4 Beard Growth Phases (CYCLES)

what's going on fellas your boy B with

the beard

absolutely your beer connoisseur and

today I want to talk to you guys about

the four beard growth cycles yes there's

four cycles that we need to understand

also what you have to understand is that

your beard is fed by your blood vessels

again your beard is fed by your blood

vessels so all the minerals all the

nutrients that your hair follicles

receive is being fed via your blood

vessels that therefore that's why it's

all it's important for you to make sure

that you have a rich diet a specific

rich diet not only that you want to make

sure that you want to check your stress

levels because if your blood vessels are

constricting then you're not getting

optimal blood flow which you're not

getting optimum optimal nutrients

minerals to your hair follicles this is

why your foundation making sure that

you're moving keeping your body in

motion making sure you're eating the

right foods you're drinking a wealth of

of water is very important now with that

said let's go over these four the first

one is called antigen this antigen phase

is the growing phase this phase can last

between two to seven years now let me

take a step back each hair in your beard

growth will be in these four different

phases simultaneously and they're going

to be in one of these four different

phases simultaneously so one could be in

one phase another strength can be in

another stage they do not grow in the

same phase at the same time I just want

to make sure that you guys are clear on

that okay this is just how the body

works again the first number one is the

antigen say that's a growth phase that

lasts between two to seven months of

where your beard is

I mean two to seven years where your

beard is a hair cycle is going through

this face so you can have one hair

strand that's in one cycle and energy

fade then let's go to number two catagen

phase is the redirection phase this is

the transitional phase where this last

of this lasts about two to three weeks

and what happens here is that your hair

follicles begin to shrink shrink and

your hair follicles begin to shrink and

it detaches from your dermal papilla I

think I'm pronouncing all right

pepillo okay so that's number two the

catagen phase number three is the

telogen telogen phase the telogen phase

this is the resting phase where your

hair strands is resting this lasts about

two to three months there's no movements

there's no there's no movement it's

preparing to shed it's in preparation so

there's no movement and last but not

least number four X oh Jenny this is

where your beard begins to shed and

understand this fellas when your your

beard is shedding its natural it is

natural let me say this again it's

natural for your hair to shed but you

have to understand the difference

between breakage and shedding and I did

a video on it so go watch the video

please go watch the video all right so

those are the four phases cycles a beard

rope and there and in each of those four

your beard can your beard here is going

to be simultaneously in one of those

four at different rates in different

times they are not going to be in the

same phase at the same time follow me

so if you may have one hair that may be

a little bit longer than the other

because it may be in a different phase

what it may be in the energy phase which

means that it's in a

Fay's another hair strand maybe in the

exogenous phases in the shedding phase

it is going to shed understand after it

gets out of the XO j phase it's a cycle

it goes right back into the it goes

right back into the energy phase this is

just a cycle that's how the cycle it

repeats this up as we get older the

anagen phase gets shorter that's why our

hair gets thinner and then we have other

issues with it because it gets shorter

that's why and this is why it's very

very imperative that we get the right

nutrients the right minerals the right

vitamins we're drinking we are supplying

our body with it of the right amount of

water this is why the foundation is

super important before we even get into

products and product application so I

hope you guys understand I hope this was

some great information that you guys can

use because you know you can begin to

manage your expectation of your growth

you get to have a greater understanding

of why your beard is doing the things

that it's doing and it's growing the way

that it's growing understand beers grow

on an average a half of inch a month I

on average you can be a below you could

be a little bit above this is on average

everyone is different

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