Beard Advice for Teenagers | Jack Milocco

hey what's going on it's Jack melago

from beardbrand today I've got some

advice for all you teenagers out there

who are trying to grow your beards we've

said this in a video before and I'll say

it again here growing a beard as a

teenager is no different than growing a

beard as an adult you just put down the

razor and you stop shaving but there's

more to it than that because really

there's nitty-gritty parts of it that a

lot of people really don't understand so

I can tell you this as a guy who was

obsessed about growing a beard as a

teenager so let's take a little trip

down memory lane okay

I started getting facial hair about 11

years ago when I was 13 years old I

originally was getting you know peach

fuzz that a lot of guys get and a little

tiny bit of growth on the cheeks but not

much to speak of the same time though I

really really wanted a beard however it

wasn't really in the car to me at 13

years old

let's fast-forward a little bit too

let's get into that 14 years 15 years

and finally 16 years old that's when I

really started to see the cheeks coming

a lot stronger and the mustache really

didn't change much it kind of continued

to be a sort of peach fuzz situation I

got a little bit more growth on jawline

and a little bit on the neck but the

strongest parts of my beard were in the

cheeks okay now as I got a little bit

older I started to see the mustache get

a little bit thicker and a little bit

more noticeable okay

finally when I had 20 years old it began

to connect up until that point I had

these sort of building blocks of a beard

and that's really what I see in a lot of

teenagers so I'll come out and say it

when you are a teenager the big gigantic

viking beard really just isn't realistic

for you guys right now okay and that's

not a dig at you or anything that's just

the truth okay and the faster you

realize that the faster you can work

with what you've got and that's the name

of the game right now when you're a

teenager and you want to grow a beard

you really have to work with what you

are growing right now okay and the truth

of the matter is you're really not going

to have the full beard what you're gonna

see is a lot of different pieces of a

beard namely I

a mustache and a goatee or cheek hair

and neck hair and no mustache and maybe

a little bit of a goatee those are the

two most common beard patterns I see in

younger guys myself included okay up

until the point you're about in your 20s

that's when you might see your beard

fully connect and you can start to get

what you'd call more of a short beard

and maybe go into what we call kind of a

corporate beard style but up until that

point I think what you need to really

realize is that you need to pick a style

that works with what you're actually

growing right now so in the bearded

world there are more than just the full

beard styles okay there are a number of

different partial styles and hybrid

styles that you can choose from if

you've got the mustache and the goatee

go for a VanDyke it looks pretty cool on

younger guys okay you don't need to grow

it out full and gigantic it's not gonna

be a full-on three musketeers look but

you can rock something pretty short and

that can make you look pretty

distinguished okay if you've got the

chops and maybe a little bit of neck

hair growth I would take the razor to

the neck and leave the chops get sort of

that Wolverine thing going on if you

want an example of that Greg Brzezinski

son Victor Brzezinski he's got a beard

growth pattern like this check him out

and use him as an inspiration and that

leads me to a bigger point and that's

finding an inspiration of course the

first people you're gonna probably want

to jump to for your beard inspiration or

the Jeff bond cristianos or the Eric van

Holtz's or Chuck Norris or Vikings or

Kratos or whatever you want okay but I

think you need to be a little bit more

realistic with who you're looking at as

a teenager okay from the years of let's

say 12 to about 20 years old and maybe

even into your mid 20s and for some guys

into their late 20s into their 30s it

does not matter you just need to be

realistic with who you're looking up to

and who you're setting your goals after

now there is nothing wrong with settin

expectations high okay but if you want

to be realistic with your beard be

realistic with your goals okay find a

beardsman who emulates a style that you

can actually achieve right now namely

guys who are closer to your age look in

the younger generation of celebrities or

actors or whoever okay don't look to

these guys who were in their 30s and 40s

because I guarantee you back when they

were your age they were facing these

same exact problems

okay guys and trust me I know it can

suck okay it can be really hard to try

and grow out your beard for one to three

months and not see huge amounts of

growth okay I did the same exact thing I

did no Shave November I did full-on

months of no shaving and I really didn't

achieve that much back then that's just

how it is

guys you've got plenty of time for your

beard to come in you're young embrace

the styles of a young man all right

don't be looking after style of a 50

year old you've got plenty of time okay

so the main takeaway of this is do not

compare yourself to the highlight reels

of these guys who are rocking these

massive glorious beards right now

because hey down the road that could be


but right now take it easy pump those

brakes a little bit and be a little bit

more realistic with it okay now that is

not to say that I do not encourage you

to grow a beard I will encourage every

single one of you to grow exactly what

you've got and if you want to put the

razor down right now and do not shave

until you're dead in the ground go for

it man that is all on you okay what I

will say though is that if you are gonna

choose to grow up the beard don't make

the mistake that I did and just grow it

out and say okay let's go for it

take care of your beard because just

like your hair just like your wardrobe

just like your body your beard is a huge

part of your image and you want to take

care of that invest in yourself and

trust me if you do this at an early age

and your teenage years and you're

investing yourself that will pay itself

in full it's later down the lines

because you've instilled those lessons

into your mind at a young age and

they're only going to get bigger and

better as you go up so what I mean by

that is take care of the beard if you're

going for something a little bit more

neat and trim keep an eye on those cheek

lines keep an eye on that neck line

remember two fingers above the Adam's

apple that's where the neck beard should

end okay if you want to go for the cheek

lines draw an imaginary line from your

sideburns down to your mouth that's

always a good rule of thumb if you're

going for those cheek lines and then of

course you're always going to want to

take care of the beard that means

brushing that means combing and boy that

means oiling okay

get yourself a little bit of beard oil

at the very least okay get rid of that


at a small growth only two drops will

get you done okay if that'll warmed up

and just on the daily make sure that

you're doing this okay because this is

not only going to take care of the beard

hair this is going to take care of the

skin underneath the beard and I know man

as a teenager your skin can be kind of

prone to things like acne and breakouts

and all sorts of crap okay so you're

gonna want to take care of the skin and

beard oil is a great way to help with

that okay so guys I know the truth is a

little bit brutal I know it's probably

not exactly what you want to hear but we

got to be realistic we got to be strong

okay take care of your beard be

realistic with those expectations find a

style find inspiration that is actually

attainable with what you have right now

and you'll be a lot more satisfied with

the results they make um okay you've got

plenty of time to get that massive

Viking beard but right now hey let's

take it easy okay all right

that's all I got for you guys today till

I see you guys next time hey keep on

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