Beard Growth Time Lapse of 90 Days | Greg Berzinsky

hello this is Greg Brzezinski from

beardbrand great your beard grows really

fast does it want to show you how fast

your beard actually grows by showing you

one photograph taken every day over the

course of 90 days stay tuned if you

followed along in the series and read

any of the comments inevitably there are

people say your beard grows really fast

you're very precocious really fast when

in fact my beard grows pretty average at

the end of 90 days I figured I was about

an inch and a half in length

I've had one trim which you just saw

recently from Jake the barber leaving

the majority of the length in the front

trimming off the sides a little bit but

for the most part my hair is about an

inch and a half long where it wasn't

trimmed which is average I'm going to

show you a series of pictures that I

took over the course of 90 days took one

selfie a day if you fall along an

Instagram you'll realize that I take a

lot of photographs and a lot of

photographs are taken of me so I'm not

stranger to the camera but I found it

really challenging to remember to take a


straight on over the course of 90 days

initially I thought I was going to take

it all in the same location but because

I couldn't remember always to take a

picture you'll get a sampling of here of

where I was when I remembered to take

that picture so here's two texts of this

clip one going slowly you'll see about

90 pictures some days there are actually

two pictures in there but for the most

part here are 1995 pictures taken over

the course of three months they give you

an idea of how fast your beard grows so




now here's another clip same tape but

run pretty quickly just in about ten or

fifteen seconds you can actually see how

fast your beard really gross you also

see the changing hairstyles that I went

from something that was pretty short

back at the end of October to what is

pretty much this haircut now my hair

also growing about an inch and a half my

hair in fact grows even faster than

average probably 5/8 of an inch or even

more some months so I might have grown

my hair might have grown almost two

inches in the course of those three

months so here's that fast clip


I hope you enjoyed seeing those clips of

a pic a day for 90 days I don't know if

you've ever considered doing something

like that to mark your own growth it

doesn't have to be daily because some

days if you really if you look at that

it doesn't look like there's a

significant change but if you took a

photograph every week and look at them

over the course of a week you would

realize to the growing rate of your own

beard for the most part most guys would

be the average length at about a half an

inch a month but you can actually see

for yourself how fast your beard

actually grows it's a comment below

tell us if you consider taking a pic a

day or at least pick a week to monitor

your beard growth until we meet again

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