What I Wish I Knew Before Growing a Beard

hey what's going on it's Jack melaka for

beardbrand today i want to share with

you guys three things that I wish I had

known back before I ever started growing

a beard I'm 24 years old right now and

I've been growing a beard for about 10

or so years during that time I've

learned a lot about what you can can't

shouldn't and should do when it comes to

growing a beard and I thought I'd go

back in time and tell myself three

things that I wish I had known before I

ever started out growing any facial hair

whatsoever so the first thing I wish I'd

known was that it's not all gonna grow

evenly that's just the truth sometimes

you're gonna find that you're gonna grow

things that are in the mustache area


maybe the goatee maybe the cheeks maybe

just the neck point is what you see is

not what you're gonna get what your

beard looks like five years from now is

not gonna be what it looks like ten

years from now or 20 years from now look

at guys like Gregg Brzezinski on this

channel he didn't get the beard that he

has right now until he was in his 40s or

50s personally I didn't get the beard

that you see now until I was in my early

to mid 20s when I was 14 15 16 really

all I was getting back then was the

cheeks the goatee and just a smattering

of the mustache nothing connected and

eventually it did so keep that in mind

for yourself maybe what you're growing

right now is not what you're ultimately

going to get so be patient with it

second thing I wish I knew back then is

at the beginning is gonna be rough it's

gonna test you especially within that

first month a lot of guys sacrifice

their beards only 30 days in they don't

even get to that 30 day mark sometimes

because what we see during that time is

what we called the awkward face it not

only doesn't look great it doesn't feel

great it can be itchy it can be sore and

it can just feel like you want to rip

your face off sometimes but that's where

care comes in that's where things like

beard oil and balm are gonna be your

best friend because it's gonna soothe

those hairs as they're breaking through

your skin and growing out into that big

old beard my challenge to the earlier

version of myself would be give yourself

that 30 days don't just go to two weeks

and say screw it I don't want to have

this anymore

I just want the big beard and this is

taking too long this is itchy I hate

this let's get rid of it be patient with

it I know it sucks right now but it gets

better if you start taking good care of

your beard right away you're gonna

notice that awkward phase and so awkward

it may look a little weird but it's not

gonna feel so bad all right and then the

third and final thing I wish I had known

back then and this really even applies

to right now is that you don't have to

go for that big gigantic massive dense

beard I know what you're doing you're

looking on the internet and you're

seeing all these guys these big massive

gnarlybeard's and you go that's the only

one I want that's the only thing I can

get and that is the only thing I'm going

to set my sights on when in reality I'm

gonna come out and say it I think the

majority of people on planet earth

cannot grow that type of beard you know

the big massive one I think the majority

of us here grow what we call patchy

beards maybe some of us don't grow

beards at all point is the big gigantic

beard isn't for everyone so do yourself

a favor and do some research figure out

what else is out there there are tons of

different facial hair styles that you

can pick you don't just have to go for

that massive one you can go for just the

mustache just the goatee call that a Van

Dyke maybe you connect everything circle

beard maybe you're doing I'm doing these

days shaving down the cheeks even though

you can grow them you find that this is

what really suits you at the end of the

day it's what makes you feel confident

about yourself I don't want you to set

unattainable goals and I don't want you

to set unrealistic goals so be smart be

realistic and be careful and I mean that

in the most basic way care for your

beard as you're growing it out so just

because you're not rolling a big massive

beard doesn't mean you shouldn't take

care of it just like you would if it was


treat your beard as a world-champion

beard because it's attached to a

world-champion guy okay that's all I've

got for you this week guys so that is

what I would tell myself if I could go

back in time and visit myself and say

these are three things that you should

know before you go on and grow a beard

all right so until I see you next week

hey keep on growing all right stop

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