How to Grow Cabbage at Home Easily - Complete Growing Guide

hey guys this video is all about how to

grow databases in container C I am going

to show you everything in a single video

and I am going to update the same video

until harvesting so that you get all the

info in a single video as you can see

this is one kb seedling and i just

collected it from nursery but obviously

you can grow the cabbages from the seats

as well and that's also very easy I just

prefer to buy the seedlings because I

know that doors are going to be somewhat

good quality to grow that camisas I am

using a plastic bag as you can see here

and I have already returned the

description about the bag on screen or

even in the description box as well so

while selecting the size to grow that

Cabezas i would recommend you to use a

similar kind of pot or you can also use

the similar kind of bag because K Beezus

need somewhat more space to grow well

what a potting soil makes I am taking

this way I am taking 40% s of normal

garden soil 30% less of coco peat and

this 30% s of primary compost instead of

fiber compost you can also use compost

cow dung powder you can see that I

already filled in my bag but while

filling the bag please press the soil

fairies and please so that air pockets

are removed


now making a hole in the center and the

planting dastardly while planting the

sibling you can bury the main stem to

the first leaf node I mean if you want

to do that you can do it and it's not

going to hurt the baby sibling but I did

not do it as you have seen it as you can

see it's done and now it's time to water

but please be very very careful while

watering at distance because the

seedling won't be needing that much

water and if you are going to give it

too much water the seedlings might rock

so please be very careful next I am

going to keep the bag in a bright area

for next few days let's say three to

four days and then only I am going to

keep the bag on Terrace where it would

be getting lots of that extern life now

please keep our sake okay it's time to

fight ILI's our Cabezas and the please

don't get confused this is a lot like a

bass it's a cauliflower plant but don't

worry because I'll be showing you this

after one minute before fertilizing let

me tell you one very important thing

see you should fertilize your Cabezas

once you see that it's forming is head

and ideally it would be near about 10 or

15 days after transplanting and that's

why I am going to fertilize all of my

cabbages today so here are the

fertilizers that I am going to apply

taking 30 grams of compost carbon powder

and instead of this one you can also use

family compose if you want to 10 grams

neem cake powder 50 grams of Sagarika

see which fertilizer please note that

it's an organic fertilizer and I am not

at all promoting the brand here it's

working well for me and

that's why I am going to use it for all

that vegetables' that I am growing and

finally the last 10 grams of master cake

powder please note that Cabezas need

lots of nitrogen so the fertilizers

whatever you are using should have

enough nitrogen


well it's the harvesting time and I am

really excited to share this moment with

you I mean it definitely would be also

excited to sell something like this

right and I know that you may have one

question right now like when you should

harvest turkey basics really let me tell

you that if you start from that

transplanting procedure like the way I

have done then you would be able to

harvest the KB's from the day like 60 or

even 70 but before that you have to take

one thing before harvesting please take

that the head is firm all the way and

whenever you are pressing it you should

fill it I like it it's somewhat tight

it's and it's not really soft and that

time you would come to know that it's

ready to be harvested but anyway let me

tell you you can harvest the Cabezas and

anytime you like I mean from day 4050

onwards but ideal time would be like 60

or 70 now please let me also allow to

inform you two very important things

the first one is sunlight ckb this need

lots of direct sunlight

so if possible please try to provide

them whole day of sunlight and if it's

not possible for you like if you're a

balcony gardener or a hobby gardener

that time please try to provide them at

least three to four hours of direct

sunlight and I know that you are going

to have a great harvesting at the end

the second important thing is proper

watering and I would say only wanting

see whenever you find that your Cabezas

are forming its head the time you should

water it consistently and keep the soil

consistently moist at that time

let me give you an example here you can

already see the back whatever I am using

to grow my kisses and in my case I was

watering them 2 liters of water every

alternate day and please also consider

the fact like I was keeping them on

Terrace and we were getting the whole

day of sunlight and I am using extremely

well-drained soil so please consider all

those things and what are them properly

and I know that you are going to have I

mean you be able to harvest bigger sizes

of cabeza


okay now let's check out the result my

daddy says anagram oh that's really good

now let's check out that one well this

is really good I mean just particularly

with the size and weight now here is a

small tip from the gardening of it see

after harvesting don't just pull out the

complete plant I mean complete chemist

plant instead keep it as it is and after

some days the plant is going to produce

more baby cabbages this is the same

thing I do but I also know that you

should have space for death but I would

say that if you have space please keep

it as it is and he would be able to

harvest more baby cabbages

after some days to protect your plants

from different kind of pay status you

can use the neem oil and I already have

one video where I have shown the entire

process you can watch that video simply

clicking on the I button on top right


the most common paste which you can

which you can find on k basis is that

cabbage looper and you can see how badly

they have they missed this cabbage as

you can see there is nothing at all I

mean I won't be able to harvest it but

anyway it's okay because this is the

single Cabezas out of all those 50

images and then this one this has two

kids so it's not a big deal for me but

you can just use the neem oil once in

seven to ten this so guys this is all

about how to grow the cabbages in

container and if you found the video

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inform you most

important things and that's why it goes

more than six minutes and I'm really

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again happy gardening