i recorded my beard growth everyday for 90 days | TRANSFORMATION

so I'm 24 years of age and I have never

grew a bit and all of you guys have been

saying grow a beard grow a beard grow a

bit so I thought you know what I'm gonna

finally grow a bit I'm gonna crap my

progress over the 90 days and after the

90 days I will have a beard and show you

guys hey look this is round bloomin with


let's go so this is day one as this is

how my beard currently looked as you can

see I have a very patchy beard and now I

have never actually grew a beard and I

know a lot of you guys think hey grow

beard grow a beard so I thought you know

what let me take progress videos and see

how the beat actually developed as you

can see it's a really really light

stubble a minute it's like how I would

usually have it like I've been having it

like this for years and I magic on track

so the plan is hopefully this is just

going to grow and yeah that's the

pattern hopefully air will start coming

back here as well so this is the current

situation or Ram cumin and his beard

let's see if we can develop this bit and

make it look pretty cool why not let's

give it a go so this is the current

progression off the beard and as you can

see I still have that patch and now two

things which I'm gonna do before you see

me in the next clip which maybe in a

couple of days or maybe even next week

we shall see how this engrossed I want

to remove the hairs from here so it has

some shape and also another thing that I

tend to do when I have a little bit hair

that I'm just gonna shape it up myself

I literally just taking the hair from

here a little bit here and also if still

there isn't no hand also if you guys can

see I don't know how good as cameras and

if you can able to see I start to get

like gray hair like one two great head

here to fill in that patch not one

second yeah one second so the plan is to

just shape it up a bit so it kind of

gives that illusion that is all one and

you know you won't be able to see the

pad as much because a minute you can see

the patches just too much and really

needs that kind of shape in order to

cover the pattern kind of like hide it

you can say so it kind of goes with the

flow that's a plan you can see every

it's going to fall so this is the

current situation of the bed as you can

see I've got rid of the hairs from here

and also I had hair like that water

shaped a little bit that so I'm still

trying to keep the shape while it's

growing and nothing is I don't like it

to be too high so a lot of people will

grow that beard and keep hair like here

but I prefer not to I prefer to keep the

bed quite low like said I'm not no

professional and this isn't my first

time I'm ever doing this so I like to

keep it low and like here like there is

little bit too much you know because my

face is quite small as it is and if I

have hair here as well I feel like my

face will look even more smaller so that

is the plan this is how the current

situation of the big transformation is


it's kind of going right and I'm not a

lie it's slowly start to actually turn

into a beard now what I did last week

was that I tried to have a quite low but

this week I haven't touched it the only

thing I have done this week to this a

bit is that I've kind of shaved up a bit

more I just felt like I didn't want hair

there yeah so I thought I'd just keep a

little bit of shape that's the kind of

shape I want instead of having layers of

hair head so you can see I've just

trimmed a bit at the bottom there and I

feel like you know I said before on how

quite low I want to try and keep it

quite high as possible but the only

reason why I whenever high is because of

that mark the edge even let me try focus

it'll also here there's some green hairs

on to come because I didn't have a hair

before and on your haircut and when I'm

a hair cut it will kind of look good

because why don't you do a high pointed

here I look good but this is a

progression I just see you next week or

either the week after so guys today I

finally had a haircut and you can see it

was cool with the phase all because it

connects with the sideburn and the

barber early did my hair I actually

shaped the bait up myself so I got rid

of all the hairs here also I try to fade

it in I know I didn't do the best job

but it's whatever okay so this is a

current situation of the bed it'll cool

little slit there has been had grown but

it's been gray hair okay like three or

four big gray hairs like so what I did

was actually dyed my hair a little bit

here so it kind of gives that illusion

others black hair so this is a current

situation of the beard gains Ram goober

and it's starting to look like a bad

which is good but something that I tell

you what is yeah if you guys want to

grow a beard you got to keep on track

with the hair that's something I will

advise you guys especially if you have

short hair try keep on top of the hair I

know means going to the barber every two

weeks but it looks good like because

before weapon was I had a lot of hair

here and now it gives illusion as hair

here and it fades in with the beard okay

so I don't know how long this is gonna

keep going I'm gonna try and take this

as long as I can alright guys so

basically what I'm doing is I'm just

trimming a bit so it's all in line

because I'm the minute is just like

everywhere is literally just a madness

so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna

lightly go over it so it's all at the

same level be what the hell I never

thought that I would ever do this

already I did it but this is madness

look whoa

whoa that's crazy also nothing actually

dude I trimmed the hair a little bit

here because it got a little bit crazy

you like a crop a big mustache as I know

so I just went over there what stuff so

this left hand here and more hair on the

