Growing A Beard As A Teenager | Eric Bandholz

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wanted to talk to you guys today about

being a teenager and growing your beard

out I mean this is probably one of the

most frequent questions that I ever get

and I'm hoping that this video is going

to be a resource for all the guys out

there who see a teenager asking about

their beard and what to expect when

you're in a school environment you're

around you know hundreds of other kids

it's really easy to compare yourself to

others and as a teenager it's going to

be really important for you to as much

as possible not compare yourself to

others you know when you're in the same

grade you know someone may actually be a

year older than you and someone may be

where someone may be a lot younger than

you but you don't always know the exact

age of your other classmates and your

peers so in their growth journey you

know they may be growing facial hair at

the same age as you but because they're

you're older than you or eighteen months

older than you you know you don't have

facial hair but they do so it's going to

be really important is first of all

don't compare yourself to others look

instead at your classmates for

inspiration start to look at your

parents and your family and see what

kind of facial hair does your dad have

does your uncle have does your

grandfather have is it within your

genetics to grow a pretty good beard

that's going to be your first answer to

the question of will I be able to grow

beard you know I don't know the answer

that I have no idea if you're going to

be able to grow a beard but if you've

watched my video on how to grow a fuller

thicker beer you'll see that as you get

older your beard is going to get thicker

and fuller over time so everyone's

to hit puberty at different periods of

time I personally was a late bloomer

I want to try to throw some old photos

up of me so you can see what I used to

look like when I was in college and when

I was in high school and kind of see

what lack of facial hair that I had you

know my journey started personally I

just had sideburns and I just grew them

to about right here and that's all that

was all the facial hair that I had until

till college and then into college I

just grew a little bit of chin hair you

know right here and then once I got out

of college I started growing the full

beard but I only kept it to about one

week's worth of time so you know my

journey I didn't I personally didn't

really start growing a good beard until

my late 20s and early 30s

so everyone grows at different periods

of time and and just because you're not

able to grow facial hair when you're 14

or you're you know 13 or you're 17 or 18

it doesn't mean that you're not going to

be able to grow facial hair when you get

older so the best process when you're

still young is to grow what you got so

that's kind of what I did as my chin

hair grew in I had a chin beard and when

my sideburns came in I grew my sideburns

and or when your moustache comes in you

grew your mustache and then shave off

like the other areas that you know still

aren't fully converted to terminal hair

terminal beards so the little blonde

hairs that you see and we've got them

all over our bodies they're through

hairs that have yet to turn into what's

called a terminal hair and a terminal

hair is the the adult hair for lack of

better terms and that's the hair that's

going to be like the curly fat bit

coarse beard so not all of those blonde

hairs are going to convert into terminal

hairs but a lot of them are so that will

give you an indicator

as to how thick or how full your beard

may be as you get older is by looking at

those blonde hairs and seeing how dense

or full they are and patience is really

the biggest thing when you're a teenager

the patience you know you just you gotta

wait you know it's going to come in it's

going to get thicker it's going to get

fuller it may not be you know the most

incredible beard on the face of the


it may not be you know Chris Millington

beard or Ricky haul beard but it's going

to be your beard and it's going to be

your own and just going to allow you to

define who you are as an individual but

but don't be owned to to all these these

grandiose type of beers out there these

really full thick ones because the

reality is most of you guys the majority

of you guys aren't going to have that

type of facial hair and the guys that do

have that type of facial hair they don't

want it so they just shave it off all

the time and and they don't grow their

beards out it's the weirdest thing on

the face of the planet I don't know I

don't understand it it's the the grass

is always greener so be patient no one

knows what you're going to beard your

beard you want to do unless you start

looking at your family that's going to

be the best indicator and you know if

you're in your teenage years don't even

consider Rogaine don't even consider

beard implants don't do any of that

really like your beard is going to come

in into your 20s and 30s and if you want

to do anything when it comes to growing

your beard that's when you'll be mature

enough to kind of understand you know

what your potential is going to be and

if it's really important to you so hope

it helped man I know it's a tough time

it was a tough time for me and when you

want things that that you can't get it

makes it even tougher so it's going to

be really important to embrace who you

are and what you are and the situation

that you're in at the current time so

hope you guys found value share with the

other friends out there or groan share

with the other teenagers that you know

thanks for subscribing cheers and beard