings humus see

we XE weed extracts sorry yucca extract

it also contains if I get it right some

bat guano and mineral called azomite

what these do these these natural foods

these they will increase the natural

oils and terpin atropine's production

within your plant Nirvana rich is

actually the gap between a natural grown

plant that's like it bridges the gap

between a natural growing plant and a

hydroponic growing plant so as an extra

it also boosts the speed of growth so if

you want to get as close as possible to

a natural grown plant a Nirvana will

help to bridge that gap feeding your

plant some natural foods on the other

hand we have the butt factor X but

factor is is a product that fights it

fights your your plants immune system it

will trigger it to defend itself without

actually causing it harm or stress so

the benefit of that is that it will

cause the plant to produce a lot more

enzymes and therefore strengthening your


if your strength your plant it will gum

become more effective or we will come

more resistant to diseases pests and

even with stressful environments if you

cannot keep your environment and check

in this will help you out causing your

plant to stress less about it another

benefit of increasing the level of

enzymes is that the plant starts to

produce high quantities a high quantity

of essential oils significantly

increasing the final weight of your plan

of course because the more oil the more

weight you get to your plan and last but

not least it carries small traces of

magnesium that will also nourish the

beneficial bacteria found in the root

expenses that we just explained the

voodoo juice the tarantula and the

piranha so if you want a healthier if

you want to have your end product sorry

I want to trick your plants so they get

stronger but factor X will help you out

but both these products will create a

higher enzyme production for your plant

causing it to make more essential oils

and therefore giving you more weight in

the final yields next up we will have

our bigger butts that's big butt cocoa

and that's overdrive basically what big

butt cocoa does it contains a wide

spectrum of yield boosting and flavor

enhancing ingredients one of the most

important ones in this bottle is iron

which is something that cocoa also tends

to steal from your from your plant and

therefore adding it with this big butt

cocoa you will help your plant to get

the right dose or the right efficiency

of iron it also contains a healthy dose

of potassium and phosphorus I'm sorry

these are required in large quantities

late in the bloom veg bloom stage but

they also notice Lea increase the amount

of but sites that you are getting on

your flower on your plant if you're

higher if you're if you want more bud

sites if you want in general more of

our production but is the way to go

after that we have our overdrive

overdrive basically takes over it this

guy ends so it's designed to optimally

swell mature and improve your flowers in

the delayed bloom cycle it's that extra

final push that you're giving your plant

to get bigger higher quality results and

heavier butts overdrive will basically

give you an amazing end result so almost

letting you see how the crops back on

weight and size before your eyes so if

you use these products in your plants

life you will get the best possible

result in the end yields will be a lot

higher than you've ever seen before

these are great products last but not

least we have our buck taste and

chirping and answers these are the let's

see we have the butt candy over here and

we have the flawless finish but candy is

a special mixture of sugars

carbohydrates that will basically give

your plan a burst of energy it also

causes the beneficial microbes and fungi

that are in the root zone that are

created by of course our voodoo juice

our piranha and our tarantula to

increase their growth production which

will make them even more effective and

super charging them to create in a

better nutrient environment for your

plant but candy also increases the sugar

levels within the plant itself which not

only increases the size and weight of

your plant but also intensifies the

aroma and flavor of your plant so to

give you a root zone that extra boost

and to create an even better aroma or

flavor you will need this product but

candy last but not least we'll have our

flawless finish with flawless finish as

the word says you will use it in the

last week of your flowering stage of the

plant it will cause the plant to up

take all of the nutrients left within

the medium and within the plant itself

getting rid of all the salt and the

toxic residues that are still left in

your soil or cocoa in this case or in

your plant and this will end this will

end up in a way more cleaner more

aromatic and eventually better tasting

end product so basically these two

products we will use in our grow they

are a few but they are actually to help

that little extra in the end of course

there are a lot more extra advanced

nutrients that they are made these are

the only ones I'm only once these are a

shitload of sorry for that these are a

bunch of of products that we will use in

our grow the only thing I don't have

from the master grow line is the butt

igniter that's the only one I don't have

because my local store couldn't provide

that but basically I'm explained a lot

of these products to begin with I will

also in a later stage upload my feeding

plan my feeding schedule that I do for

my plants but if you follow my

day-to-day grow video my daily upload

you will actually see how I mix my

nutrients how I in which order that I

add them to my to my to my water and in

which quantities I also add them to my

flowers so meant to my plants so I hope

you enjoyed this video I hope I didn't

make too many mistakes I did my best to

research everything about every product

in here but again I'm also new to this

to this nutrient line and there's not a

lot of information found on YouTube that

actually explain what these do or how to

administer them so that will be in my

next video and how I make my my feeding

plan and how I will add them

my to my water so all in all these are

all the products we have they are a lot

so again we have our you column we have

our but taste and terpene extract and

answers here we have our root zone

enhancers our expanders then we have our

base notes the I'm gonna just put the

blow room and the grow here but of

course there's a party and a Part B we

have our our enhancers no not our

enhancers our I call them our strength

nurse these three guys and we have the

Nirvana and the but factor X it's too

much to get on this screen so a lot of

products as you can see all in all it's

a great line they have also amazing nice

make pictures made graphics on the

bottles they look very they look very

cool they have a kind of old style to

them and that's something I really like

so guys that's it for today give my

video a thumbs up maybe subscribe and

I'll see your questions and your

comments below so see you in the next

one bye bye