cheek and coming down so yeah that is

how everything is going so this is the

current situation of the bed yo check

that out it's actually not getting a

land okay that's you know coming down

like a proper bed okay so now what I've

actually decided to do is all I'm gonna

do is trim the top hair like here and

here and I'm not gonna worry too much

about like you know shaving here and the

ominous gonna let it grow so this is how

everything is going and then this is

quite cool because of my sleep you like

taking videos every other week I've

shown you how to actually progressing

and like the transformation video you

can say you're you want the best thing

is you don't do this here whoa check

that out oh my good it it's like so big


look laughs this is insane

check that out oh my god I trimmed the

moustache a little bit as though because

I don't want to lose a hair on the most

- because it doesn't look right I feel

like for me anyway I know some people

have got big thing that comes like that

like that looks quite cool on them but

for me it doesn't look good so I just

trim it a little bit and I just let it

grow whoa this is so oh look at that oh

my okay relax here but this is so cool

look at that are you guys ready for day

19 I have now got a haircut yeah this is

how the old Ron Coomer looked you know

he didn't have a beard but after 90 days

boys and girls are you ready

oh you kind of sore loop that bus here

we go


Wow anyway back to the motivation music


this kind of motion but I said to myself

I will never ever go a bid but I finally

did it

but now the thing is here

I had alopecia right here yeah and I

said to myself I will share the secret

what I actually did okay you guys

remember I had a patch right here so

there's two things that I did okay

now the first one is the fact that I

made the bid so it came in line with

everything okay so it didn't look as bad

because remember I had a big patch right

here now the other thing I did was ah

well well yeah the second thing I

actually applied a bid oil okay now I

was never a fan okay I thought they'd

start growing over the week is talking

we Ichi and patchy and I'm looking at

other celebrities I'm not what the hell

are they doing what I'm not doing

I actually contacted a local business

call of Mo Bros I'm not hey look man

this is the crack can you do anything

okay because I'm a pot right here and

this thing yeah it's itchy can you

please help me out I gotta do a 90 day

transformation videos and that's it hey

yeah you look just just calm down right

what we are gonna do is we're gonna give

you this oil for K now I want you just

to apply it you know after you come on

the shower awake in the morning just

apply this oil first first yeah it smell

so damn good I kept applying applying a

PI and dude this thing actually work

it's like big oil vanilla and mango I'm

like damn allows that you about to

remove the beard I said no how much you

can do a few more weeks yeah yeah this

thing is incredible

I actually contact them say hey look man

I have a few followers on YouTube and

Instagram is anything you guys can do

and they said no problem we'll give you

a deal okay

so it's actually 20 pounds it promotes

hair growth

it makes your bids soft it gives you the

essential nutrients that your beard

needs in order to grow and you guys

got a really good deal on this oil as

well okay so click the fast a link in

the bar and make sure you check out this

oil because hey it is so good make sure

you apply after the shower or you wait

for the morning put it on your bed I am

a fitness professional I'm not like a

big professional okay because this is

the first time I'm doing this so all

I've been doing is yeah I've been keepin

the shape and I've just been removing

the hairs here with a blade literally on

top just remove the head not too high

over the plug here just hit remove the

hair I know you think a barber to do it

I just felt like I did myself I don't

know I wanted to keep the shape a body's

kind of blended so yeah just literally

keep that shape okay if you want to go

higher go higher but keep that shape and

also remove the hairs underneath the

neck because you don't want like you

know I like a little hair yep keep it

just in fact okay keep on top of it now

that's all done now the secret how are

we gonna promote the hair growth four

drops one two three zero three and four

that is it yeah old rock I'm so happy

yeah rub it in you're rubbing your palms

yeah rub it in your palms and just apply

in a beer yeah whoa and you can shake it

up now everyone genetics are different

with a bigger take literally shake it

how you want rub it right be tightly

weekly one when you're about to meet

your girls you smell something good okay

so that is that you can see now the big

that's something cool is oh is that when

you work on the gym yet you destroy that

muscle you turn that muscle down and

then you need to feed the muscle is

exactly a semi you feed it a bit with

the essential nutrients because what

happened is when he got on the shower

yeah you rub your bed it actually cleans

the bed yes but also it gets rid of all

the essential oils on your beard needs

to promote the hair growth you can see

is so soft

now I know how this let's have that sit

be like drink yeah Drake yet is

incredible I used to be like you wanna

be like that

I do it I feel up to you honored that

you guys have watch this whole entire

gender' I have done I don't know if I'll

keep it because now it's all over the

video and the motivation to do it now

whatever like this whatever you got

kissing hey remove it remove it I might

say you know what I might just trim it

out a little bit I'll keep a little bit

maybe not like this much if you liked

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I can see you all in the next video